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The Best Selfie Sticks of 2023

We spent two weeks thoroughly testing the seven best selfie sticks on the market. Our testers paired selfie sticks with iPhone, Android and GoPro devices, then took selfies in a range of conditions. Ultimately we found that the Yoozon was the best selfie stick overall because of its ease of use, portability and performance. Our testers liked the Yoozon’s Bluetooth remote and appreciated the stick’s light weight and sleek design. The Fugetek – FT-568 was our most sturdy selfie stick.

Our Top Choices

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Selfie Stick

Sturdiest Pick



Best GoPro Stick



We spent two weeks thoroughly testing the seven best selfie sticks on the market. Our testers paired selfie sticks with iPhone, Android and GoPro devices, then took selfies in a range of conditions. Ultimately we found that the Yoozon was the best selfie stick overall because of its ease of use, portability and performance. Our testers liked the Yoozon’s Bluetooth remote and appreciated the stick’s light weight and sleek design. The Fugetek – FT-568 was our most sturdy selfie stick.

Table of contents

  • The 7 selfie sticks we tested
  • Best overall: Yoozon
  • Sturdiest Pick: Fugetek – FT-568
  • Best for GoPros: Vicdozia – 19-Inch
  • Other products we tested
  • How we selected
  • How we tested
  • Important features to consider
  • The bottom line

The 7 selfie sticks we tested

Product Price Weight (oz.) Extended Length (in.) Collapsed Length (in.)
1. Yoozon $$ 4 28.7 10
2. Fugetek $$ 9 49 18.5
3. Vicdozia $ 5.3 19 7.25
4. Selfie World $ 4.5 32 8
5. Mpow $ 5. 6 31.5 7.1
6. Anker $ 4.8 28.3 7
7. UBeesize $$ 14.6 31.9 9

The best overall: Yoozon

The Yoozon was ranked highest by our testers because of its balance, portability, ease of use and quality. Our testers loved the Yoozon’s removable Bluetooth remote that was simple to use and snapped the phone’s shutter instantly. This remote was fully charged in under an hour, and maintained its charge for multiple days of use.

Our testers were also taken with the Yoozon’s sleek black appearance, which one tester compared to a lightsaber. The Yoozon’s remote fits seamlessly back into its handle contributing to the selfie stick’s overall sleek appearance.

The downside of the Yoozon is the flimsiness of the pole, which is not meant for vigorous shaking. This selfie stick works best when it’s not fully extended. It is sturdy enough to withstand the bumps in a crowd of tourists, but it’s not built for running or action sports.

The bottom of this selfie stick can be separated out into a tripod stand. Paired with its Bluetooth remote, this means that you can set the selfie stick down and take a picture from farther away. In practice, our testers found that this tripod stand tipped over too easily to be very effective.

The Yoozon is easy to carry around, collapsing down to 10 inches and weighing only 4 ounces. If you are traveling, this would be an easy selfie stick to bring with you in a purse or back pocket. The Yoozon’s telescopic pole extends 28.7 inches, meaning you have enough space to work your selfie angles.

Overall our testers ranked the Yoozon as an above-average selfie stick that would be ideal for tourists or casual selfie takers. It is priced just around $20, which is fair for the product’s quality.

Key takeaways:

  • Our best selfie stick, the Yoozon, has a handy, easy-to-use Bluetooth remote.
  • This selfie stick has a simple, sleek black appearance that our testers appreciated.
  • The Yoozon weighs only 4 ounces and collapses down to 10 inches, making it highly portable.
  • Fully extended, this selfie stick is 28.7 inches. Our testers found this to be a good length for capturing selfies.
  • This selfie stick’s pole is not sturdy enough for vigorous shaking.

Sturdiest pick: Fugetek – FT-568

Pole sturdiness was an issue for almost all of our selfie sticks except the Fugetek – FT-568. The Fugetek’s long 49-inch pole remained secure even when fully extended. Our testers appreciated the Fugetek’s tough handle and easy-to-use Bluetooth remote.

In addition to being a sturdy selfie stick for phones, this was also a good selfie stick for GoPros. The Fugetek allows you to screw in either a phone holder or GoPro mount to its end. Both the phone holder and GoPro mount passed our shake test with flying colors.

This selfie stick was the only one to hold the iPhone 6 Plus securely. Therefore, if you have a heavier phone such as an iPhone Plus, we recommend this tough selfie stick.

The Fugetek’s telescopic pole extends much farther than our other finalists. Fully extended, it is 49 inches. This allows the user to capture a larger group of people or more of the surrounding scenery.

This selfie stick’s main issue was portability. It collapses down to 18.5 inches. Our testers preferred selfie sticks that could collapse down to 10 inches or below. It also weighs about 5 ounces more than any of our other finalists. Our testers noticed this extra weight during use.

A carrying case was included with this selfie stick that allows the user to swing it over their shoulder. This helps make the Fugetek a bit more portable, but this selfie stick is overall harder to lug around than our other finalists.

The Fugetek is a good quality selfie stick that comes for under $20. Its versatility and security make it a great selfie stick. However, this selfie stick is for people who don’t mind carrying around an 18.5-inch pole on their back. This inconvenience is probably justified for those with heavier phones, which are too heavy for smaller selfie sticks.

Editors note: We did not test the Fugetek with a DSLR camera.

Key takeaways:

  • Our most sturdy selfie stick, the Fugetek – FT-568 was the only selfie stick that could securely hold the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • The Fugetek’s Bluetooth remote is easy to use and pair with your device.
  • Fully extended, this selfie stick is a whopping 49 inches, meaning you will be able to capture more in your selfies.
  • The Fugetek’s main issue is portability. Even fully collapsed, this selfie stick is 18.5 inches and weighs 9 ounces.

Best for GoPros: Vicdozia – 19-Inch

While the Vicdozia – 19-Inch selfie stick does not work with phones, it is a great selfie stick for GoPros. Our testers loved the Vicdozia’s waterproof rubber handle and secure pole. This selfie stick passed our shake test easily, proving that it is tough enough to use during action shots.

When using a GoPro with a selfie stick there is no Bluetooth or wired compatibility, meaning you must manually click the GoPro’s record button to begin recording. This was no issue for our testers.

The Vicdozia’s design is simple and effective. While it only extends to 19 inches, our testers found this to be a good length for recording videos. Also, because its pole is shorter, you get no bending or unnecessary weight.

The Vidozia collapses down to 7.25 inches and weighs only 5.3 ounces. It also comes with a carry string, making it very portable. You could tie this selfie stick on a backpack and set off biking, hiking and adventuring with no hassle.

We love the Vicdozia for GoPros because of its simplicity, sturdiness and portability. It proves that you can find a great GoPro selfie stick for under $15.

Key takeaways:

  • The best selfie stick for GoPros, the Vicdozia – 19-Inch is secure and portable.
  • While the Vicdozia only extends to 19 inches, our testers found this to be plenty long for their recording needs.
  • This selfie stick is highly portable, weighing only 5.3 ounces and packing down to 7. 25 inches.
  • This selfie stick passed our shake test with flying colors, proving it is tough enough to use for action shots.

Other finalists we tested

Our testers found the Selfie World, Mpow and Anker were easy to set up, use and carry around. These three selfie stick are ideal for tourists and casual selfie stick users. However, these three selfie stick’s poles were of lesser quality than our winners.

The pole to handle connection on these three selfie sticks is not made for intense use and would likely break after a year or two. However, these selfie sticks will work fine if you are looking to use your selfie stick for vacations or a few times a month, as they offer outstanding portability and ease of use.

Selfie World – Premium Selfie Stick

Our testers enjoyed the Selfie World’s easy setup and lightweight design. However, they noted this selfie stick’s materials were of a lower quality than our winners.

All of our testers commented on the poor durability of the selfie stick’s pole to handle connection. While this is not an issue for casual selfie stick users who do not plan on using their selfie stick daily, devoted bloggers may have to replace this selfie stick after a year or two.

The Selfie World did not make it far in the shake test for any device because of the quality of the handle. This selfie stick is not meant to be shaken intensely, especially when fully extended. This selfie stick would be able to withstand a slight bump caused by walking in a crowd, but is definitely not designed for action sports.

This selfie stick’s phone holder was also not secure enough to handle much shaking. Although this selfie stick can fully extend to 32 inches, our testers did not want to use it at its full length because the pole felt bendy.

The Selfie World was very simple to set up as it is a wired selfie stick. This means that if you have an iPhone 7 or later model you will need a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor for this selfie stick to work.

On the positive side, this selfie stick is extremely light and easy to carry. It weighs only 4.5 ounces and can pack down to 8 inches. The Selfie World is also cheap, costing under $15. However, we recommend spending about $5 more to get a more secure selfie stick that’s less likely to result in a cracked screen.

Mpow – iSnap X

The Mpow – iSnap X was very similar to the Selfie World. In fact our testers thought their telescopic poles looked identical. Like the Selfie World, our testers thought this selfie stick would work well for those who use selfie sticks for vacations or a few times a month. Those who plan to use their selfie sticks daily or for action sports should look for a higher quality selfie stick.

The Mpow was able to fully extend to 31.5 inches, but because of the bendiness of the pole our testers did not like to use it at its full length. This selfie stick also did not make it far during the shake test.

Unlike the Selfie World, the Mpow iSnap is Bluetooth compatible. The Mpow does not have a Bluetooth remote, but rather snaps pictures via a button on the handle. To charge the Mpow, you plug a charger into the base of the stick’s handle.

The Bluetooth was easy to pair, and we found that the selfie stick held its charge for over 24 hours of use. The Mpow was also very portable, collapsing to 7.1 inches and weighing only 5.6 ounces.

Because of its Bluetooth compatibility and lightweight design, the Mpow is a great selfie stick for tourists and casual selfie stick users. However like the Selfie World and Anker, we do not recommend this selfie stick if you plan to use this selfie stick daily as its pole to handle connection will likely have durability issues. A much better quality selfie stick can be purchased for just about $5 more.

Anker – Wired Monopod

Our testers appreciated the Anker – Wired Monopod’s ease of setup and secure phone holder. This is a simple, lightweight selfie stick that gets the job done. While the Anker’s phone holder was secure, it had a lower quality telescopic pole than our winners.

Like the Mpow and Selfie World, the Anker’s pole-to-handle connection was of lesser quality than our winners. Our testers thought that this connection could break over time with intense use. Because of the bendiness of the pole, our testers did not like using the Anker at its full length of 28.3 inches.

Because the Anker is a wired selfie stick, those with an iPhone 7 or later model will need to use a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor with this selfie stick. This selfie stick is very easy to set up and use straight out of the box.

The Anker is also extremely portable. It collapses to a tiny 7 inches, and weighs only 4.8 ounces. This portability makes it ideal for tourists wanting to snap a few shots. This selfie stick comes for only about $10, but is hampered by the quality of its pole and handle connection.

UBeesize – Extendable Monopod (Not Recommended)

Our first tester loved the UBeesize – Extendable Monopod. Initially this selfie stick performed well in our shake test, had an easy to pair Bluetooth remote that required no charging and had a great sophisticated look. It was only after taking hundreds of selfies and undergoing a rigorous shake test that the second tester discovered this selfie stick’s durability problem.

Unfortunately, this selfie stick became much more flimsy after a few hours of use. Its telescopic pole began to collapse on itself when a device was in the phone holder. This could be remedied by individually rotating each section of its telescopic pole. However, this was a pain and did not inspire confidence in the stick’s ability to hold the device. It was clear that the stability of the pole gradually degraded over the course of testing.

Our testers also had problems adjusting their phones in the UBeesize’s phone holder to face their desired angles. They found that in this regard the UBeesize had a better GoPro mount than phone holder. However, we do not recommend this selfie stick for GoPros because of its durability issues.

The UBeesize also came with a quality tripod, which could be used to set up your camera and take pictures with the Bluetooth remote from far away. The tripod performed well, but the flimsy pole made the whole system insecure.

The UBeesize has an impressive 31.9-inch length, which is rendered useless by the insecurity of the telescopic pole. It packs down to a nice 9 inches. Our testers had no issues with the selfie stick’s portability. While the UBeesize held promise, we recommend looking for a more durable selfie stick.

How we selected

We began our quest for the best selfie stick by looking up Amazon reviews. These reviews were used to find out which features are important to consumers, and to determine the leading selfie stick brands.

We also consulted subreddits such as r/selfiestick and ones for specific devices such as r/GooglePixel and r/GalaxyS7. Here, consumers discussed which selfie sticks had worked well with their specific devices. This research, combined with user reviews and brand reputation, was used to determine our seven selfie stick finalists.

How we tested

How many selfies does it take to determine the best selfie stick? Hundreds. We had three testers, each with a different device (iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 and iPhone 6 Plus), snap selfies in outdoor, indoor and action settings. We also had our testers use the GoPro compatible selfie sticks with a GoPro Hero.

Our testers also subjected each selfie stick to a shake test with increasing intensity (over a soft mattress of course) to determine the sturdiness of its hold on the device.

After the shake test and snapping multiple selfies in different environments, our testers filled out a performance questionnaire that asked them to rate each selfie stick’s ease of set up, portability, sturdiness and overall performance.

Ease of setup

None of our testers reported major frustrations with setup for our seven selfie-stick finalists. They found wired selfie sticks were the easiest to set up, as they only required the user to put a plug in the headphone jack and then place the phone in the holder.

The selfie sticks that came with Bluetooth remotes had to be charged. These remotes held their charge for multiple days of use. No testers had issues connecting their phones to the selfie stick’s Bluetooth.

The Fugetek and UBeesize – Extendable Monopod came with the phone holder and selfie pole disassembled because both allow for GoPro compatibility (which requires a different mount to be screwed in). Screwing on the phone holder was simple for both and required no tools. Ditto for the GoPro mount.


When it came to portability only one selfie stick stood out as a pain: the Fugetek – FT-568. This selfie stick weighs a whopping 9 ounces, which is noticeable when handling. All of the other selfie sticks weigh around 4-5 ounces. The Fugetek’s sturdy pole can extend to 49 inches, 17 inches longer than the next competitor.

This selfie stick is still large when collapsed. Folded down, the Fugetek is 18.5 inches. This is significantly longer than our other finalists, which folded down to around 7 inches. The Fugetek’s large collapsed size means it will not fit into a purse or pocket.

The Fugetek comes with a storage bag that can be thrown over one shoulder like a backpack. This bag makes it a little easier to lug around this very large selfie stick.


While the Fugetek was a big loser for portability, it far outshined the competitors in sturdiness. Our testers ranked the Fugetek highest for the shake test, and commented particularly about the sturdiness of its pole.

Almost all of our other selfie sticks had some issues with pole sturdiness. Specifically, all of our testers complained about the flimsiness of the Selfie World – Premium Selfie Stick, the Anker – Wired Monopod and the Mpow – iSnap X. All of these selfies sticks felt like the pole might eventually break from the handle.

During the shake test, these selfie sticks were too flexible and even dropped some phones. While these selfie sticks may be able to withstand a slight bump from a passerby, they are not meant to be whipped around willy-nilly. Our testers recommended not extending these selfie sticks to their full lengths for safer selfie taking.

Overall performance

After using the selfie sticks to take dozens of selfies in multiple settings, we asked our testers to rank their overall experience with each selfie stick. Testers ranked their experiences using a scale from one to five (one being very bad, five being very good). We averaged these scores to analyze how the overall performance of each selfie stick stood up.

The Yoozon, Fugetek and Vicdozia – 19-Inch ranked highest for overall performance with our testers. These three selfie sticks all received above-average ratings. In the middle of the pack were the Anker and Mpow selfie sticks, who both received average overall reviews. Finally, the UBeesize’s and Selfie World’s reviews ranked below average.

Important features to consider

Compatibility: When buying a selfie stick, it is very important to check if the selfie stick is compatible with your device. This is especially important for those with iPhone 7 and later models because these devices require a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor to work with wired selfie sticks. Wired selfie sticks require a headphone jack (which these phones lack) to operate.

Also, those looking for selfie sticks that are compatible with GoPros should make sure the required mount adapter is included.

Wired and wireless: Wired selfie sticks work by plugging into the headphone jack of your phone. This makes them reliable and foolproof to set up. These selfie sticks also do not require charging.

Wireless selfie sticks use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. The Bluetooth remotes that come with these type of selfie sticks require charging. However, these remotes can hold their charge for multiple days of use. Selfie sticks that have removable Bluetooth remotes are handy because they effectively extend your range, meaning you could snap your phone’s shutter even when not holding the selfie stick.

Portability and length: We found a healthy selfie-stick length to be around 30 inches when fully extended. If you have average-sized arms, this length should easily allow you to fit a group of people or background landscape into your selfies.

No one wants to carry around a giant stick all day, so the collapsible size of a selfie stick is also an important consideration. Our testers found that selfie sticks that fold down to 10 inches and under were easy to carry around.

Waterproof: If you plan to use your selfie stick for water sports such as surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding or similar activities, double-check that your selfie stick is waterproof. Most selfie sticks are not and will rust.

Aesthetics: While the social stigma of whipping out a selfie stick is gradually disappearing, we still would prefer our selfie stick to look respectable. Our testers preferred sleek, simple selfie sticks that would be less obtrusive in a crowd.

Price: A good quality selfie stick can be purchased in the neighborhood of $10-$22.

When it comes to selfie sticks, we want to serve looks, not crack screens. Pole sturdiness and portability separated the winners from the losers of our seven selfie stick finalists. The Yoozon successfully balanced portability and sturdiness, making it our overall winner. The Yoozon is a sleek, simple selfie stick for phones, and it’s Bluetooth compatible. It is a great selfie stick to travel with and sturdy enough for the needs of tourists or casual selfie takers.

If you are looking for increased sturdiness, we recommend the Fugetek – FT-568. This selfie stick was the only one to securely hold the iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, we recommend it for heavier devices. This selfie stick also works with GoPros and its telescopic handle is the longest and best quality of our finalists. However, the Fugetek lacks easy portability.

The Vicdozia – 19-Inch was our best selfie stick for GoPros because of its simple and tough design. This selfie stick will securely hold your GoPro. Its tough rubber handle and lightweight design mean that you will also have a great grip on this selfie stick — even when taking action shots.

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The 4 Best Selfie Sticks of 2023

Best Overall Selfie Stick

BZE 40-Inch Extendable

$17 at Amazon

Extension Amount: 40 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Screw Tightened


Screw-tightened cell phone attachment

Large extension

Compatible with other small cameras


Flimsy tripod legs

The BZE 40-Inch Extendable is a compact and versatile option. It can fold into a super portable profile and also offers a screw-tightened mount, 40 inches of extension, and a tripod. With a mount adapter, it can accommodate other cameras than a cell phone, such as a GoPro, further increasing the versatility of a “do anything” device. Its screw-tightening mount system securely held our devices, even during the entire duration of our shake test. As we carried this product around the mountains, we never felt that it was too bulky or heavy to bring along, regardless of the backpack used. Lastly, our drop tests revealed that the BZE was as durable as it was versatile.

The BZE fits a lot in a relatively small package, but we found the tripod legs less inspiring on uneven ground. Additionally, there was a bit of wiggle in the telescoping extensions, though this may not be a concern for many users, with device mounting security being the priority. The BZE is best for those wanting a model that focuses on versatility and cell phone holding security.

The BZE is one of our favorites with an incredible amount of extension and a very secure phone mount.

Credit: Zach Joseph

Best Bang for the Buck

Vproof Bluetooth Selfie

$15 at Amazon

Extension Amount: 26 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs


Smallest profile in review




No tripod

Moderate device holding security

The Vproof Bluetooth Selfie is incredibly streamlined. It was both the lightest and smallest (when stowed) selfie stick we tested. The simple design features a (non-removable) remote shutter built into the handle, and extensions are made by simply pulling on the end of the stick. It performed well relative to its weight during the shake and drop tests, making this product a great option at its price point. It offers super-fast setup, which is helpful for getting that impromptu shot at a party or on vacation.

It does not have a tripod; if that’s a feature you’re looking for, check out some of the other products we tested, like the BZE 40-Inch Extendable or the Lifelimit Tripod. In our drop testing, on the fifth round of the concrete drop test, the removable battery (to power the remote shutter) fell out of the bottom of the handle, though the stick overall held together otherwise. During the shake test, the cell phone lasted most of the test’s duration but failed on the final four shakes; we still found this impressive given the mount’s size. The Vproof is best for those shopping on a budget, looking for a well-built, lightweight model, where handheld use is anticipated.

The Vproof is as simple as it gets with an extension, a handle, and a shutter remote. This is a solid construction at a bargain price point.

Credit: Zach Joseph

Excellent for Travel

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Extendable

$26 at Amazon

Extension Amount: 31. 3 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs


Folds down into a small profile

Decent cell phone holding security for its weight



Only compatible with a cell phone

Shorter extension length

From head to toe, the Atumtek is built with lightweight yet quality materials and design. While we would have loved to see a screw tightening attachment system, the spring-based cell phone holder was easy to use and held up to our shake test without any movement or holding failure. It offers a standard slew of features, including a tripod and a shutter remote, which were simple, functional, and durable. What truly made it stand out was the quality of construction in extending or stowing the stick. When extended, the telescopic sections didn’t wiggle in the slightest while performing the shake and the drop test, which was a rarity in this review. The stowed profile was similar to the profile of an electric toothbrush, easily fitting into any piece of luggage, purse, or hiking bag we used during testing. Lastly, the durability of this product was unwavering, which we found surprising given its low weight.

The Atumtek has an extension of about 31.3″ inches, which is better than many products in this review, but some will still find this limiting in the photos they take. The tripod and the shutter remote features allow for photos taken further away, but the short extension also limits the height of one’s camera when utilizing the tripod. Lastly, this option is only compatible with cell phones, limiting the device potential greatly. It’s best for cell phone photographers looking for a model they can keep with them at all times while traveling.

The Atumtek was one of our lightest and one of our most durable products in the review.

Credit: Zach Joseph

A Tripod-Focused Design

Lifelimit Phone Tripod

Check price at Amazon

Extension Amount: 54 inches | Device Attachment System: Screw tightened


Large, extendable tripod design

Section locks provide secure telescoping

Lightweight relative to size



Moderate durability

The Lifelimit has a tripod design that heavily favors use where weight and space aren’t a concern. This product is by far the largest contender we tested but offers a robust and secure tripod system with each telescoping extension secured with flip locks — similar to a trekking pole. At 54 inches, this tripod system allows for the greatest amount of extension of the review, with the average extension of other products sitting around 25-30 inches. We also loved the screw tightening mount for cell phones, which easily passed our device shake test. The Lifelimit offers the standard Bluetooth shutter remote with a rechargeable battery and is compatible with Apple or Android operating systems.

The Lifelimit is more so a tripod than a selfie stick, so it’s incredibly bulky for transport or handheld photos. Additionally, during our drop tests, a few small parts broke, including a portion of the knob for the tripod tightener. Ultimately, everything was as functional after the drop test, but it didn’t inspire confidence in more rugged tripod use. The Lifelimit is best for those looking for a tripod-focused option, where weight and space are less of a concern.

The Lifelimit stood out as a lightweight tripod rather than a selfie stick, with over 50 inches of extension and locking telescopic sections.

Credit: Zach Joseph

A Unique Tripod Design

Erligpowht Phone Tripod

See It

Extension Amount: 0 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs


Ball joint allows for maximum camera angle adjustment

Bendable tripod legs

Compatible with a variety of cameras


No extension

The Erligpowht Phone Tripod is a unique and well-built design. The focal point is its tripod legs, which are made of a flexible rubber material that allows the stick to be attached to a handrail or tree branch. While it took some getting used to, we loved this tripod design given its incredibly small size relative to its functionality. Additionally, it can be used with a variety of different cameras depending on the camera’s screw diameters, which was a rarity in this review. The ball joint that allows for mount mobility was our favorite angle adjuster in the entire review, with a screw tightener keeping that ball joint secure.

The Erligpowht has absolutely no extension. In an otherwise great product, this was a huge negative that we had a tough time working around during testing. Without an extension, this device couldn’t be used very effectively as a handheld model and even had its setbacks as a tripod. The bendable legs are great, but we had several instances where we wanted the tripod to be higher off the ground for a photo, and unless there’s something like a tree, fence, or light pole nearby, you’re simply out of luck. The Erligpowht is best for those looking for a tripod-focused option for travel where luggage space is limited.

We had a lot of fun playing with this selfie stick’s bendable tripod legs, which could attach to nearly anything that the legs fit around.

Credit: Zach Joseph

A Versatile Option

Yoozon Bluetooth Tripod

Extension Amount: 28. 7 inches | Device Attachment System: Springs


360 degrees of mount rotation

Comfortable handle


Short extension

Cell phone mount sticks out when stowed

The Yoozon is a decent versatile option in this review lineup. The Yoozon is the proverbial “jack of all trades, master of none”, falling into the middle of the pack in each of our testing metrics. We loved the rotation of the cell phone mount with 360 degrees of movement and easy adjustments on the Y-axis. The tripod legs stow away into a comfortable handle when taking handheld selfies, and the shutter remote was easy to pair. The Yoozon passed both the shake and the drop tests, though following the theme, landed in the middle of the pack.

The Yoozon spring-based mount was adequate, but there was a slight bit of cell phone movement throughout the shake test (though the cell phone never fell out). It held up well during the drop test, but we noticed a bit more wobble in the telescoping extensions afterward. While the telescoping extensions and the tripod stows nicely, the cell phone mount sticks out when folded, making it more cumbersome for travel. The Yoozon is best for shoppers seeking a model that can do anything and care less about it excelling in any one category.

The Yoozon offered a do-everything design, which kept it from excelling in any one metric.

Credit: Zach Joseph

A Lightweight Travel Option

BlitzWolf Selfie Tripod

See It

Extension Amount: 32.5 inches | Device Attachment System: Springs


Lightweight and sleek design

Folds down into a small profile for travel


Poor device holding security

Difficult to attach cell phones

When stowed, the Blitzwolf offers an incredibly light and sleek design and slender profile. It held up to our drop test with ease and easily fit into any bag or suitcase we used during testing. The shutter remote was simple to set up and had ample Bluetooth range during testing. The tripod was relatively sturdy and functional, even with its lightweight construction and compact design. We also found the gunmetal black finish with red accents to be aesthetic and eye-catching relative to the rest of the review.

The Blitzwolf performed low in our device holding security category. During the shake test, the cell phone fell off the Blitzwolf in only 7 out of 50 shakes. Additionally, we had a tough time fitting an iPhone or Android into the device holder without taking the case off. The Blitzwolf is best for travelers looking for a light option, especially those with smaller cell phones that’ll easily attach to the mount.

The Blitzwolf offers a clean and lightweight design, but scored poorly in the device holding security metric.

Credit: Zach Joseph

Why You Should Trust Us

After researching the market, we purchased 7 of the top selfie sticks to analyze side by side. We tested the products in this review by spending several hours with each option over the course of four weeks. Each product was put through five drop tests onto concrete, as well as an intense shake test to investigate durability and how well each product held onto an electronic device. Additionally, we examined the features and value of each product.

Spearheading the testing and research of this review is Zach Joseph. In addition to being a tech product reviewer, Zach has spent nearly a decade as a photographer in the mountains, both for paid content generation and while guiding students/clients. Many clients Zach has brought into the mountains have brought selfie sticks/tripods to maximize the photo opportunities in environments inherently unique to the alpine environment. Additionally, we consulted several other opinions on the more subjective categories of this review.

A lineup of some of our top selfie sticks.We executed a thorough test of device holding security by shaking each device on a measured 4 feet of wall space for a total of 100 times. We tested each selfie stick in an outdoors and indoors setting for a variety of different photo compositions.

Analysis and Test Results

To determine the best selfie stick, we created four categories to rate each product in a head-to-head battle. These categories include device holding security, durability, features, and value.

Device Holding Security

First and foremost, a selfie stick needs to be an extension of one’s hand, and therefore not let go of your precious electronics while taking a selfie. For this metric, we created a rigorous test that we named the shake test. We measured a four-foot distance on a wall, put a cushion below our test area, attached a cell phone to the product, and performed 50 shakes at that four-foot distance. We recorded the number of shakes performed before the cell phone fell out, and we even performed the 50-shake test twice on each product, using the average between the two test results as the product’s score.

The BZE had one of the best cell phone mounts in the review and topped the charts in the device holding security metric due to its screw-tightener system.

Credit: Zach Joseph

The BZE topped the list in the device holding security category. While there were numerous products that passed the shake test, the BZE was one of the only options that offered a screw-tightened cell phone mount. This mount offers a much tighter grip than the more common spring-based cell phone attachment. The other product that offered a screw-tightened mount was the Lifelimit, which did very well in this category but appeared less durable.

We utilized a four-foot shake test to thoroughly investigate the device holding security metric; this shake was performed 100 times per selfie stick.

Credit: Zach Joseph


Selfie sticks will inherently get banged up over the course of their life, whether their owner is a world traveler, a parent, or a social media influencer. We decided to test durability with an old-fashioned drop test from five feet onto concrete, five times in a row. We gave each product a head-to-toe examination after the drop test to see if anything was broken or if any functionality was reduced/lost. We additionally tested each product in a hiking/climbing setting, where they were dropped, scratched, pulled, and twisted to see how they’d hold up under “adventurous photo-taking”.

The lightweight Atumtek stood out in this metric for its resilience to being dropped and drug around the outdoors. The most common ailment regarding durability was the telescoping sections of the extensions, which would loosen after testing durability. With the Atumtek, its extensions and the rest of the selfie stick were just as functional and solid before and after durability testing.

The Atumtek was a surprising leader in the durability category with its lightweight construction holding together incredibly well during our 5 foot drop tests.

Credit: Zach Joseph


We assessed each product in the category of features based on the number of features, the relevancy of those features, and the functionality of those features. We created two parts to the features metric, including baseline and bonus features. We defined baseline features for a selfie stick as the length of extension, remote shutter, tripod, and cell phone mount. For bonus features, we included multi-camera compatibility, photo lamp, and screw-tightened device mount. The most effective method we used to test features was to take each product out on as rigorous of a selfie-day as possible, which included dragging selfie sticks up climbs and hikes. Taking each model out for extended use unearthed the quality (or lack thereof) of each device’s features and any nuances of design that were worth mentioning.

The Vproof performed well, and it had one of the lowest listed prices in the review for a decent product. Most of the other products in this review were twice the cost of the Vproof.

The Vproof selfie stick offers a simple, user-friendly design that’s one of the least expensive selfie sticks in the review.

Credit: Zach Joseph


There are many different selfie sticks on the market, so it can be daunting to find the right one for you. To help, we’ve reviewed a variety of models and highlighted the performance of each one. We hope the products we’ve tested will allow you to find the perfect product for your needs and budget.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review / Digital Photography & Photography Accessories / iXBT Live

It would seem that selfie sticks are not as popular as they used to be, but for good photos with a maximum capture of the landscape or people, they are still use. A selfie stick will definitely come in handy when traveling, or on vacation with friends, when you want to capture the moment, and so that everyone gets into the frame. Today I will tell you about an inexpensive selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote control that I myself have been using for a long time.

  • Characteristics
  • Packing and contents
  • Appearance
  • Functionality
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Output 9000 8
  • Retracted length: 180 mm
  • Maximum extended length: 700 mm
  • Maximum smartphone width for fixation: 90 mm
  • Weight: 115 g
  • Material: plastic, metal
Packing and complete set

The device arrives in a regular postal thick envelope, in which there is a box with the device itself. In addition to the device, there was only an instruction in the box, but we won’t need it, because everything is intuitive. By the way, it was very nice that the selfie stick, or rather the remote control, was already equipped with a battery, so the device could be used immediately.

I have been using a selfie stick for a long time, so I have not kept the instructions, but, as I indicated above, I will not need it.


The device is made of durable plastic and pleasant to the touch. When folded, the selfie stick is only 18 centimeters long, making it easy to take with you in almost any bag, or even fit in a large pocket. Speaking of the fact that the device is made of good plastic – unfortunately, I dropped the device several times, but the fall did not bring any scratches or serious damage. The device is comfortable to hold and lay out. The folding part is metal.


You can start from the bottom of the device. There is a recess with a special thread, thanks to which you can place a selfie stick, for example, on a tripod, or screw other equipment. For example, it is very convenient to add (and it is better to order right away) a small tripod. Thus, the selfie stick will turn into a great desktop tripod for your smartphone.

Also at the moment there are more advanced models, where the tripods are already built into the handle of the device and it is very easy to transform.

On the body of the device there is a small remote control with Bluetooth, which, I thought, was built into the device. But the remote control can be pulled out, and you can control the selfie stick from different distances.

The holder itself, on which you will place your smartphone, is adjustable. When adjusting, you can hear characteristic clicks. After each such click, the holder will be fixed. Well, those latches that actually hold the smartphone move apart very easily. Also on the inside of the latches there is a special soft material so as not to scratch the smartphone.

The spring on the holder is quite tight, and it takes some effort to place the smartphone in the holders. But it’s even good, thanks to such a tight spring, the smartphone will not slip out and stagger, you don’t have to worry that it will fall.

My phone is quite heavy and wide, but this did not affect the selfie stick, and the smartphone was firmly and securely in the latches. I would like to note only that if you push the selfie stick to the maximum, then it can sag a little. But this is not scary, because. under the weight of even a heavy smartphone, it does not break or crack, so this is a minor minus.

Speaking of cons, the device has a rather large angle of rotation around its axis at the maximum extension. But if the device is folded, then such rotation can be avoided with a simple position lock.

Bluetooth remote control

As for the remote control itself, as I wrote above, the battery was already inside. The remote control is quite simply removed from a special niche and resembles more an ordinary button than a remote control. If you want to use the device as a tripod (subject to ordering an updated model, or by attaching a tripod), then such a button will help you out a lot. Well, if you use a selfie stick for its intended purpose, then you don’t have to worry, the button is in a niche quite reliably, it doesn’t stagger or fall out. Inside the button there is a small chip and a niche for installing a CR 1632 battery.

Connecting the remote control to your smartphone is quite simple. It is necessary to hold the button for a few seconds, a blue LED will appear on the remote control, which means that the button is on. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, find the remote control and connect. The device is highlighted as SelfieCom. That’s all. Now you can use the selfie stick. Turning off the selfie stick is also simple – hold down the button for a few seconds.

Buy upgrade version


I am completely satisfied with such a selfie stick, only now I want to add a tripod to it, or completely update the device. The selfie stick is a great help during picnics and travel, walks, and during meetings with friends. It doesn’t take up much space and is quite light. Well, using it, as you can see for yourself, is very simple.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope my short review was useful and interesting for you. Well, if you want to find more interesting reviews and articles, then you should look at my blog on the site, there are a lot of interesting things. Happy shopping!

Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod

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  • Description

  • Characteristics

  • Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod

Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod is a selfie stick with built-in tripod and Bluetooth remote control. The device will provide a secure fixation of the camera or smartphone, now a full-fledged tripod is in your pocket. The selfie stick is perfect for taking selfies, for group photos, and even for high-quality video reviews.

90 551

Robust tripod

Shooting with a smartphone or a camera placed on a tripod is of high quality. Strong fixation in one position eliminates the interference that occurs due to trembling of the operator’s hands. The versatility of the monopod lies in the fact that its handle can be divided into three petals, turning into a stable three-legged tripod. The legs of the tripod are covered with non-slip material for a more stable position on smooth surfaces.

Tilt angle – 360˚

Another benefit of using a tripod is convenience. Your hands remain free. You can easily and comfortably look for the right angle for shooting. Tripod swivel head can rotate 360˚

Bluetooth remote control

Bluetooth remote control allows you to take pictures at a distance from your smartphone. The remote control can also be used when shooting in a tripod position or when using the monopod as a selfie stick. To do this, you just need to install the remote control in a special niche on the handle of the monopod.

Compact and lightweight

When folded, the monopod is small and lightweight, so it won’t take up much space in your bag or pocket.

Compact blenders for smoothies: Best Personal Blenders 2023 – Forbes Vetted

Опубликовано: April 29, 2021 в 4:36 pm


Категории: Miscellaneous

The Best Personal Blenders of 2023│Tested by Serious Eats

Straight to the Point

Our favorite personal blender is the Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender. It’s powerful, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing. We also like the NutriBullet Pro 900— it’s a great option for smoothies and comes with two cups and travel lids. For a budget pick, we really loved the BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender, which was fast and capacious.

In many households (including mine) the day begins with the sound of a blender running. Someone is making their colorful breakfast smoothie before rushing out the door to work, or chugging their drink quickly before departing. 

Thankfully, when it comes to blending up a smoothie for one, the days of painstakingly attaching blades, rubber gaskets, and various bits and bobs to a full-sized blender are over. Instead of breaking out the big blender, now you can use a smaller, simpler personal blender. 

In order to find the best personal blender options (we excluded portable blenders from the lineup) we dove into testing some of the internet’s favorite and most highly-rated machines. We conducted tests to examine each blender’s power, usability, and durability and how easy they were to clean. Of the 9 we tested, two quickly distanced themselves from the pack.

The Winners, at a Glance


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This personal blender was not only aesthetically pleasing, it was also easy to use, blended silky smooth smoothies, and was effortless to clean. 


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This blender’s power, speed, and whopping 32-ounce capacity impressed us immediately. This is a great option for those in a rush since it blends smoothies in a mere 20 seconds.


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Even as one of the most affordable options we tested, the BELLA did not sacrifice quality. We appreciated its speed, efficiency, and capacity.

The Tests

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin

  • Blend Kale and Mango Smoothies Test: We blended a combination of raw kale, frozen mango, orange juice, and fresh banana in each blender to see how they handled fibrous and frozen ingredients.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning Tests: While testing, we considered how easy the blender was to set up and use, how it performed during blending, what the final smoothie’s consistency was, and if the blender was complicated to clean.
  • Blend Ice and Water Test: To test the durability of some of the machines (except those that explicitly warned against crushing ice), we combined water and ice cubes and attempted to use each blender to create a slush mixture.
  • Blend Milkshakes Test (Winners-Only): We tested our top picks by blending a hardy mixture of ice cream, ice, and milk. During testing, we paid close attention to ease of use, the consistency of the milkshake, and whether cleaning was a challenge.

What is a Personal Blender?

Personal blenders are often designed for one to two servings and include streamlined settings and instructions. Their control panels are often made up of one to three buttons or knobs, rather than a fleet of options. The blender usually consists of a blending cup, an extractor blade that attaches directly to the cup, and a motor base. Since there is no lid, ingredients are all added ahead of time—once the blender is running, there isn’t opportunity to add anything else mid-blend. A handful of personal blenders have automated, timed settings for smoothies, while others rely on the user’s discretion.

Which Vitamix Blender Should You Buy? We Compared (Almost) All of Them

What We Learned

Automated Blending Settings Did Not Necessarily Make Blending Easier

Some automated settings performed well, but we also liked having the option of manual settings, too.

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin

There’s something to be said for convenience, especially when preparing food. When we started testing, we were curious to see if the personal blenders with automated blending settings stood out against the manually controlled ones. Would we be able to turn on the machine and let it run without paying too much attention? Would the finished product (smoothie, milkshake, etc) be flawlessly blended? The answer was a little more complicated.

Out of the full lineup, three of the personal blenders had automatic settings: the Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, ZWILLING Enfinigy Personal Blender, and Nutribullet RX. Typically, each automated blending setting ran for a set amount of time, and during the cycle, the machine would stop and start at certain junctures (we think this was in order to allow for ingredients to settle back down near the blade). Of the three with this feature, only the Zwilling stood out. The Zwilling’s automated blending setting lasted for 40 seconds and resulted in a creamy, well-mixed final product. We also liked that it had an easy-to-use interface with simple options (on/off, pulse, and smoothie), if we didn’t want to go the automatic route. 

On the other hand, the Ninja’s automated setting lasted longer, clocking in at 50 seconds. The setting had allotted stop and start times, during which the ingredients were able to settle and shift so they could catch on the blade during the next rotation. However, it was very, very loud (like our parents at punk concerts, we spent the entire cycle reflecting on the merits of earplugs.) And, when the cycle ended, there was still a chunk of unblended kale in the mix. The Nutribullet RX was also very loud and had the lengthiest setting of the bunch (including when using the manual settings). Though after one minute of blending, the final smoothie was creamy and smooth. However, we did not think the result was impressive enough to warrant sacrificing both our hearing and our time.

Blending Cup Size Mattered 

When it came to filling the blender jars, wider openings and larger jars made it easier.

Serious Eats / Russell Kilgore

During testing, we poured out a fair amount of smoothies, slush, and milkshakes. It quickly became apparent that Goldilocks would have had an opinion: some blending cups were too small, some were too big, and some were just right. While we were pleased overall with the performance of the NutriBullet NB9-1301 K Pro, we did find the larger diameter of the opening led to light spillage. When tilting the cup to pour, all of the liquids—and any icy bits—rushed forward at the same time. On the other hand, the size of the cup (which had a 32-ounce capacity) was great for adding ingredients since larger items, such as leafy kale or misshapen frozen fruits, didn’t need to be squished down or added individually in order to fit. These similarities were shared between the Nutribullet RX (which measured the largest with a 4.5-inch diameter opening), Nutribullet Personal Blender, Nutribullet NB9-1301 K Pro, and the BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender.

Smaller blending cups, particularly the Ninja Fit with its 3-inch wide opening, were slim enough that pouring was mess-free. However, the Ninja Fit’s narrow mouth made adding ingredients challenging. We had to push the kale leaves down into the cup rather than simply dropping them in. We found the ideal cups measured somewhere in-between: the Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender cup measured three-and-a-half inches and was neither too wide nor too narrow, but just right.

Only Some Personal Blenders Were Able to Crush Ice

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin

This may come as no surprise, but personal blenders did not pack the same punch as traditional blenders. For example, four of the personal blenders had instructions that warned against ice crushing, so we could only test five blenders against the ice and water slushie test. For all five of the machines we tested, we found almost all of them struggled with crushing the ice evenly. 

The Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Blender, Ninja Fit, and the ZWILLING Enfinigy Personal Blender all required multiple stops and starts during blending. This was because the blades stopped catching the ice and water, so we had to shift the ingredients for them to catch the ice again. The final results consisted of slush with a few larger chips of ice.

The real standout was the Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, which turned the ice and water into a lovely slush. And this machine had a particular advantage in this test: it had a specific “crush” setting that included an automatic timed program. However, the blender was extremely loud while working, especially when the blades were not catching any ice; this was usually because the slush shot up the sides of the cup and all that was left was a thin layer of water on the bottom.

The Less Counter Space Used, the Better

Counter space can be precious. As we tested each blender, we found ourselves moving them from table to counter, to the table again. Not only were the largest machines, such as the Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender and the Nutribullet RX, quite heavy (the bases were four pounds, seven ounces, and six pounds, five ounces, respectively), but they also took up a lot of space. We found the significant weight and size were a hindrance to our limited counter space, and these aspects also made storing and moving inconvenient.

Cleaning Was Easy—As Long As We Did So Immediately

One of our least favorite parts about using a traditional blender is cleaning (we couldn’t count the number of times we almost lost a rubber gasket down the InSinkErator). But we discovered many of the personal blenders were not as high maintenance. For one, each blender only had three parts: the motor base, the blending cup, and the extractor blade (which also served as the lid). That meant only two parts—and maybe a travel lid, if used—needed to be cleaned. 

Even more conveniently, personal blenders were easy to fit into the dishwasher when disassembled. Every personal blender we tested included top rack dishwasher-safe blending cups and lids. On the other hand, whether or not extractor blades were dishwasher-safe depended on the blender itself (though, in general, we don’t recommend washing blades in a dishwasher since it can dull them faster). 

When hand-washing with soap and water, we found the plastic blending cups were easy to grip and less likely to shatter if dropped (unlike some of the glass blending vessels we’ve encountered when using traditional blenders through the years). Washing was painless as long as we made sure to rinse the blending vessels and extractor blades immediately after blending. Otherwise, tough crud stuck in the grooves. Blenders like the Cuisinart and the Nutribullet RX had instructions for cleaning tough messes: simply add soapy, room-temperature water to the cup and blend, rinse, and then dry.

The Criteria: What to Look for in a Personal Blender

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin / Grace Kelly

A good personal blender should be easy to use, clean, and store. Ideally, it has a capacity ranging between 20 to 32 ounces, is powerful (and fast), and has a blending cup that pours smoothly.


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What we liked: The Zwilling impressed us immediately. It was easy to use since the control knob had three settings: on/off, pulse, and smoothie. We enjoyed that the settings included both a manual pulse option, as well as an automatically timed smoothie setting. This meant the user could choose their own adventure, rather than being stuck with only an automatic setting. Cleaning the Zwilling was especially easy too: typically, other machines had cross blades that were inset, meaning the extractor blade was set inside the lid, with grooved sides rising up on all sides. This made cleaning other personal blenders a little annoying as dried liquids and foods could get stuck in these nooks. The Zwilling’s cross blade, on the other hand, was set on the topmost part of the lid and any nooks and crannies were set along the outside for easy access when cleaning. The machine was also sleek, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. While it had a medium-sized motor base—measuring 5.75 inches wide—the square-shaped personal blender did not take up too much space on the counter. We were very pleased with how the Zwilling handled blending smoothies and milkshakes. The smoothie was even, creamy, and completely blended within the 40-second automated “smoothie” setting. 

What we didn’t like: At first, we assumed that the grooved plastic on the exterior of the blending cup would make it easy to grip. However, this particular blending cup was actually more challenging to open: the grooves on the base were too small for our fingers to actually fit within comfortably while twisting, so we were left at a loss as to where to grip. The machine also did struggle a bit with the milkshake, leading to some chunks of ice in the finished product.  

Price at time of publish: $85.

Key Specs

  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 5.75 x 14.5 inches
  • Cord length: 36 inches
  • Capacity: 20 ounces
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic, stainless steel
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Accessories: One to-go jar and one to-go lid
  • Care instructions: The blender cup and drinking cup lid can be cleaned either in the dishwasher or by hand with dish soap; the blender lid can be run under running water and cleaned with a damp, lint-free cloth; the base can be cleaned with a damp, lint-free cloth.   

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin


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What we liked: For those looking for efficiency and ease of use, and who might want to make multiple servings, the Nutribullet NB9-1301 K Pro is a good pick. It completely shredded the kale and mango smoothie in a stunning 20 seconds, and we liked the spacious blending cup, which was a whopping 32 ounces, the largest we tested. It was easy to load, so we didn’t need to squish or push down ingredients aggressively in order to make sure they fit inside the cup. The blender’s extractor blade lid was easy to grip when twisting and untwisting.

What we didn’t like: Alas, this Nutribullet was one of the machines with an explicit warning against ice crushing. Aside from that, our main complaint was the blending cup was very wide. While the width of it made loading very easy, we had to be careful when pouring so we didn’t lean the cup too far forward, which led to the liquid crowding the mouth of the cup and spillage.

Price at time of publish: $110.

Key Specs

  • Weight: 9.68 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7.72 x 12.01 x 15.94 inches
  • Cord length: 30 inches
  • Capacity: 32 ounces
  • Materials: Plastic, stainless steel
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Accessories: Two blending cups, one extractor blade, one cup ring without handle, two cup rings with handle, two lids
  • Care instructions: It was recommended that the rubber gasket not be removed while cleaning; all parts (aside from the motor base and extractor blade) are top-rack dishwasher-safe; the blending cups, lids, and extractor blade can be hand washed with warm soapy water; the motor base can be wiped down with a damp, soapy sponge or dishcloth

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin


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What we liked: Although this was one of the most affordable personal blenders we tested, it blended the kale and mango smoothie impressively well (in a mere 25 seconds!). The BELLA mixed all the ingredients together almost immediately during blending rather than simply waiting on the layered ingredients to shift downward and hit the blade. We liked that the user could choose blending time, rather than relying on a preset blending cycle. The 24-ounce blending cup was wide and spacious, making it easy to add ingredients. We also thought the suction cups on the motor base came in handy for making sure the machine didn’t budge while blending. The BELLA not only comes with a blending blade but also a blade for grinding dry foods and spices and a blade for emulsifying fruits and vegetables.

What we didn’t like: The BELLA came with specific instructions that the machine was not intended to be an ice crusher. This was a bit disappointing seeing as we were highly impressed with this personal blender’s performance when testing smoothies and milkshakes, and were curious to see how it fared against ice. Another issue we found was that the width of the blending cup’s mouth was pretty wide and prone to spillage while pouring. And the blending cups and the extractor blade could have benefited from more textured plastic parts; as it was, they were slick and hard to grip when untwisting.

Price at time of publish: $30.

Key Specs

  • Weight: 6.38 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.01 x 8.66 x 8.39 inches
  • Cord Length: 34 inches
  • Capacity: 24 ounces
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic and stainless steel
  • Wattage: 700 watts
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Accessories: Two lip rings, one blending blade, one grinding blade, two 12-ounce tumblers, three solid lids, one shaker lid, three 24-ounce tumblers, 1 emulsifying blade, 1 travel lid
  • Care instructions: Rinse attachments following use. The blades, tumblers, and lids could be put through the dishwasher on the top rack. If there were any stubborn messes, a “small, nylon bristle brush” could be handled to clean the blade, or the entire tumbler could be filled up one-quarter of its capacity with clean warm water and then blended and rinsed.

Serious Eats / Abigail Clarkin

The Competition

  • Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender: While we appreciated the multiple buttons and functions, such as “crush,” “smoothie,” and “pulse,” the Ninja was simply too large, too loud, too heavy-duty, and too slow (the automatic smoothie setting took 50 seconds).
  • Ninja Fit: This machine was super easy to use, store, and clean. But we didn’t enjoy how much pressure we had to exert by pushing the blending cup down the entire time the machine was running (we prefer to build our muscles in the gym instead, thank you).
  • Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Blender: The slender, tall motor base was great for those with limited counter space. However, the extractor blade was challenging to remove after use, and there were still chunks of kale and ice following the smoothie and slushie tests. 
  • Nutribullet Personal Blender: While we liked many things about this blender, it simply did not have the power or speed to compete with similar models.
  • Nutribullet RX: The sheer size of the machine was intimidating: it measured 15.16 inches in depth and 15.16 inches in width (which is larger than some traditional blenders). It was unnecessarily large for anyone looking for a simple pony of a blender as opposed to a workhorse.
  • Magic Bullet Blender: This blender was so cute! But cuteness didn’t matter when we realized it was quite noisy. It also took a whopping one minute and 15 seconds of blending–manually–when we blended mango and kale smoothies. 
  • The BEAST Blender: Unfortunately, our test model for the BEAST broke before testing, so we were unable to see how the machine performed against other personal blenders. We are going to pursue long-term testing with a new model and will add our findings to this review at a later date. You can read our previous one-off review of this blender here.


What can you make in a personal blender?

Personal blenders were great for making small, single-serving portions of smoothies and milkshakes. Out of the machines we tested, none were built to blend dry ingredients. In fact, many of the instruction manuals spelled out specific liquid-to-solid ingredient ratios. Most machines were not powerful enough to handle ice-heavy ingredients, either.

How many servings does a personal blender make?

Each of the personal blenders we tested had the capacity to hold one to two servings. The overall capacity of each blending cup ranged from 16 to 32 ounces, but each machine had a different max line for ingredients.

What is the best way to clean a personal blender?

While perusing various instruction manuals during testing, we found the most popular recommendation was to hand-wash blending cups, lids, and extractor blends in warm soapy water. Many of these parts were also dishwasher-safe. As for the motor bases, submersion in water was to be avoided (as with anything with a plug!). Instead, wipe down the motor exterior with either a damp cloth before drying. For tough messes, some blenders could be cleaned by adding soapy water to the blending cup and then blending. However, we do recommend checking each individual machine’s instruction manual for the best instructions.

What is the best (and quietest) personal blender?

It’s hard to describe any of the personal blenders we tested as quiet. Much of what we blended was fibrous or frozen, so there was a fair amount of grinding noises. But we do think the Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender was the best overall personal blender, and much quieter than many of its competitors.

We Reviewed The Vitamix Immersion Blender (And It Was Almost Silly Powerful)

The 5 Best Personal Blenders – Spring 2023: Reviews

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            Updated May 29, 2023 at 08:53 am

            By Theresa Ketterling

            A personal blender is a great way to make personal-sized blends that you can easily take on the go. They generally excel at making smoothies, and they tend to come with differently-sized single-serve jars. While they’re not as versatile as full-size models, have simple controls, and can’t hot blend, they’re a great choice for making smaller-portioned mixes.

            We’ve tested more than 20 personal blenders, and below are our recommendations for the best small blenders, whether you’re looking for the best personal smoothie blender or don’t have space for a full-size blender in your kitchen. If you want more options for making single-serve smoothies, check out our list of the best bullet blenders. For more great options for smoothies, try the best blenders for smoothies and the best budget blenders.

            1. Best Personal Blender

              Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO


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              Finding Store


              7. 8

              Smoothies (Single Serving)


              Smoothies (Multiple Servings)


              Ice Crushing




              Professional Use


              Blender Type

              Personal Blender


              1,100 W

              Hot Blending


              See all our test results

              The best personal blender we’ve tested is the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO. If you’re looking for a smoothie maker, it’s a fantastic option, with an overall performance that rivals some full-size models. It’s partly because of its ‘smoothie bowl maker’, a jar with rotating arms inside that allows it to easily process hard ingredients like nuts and make very smooth, spreadable nut butter. It comes with a pair of personal jars that you can use to blend extremely silky smoothies with fibrous elements like kale. Add in its fantastic ice-crushing ability, and you have a compact, multi-purpose blender that can help with everything from smoothies to hummus to slushies.

              It has a few other helpful design features, like to-go lids for the personal jars and automatic blending programs that let you move away from the blender as it’s running—which may come in handy because it’s one of the louder blenders we’ve tested. Like most personal blenders, it can’t hot blend, and its small capacity and single speed preset also make it less versatile. The jars, lids, and blades are all dishwasher-safe, but if you’re cleaning by hand, you must be careful of the sharp blades.

              See our review

            2. Best Mid-Range Personal Blender

              Ninja Fit


              Finding Store


              Finding Store


              7. 2

              Smoothies (Single Serving)


              Smoothies (Multiple Servings)


              Ice Crushing




              Professional Use


              Blender Type

              Personal Blender


              700 W

              Hot Blending


              See all our test results

              The best single-serve blender we’ve tested with a mid-range price point is the Ninja Fit. This simple bullet-style blender lacks a few features compared to the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO and isn’t as versatile. However, it has no trouble processing tough smoothie ingredients like spinach or blueberries. It’s also great for small batches of crushed ice, so it can easily handle ice cubes in your smoothie or produce well-blended slushies and blended margaritas.

              The blender’s main downside is the controls—it has no buttons, so you need to push down on the blending jar and hold it to blend. It means you can’t multi-task while blending, but making something like a smoothie, even with tough fibrous ingredients, doesn’t take long. Also, it doesn’t come with a ‘Smoothie Bowl Maker’ jar and isn’t as easy to use for recipes like nut butter. The 16oz jars are narrow, so depending on the recipe, you may need to stop and shake the jar partway through the process. It’s quieter, so it’s not as irritating to stand next to it for a few minutes.

              See our review

            3. Best Budget Personal Blender

              Magic Bullet Mini


              Finding Store


              Finding Store


              5. 3

              Smoothies (Single Serving)


              Smoothies (Multiple Servings)


              Ice Crushing




              Professional Use


              Blender Type

              Personal Blender


              200 W

              Hot Blending


              See all our test results

              The Magic Bullet Mini isn’t as well-built or as powerful as the previous picks, but it’s a good option if you’re looking for the best mini blender for smoothies or want to save money. This blender’s light, compact design makes it easy to store on a shelf or in a cupboard, which is good news for cramped kitchens. It makes a smooth blend with fibrous ingredients like kale and blueberries, meaning it can make a well-blended smoothie with all kinds of recipes. It takes longer to blend a smoothie than the Ninja Fit, but you don’t need to hold onto the jar to blend.

              Its design feels plasticky and not particularly durable, and it’s not very versatile since it’s very hard to use for blends like nut butter or hummus. Like most Magic Bullet blenders, it’s not meant for crushing ice without liquid in the jar. It doesn’t come with a resealable lid for the jar, which is unusual for a personal blender. If you want a personal blender with a jar that can double as a travel cup, the Oster MyBlend is around the same price and comes with a resealable lid. However, it struggles to make a smooth blend with common smoothie ingredients like leafy greens.

              See our review

            4. Best Quiet Personal Blender

              Beast Health Blender


              Finding Store


              Finding Store


              7. 8

              Smoothies (Single Serving)


              Smoothies (Multiple Servings)


              Ice Crushing




              Professional Use


              Blender Type

              Personal Blender


              1,000 W

              Hot Blending


              See all our test results

              If there’s one downside to our top pick, it’s the noise—despite its relatively small size, the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO is one of the loudest blenders we’ve tested. That might not bother everyone, especially if you’re making quick blends like smoothies, but the noise can get annoying if you use your blender often. If you don’t want to wake up the whole house blending an early-morning smoothie, consider the Beast Health Blender. This model is even quieter than the much less powerful Magic Bullet Mini. It’s more expensive than the DUO but has a sturdier, more premium build and an equally fantastic performance for most recipes. It easily liquifies ingredients that can be tough for blenders to smoothly process, like leafy greens.

              Its 34-ounce jar has a shorter, wider shape than the jars that come with most personal blenders, which might make it a little less convenient to use as a travel cup. Then again, it comes with a drinking lid with a screw-on cap. This blender can handle tough blends and is exceptionally easy to use for thicker dips and spreads like nut butter. It doesn’t crush ice as well as the Ninja, which might bother you if you like making drinks like slushies, but ice cubes in a smoothie recipe or a small batch of ice for cocktails are no problem. The jar’s ribbed design gives it a premium look but makes it harder to clean by hand than most picks here since food tends to get trapped in the ridges.

              See our review

            5. Best Portable Personal Blender

              BlendJet 2


              Finding Store


              Finding Store



              Smoothies (Single Serving)


              Smoothies (Multiple Servings)


              Ice Crushing




              Professional Use


              Blender Type

              Personal Blender



              Hot Blending


              See all our test results

              The best portable personal blender that we’ve tested is the BlendJet 2. This blender is around the same price as the Magic Bullet Mini and isn’t as good at processing stubborn elements like leafy greens or fruit skins. If you’re looking for something you can take to work or on a trip, it’s the best battery-powered option we’ve tested. It’s small enough to fit into a backpack or a big purse, and the lid has a built-in loop to make it easier to carry or hang from your bag. It charges with a USB-C to USB-A cable, and the manufacturer advertises it to last for about 15 20-second blending cycles. It also comes in different colors and patterns to suit your style.

              Depending on your recipe, your smoothie will have a grainy or leafy texture, so it’s not ideal if a perfectly smooth puree is important to you. However, it can still produce an acceptable, drinkable smoothie from most recipes and crush ice, so it’s well-suited for protein shake recipes that include ice, powder, and liquid. It’s easy to clean by hand since the jar is open at the top and bottom once you unscrew the blade assembly. No part of it is dishwasher-safe, though.

              See our review

            Notable Mentions

            • NutriBullet Pro 900:
              The NutriBullet Pro 900 makes incredible smoothies in its 32-ounce jars. The jars come with matching lip rings and to-go lids. However, it’s not as well-built as the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO and can’t crush ice without liquid in the jar.
              See our review
            • PopBabies Portable Blender:
              The PopBabies Portable Blender is a battery-powered personal blender. It makes a smoother blend with fibrous ingredients than the BlendJet 2, but it’s louder and has a worse build quality. The narrow jar opening can’t fit ice cubes and is hard to clean. Still, it comes with a tray for making mini cubes that can fit, and you might prefer it because you can use it while it’s charging.
              See our review

            Recent Updates

            1. May 29, 2023:
              Made minor updates to the text and checked that the products are in stock.

            2. May 03, 2023:
              Checked that the recommendations are relevant and that the products are in stock.

            3. Apr 07, 2023:
              Combined the Oster MyBlend and Magic Bullet Mini into one ‘Best Budget Personal Blender’ pick.

            4. Mar 09, 2023:
              Added the PopBabies Portable Blender to Notable Mentions.

            5. Feb 10, 2023:
              Added the Beast Health Blender as a ‘Best Quiet’ pick and added the NutriBullet Pro 900 to Notable Mentions.

            All Reviews

            Our above recommendations are what we think are currently the best small blenders and best personal smoothie blenders for most people. We factor in the price (a cheaper blender wins over a pricier one if the difference isn’t worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no blenders that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

            If you want to choose for yourself, here is the list of all our personal blender reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no blender is perfect, most blenders are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you look for them.

            The best smoothie blenders of 2023🏆 Rating of the best submersible and stationary blenders for cocktails

            Today, only a lazy person does not take care of his health, including the quality of food. A healthy menu is thought out for every day and one of the favorite delicacies in it is smoothies. This is a thick drink made from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs. You can also add milk, mineral water, cereals or nuts to it. And when it’s very hot – a handful of ice. Making smoothies at home is easy, all you need is the right blender. Let’s figure out how to choose one and which cocktail blenders have become the best in 2023.

            1. Pros and cons of smoothie blenders
            2. How to choose a cocktail blender?
            • Best Immersion Blenders for Smoothies in 2023
            • Best Stationary Smoothie Blenders

            Pros and cons of smoothie blenders

            Pros and cons of smoothie blenders

            There are two types of smoothie blender: submersible and stationary. They differ from each other in design. Depending on which one you choose, you will get a different set of pros and cons.

            Immersion Smoothie Blender

Best value for money models and quality
#1 Apple iPad Air (2020) 64Gb WiFi
#2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 SM-P615 64Gb LTE (2020)
#3 HUAWEI MediaPad M5 10.8 Pro 64Gb LTE (2018)
#4 Apple iPad Air (2019) 64Gb Wi-Fi
#5 Apple iPad mini ( 2019) 64Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular
Premium devices
#1 6
#2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 SM-T860 128Gb ( 2019)

#4 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 12. 4 SM-T975 128Gb (2020)
#5 Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) 128Gb Wi-Fi important characteristics to pay attention to when choosing a tablet with a stylus?

A tablet with a stylus must meet a number of specifications to improve ease of use. With them, the use of the stylus will be convenient and practical:

  1. Enough large screen. The display should be comfortable for taking notes by hand. To select the optimal size, it is recommended to choose tablets the size of an A4 or A5 notebook.
  2. Built-in memory. After buying a stylus, the tablet is a whole library. To store all the necessary materials, you need enough memory.
  3. High speed. For greater comfort, the tablet should have a high response speed so that there is no delay between writing and displaying what is written.

Pros and cons of models with a stylus

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of tablets with a stylus. It is they who are decisive when choosing a model.


  1. Mobility. You no longer need to carry ten notebooks and the same number of books with you – everything you need is in the device.
  2. All in one place.
  3. The ability to quickly send content in higher quality.
  4. Improved usability – change fonts, weights, colors, highlight information, and more. All with one stylus.
  5. Ability to take notes directly on the pages of the book.


  1. Cost. A stylus and a tablet are quite expensive.
  2. The need to purchase paid applications. For greater convenience, it is recommended to buy special applications, although you can do without them.
  3. The battery can run out at the most inopportune moment. You should always keep an eye on the charge level.

How to choose a tablet with a stylus?

All models can be divided into separate groups, making it easier to find the perfect match.

The best inexpensive models in terms of price and quality ratio

See also: The best car phone holders: TOP 13 models of 2023

The models presented here are ideal for those who have a limited budget.

Rating of the TOP 5 best inexpensive models in 2023 with a stylus according to customer reviews and ratings.

Apple iPad Air (2020) 64Gb Wi-Fi

More features than previous models at an attractive price.

The display occupies the entire panel of the device – there are no more interfering frames. A powerful processor allows you to do anything – send heavy files, play games and even edit 4K video. Instant response to any action.


  • Processor: Apple A14 Bionic;
  • built-in memory: 64 GB;
  • diagonal: 10.9″, 2360×1640;
  • pixel-inch value: 264;
  • battery capacity: 28.6 Wh;
  • linear dimensions: 247.6×178.5×6.1 mm;
  • weight: 458 g


  • optimum size and weight;
  • fast response to every movement;
  • high quality materials and workmanship;
  • pleasant sound from the main speakers;
  • convenient and intuitive OS.


  • no headphone jack;
  • slippery – difficult to wear without a cover;
  • begins to discharge quickly over time.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 SM-P615 64Gb LTE (2020)

An indispensable assistant for taking notes and working with graphic images.

One-piece metal body makes the device thinner and lighter. There is a magnetic holder for the stylus – now it will never get lost. A large number of additional features – the ability to overlay screens with reduced transparency, change colors, search by tags and much more.


  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 9611 2300MHz;
  • built-in memory: 64 GB;
  • diagonal: 10.4″, 2000×1200;
  • pixel-inch value: 224;
  • battery capacity: 7040 mAh;
  • linear dimensions: 244.5×154.3×7 mm;
  • weight: 467 g.


  • high quality materials of which the case is assembled;
  • stylish and concise design;
  • good sound from main speakers;
  • no frames;
  • compact and light weight.


  • charges slowly;
  • charger has a short cable that is inconvenient to use;
  • The magnetic stylus holder is not secure.
HUAWEI MediaPad M5 10.8 Pro 64Gb LTE (2018)

Budget model with all the necessary features.

Enhanced display delivers a near-perfect picture. Powerful processor provides fast response and high speed of the device. With the help of a stylus, you can expand the boundaries of a regular tablet.


  • Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 960;
  • built-in memory: 64 GB;
  • diagonal: 10.8″, 2560×1600;
  • pixel-inch value: 280;
  • battery capacity: 7500 mAh;
  • linear dimensions: 258.7×171.8×7.3 mm;
  • weight: 498 g


  • sound quality is good;
  • high image quality;
  • high performance – instant response to any action;
  • the battery can hold a charge long enough;
  • perfect size.


  • poor speaker placement – sound is distributed around, not on the user;
  • quite heavy compared to competitors;
  • glare on the screen.
Apple iPad Air (2019) 64Gb Wi-Fi

The perfect combination of low price and high performance from a world famous brand.

The processor creates unique power – it recognizes patterns and offers the best options for work. The modern display features increased brightness, accurate color reproduction and has an anti-reflective coating.


  • Processor: Apple A12 Bionic;
  • built-in memory: 64 GB;
  • diagonal: 10.5″, 2224×1668;
  • pixel-inch value: 264;
  • battery capacity: 30.2 Wh;
  • linear dimensions: 250.6×174.1×6.1 mm;
  • weight: 456 g


  • improved screen – great size and picture quality;
  • instant response to any action;
  • impressive performance;
  • increased speaker volume;
  • thin screen – when writing something with styluses, there is no feeling that you are moving through the air.


  • general sound quality poor;
  • is uncomfortable to wear without a case – slippery and rather fragile;
  • branded screen.
Apple iPad mini (2019) 64Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular

The perfect combination of high performance and compactness at a fairly low price.

The device is very compact and lightweight – it will easily keep you company on any trip. Performance goes beyond size – instant response, the ability to use any application and play any game. High-brightness, true-to-life color display with anti-glare screen.


  • Processor: Apple A12 Bionic;
  • built-in memory: 64 GB;
  • diagonal: 7.9″, 2048×1536;
  • pixel-inch value: 324;
  • battery capacity: 19.1 Wh;
  • linear dimensions: 203.2×134.8×6.1 mm;
  • weight: 308 g


  • increased performance;
  • high quality TouchID;
  • autonomy – enough for 10 hours of intensive work;
  • compactness and increased lightness;
  • quality image.


  • YouTube videos can be viewed at a maximum of 1080p;
  • poor maintainability;
  • Large bezels and a physical home button indicate an outdated design.

Premium devices

Premium devices are distinguished by additional features, increased performance and rather high cost.

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2020) 128Gb Wi-Fi

Faster and more powerful than most laptops on the market.

There are no obstructing frames on the display. The processor allows you to outperform most modern laptops in performance. It has a magnetic attachment for the stylus – it will no longer be lost. Able to work without recharging up to 10 hours.


  • Processor: Apple A12Z Bionic;
  • built-in memory: 128 GB;
  • diagonal: 11″, 2388×1668;
  • pixel-inch value: 265;
  • battery capacity: 28.6 Wh;
  • linear dimensions: 247. 6×178.5×5.9 mm;
  • weight: 471 g.


  • increased power for all kinds of tasks;
  • intuitive and user-friendly OS;
  • Realistic and rich colors, high brightness;
  • good image quality;
  • incredible build quality.


  • heats up during intensive use;
  • occasional frisit;
  • fragile case – case required.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 SM-T860 128Gb (2019)

Compact and powerful model will solve any problem.

A small magnetic tab allows you to fix the stylus on the device. It is possible to adjust the transparency of the pop-up window to improve the convenience while studying. Can be controlled remotely – only with a stylus. There are about 5000 modes of pressing.


  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM855 2800MHz;
  • built-in memory: 128 GB;
  • diagonal: 10. 5″, 2560×1600;
  • pixel-inch value: 288;
  • battery capacity: 7040 mAh;
  • linear dimensions: 244.5×159.5×5.7 mm;
  • Weight: 420 g


  • high quality speaker sound;
  • high quality assembly;
  • impressive performance;
  • compact and relatively light weight;
  • full adaptation to the stylus.


  • uneven backlight;
  • unsuccessful stylus attachment;
  • The fingerprint scanner is slow.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11 SM-T870 128Gb (2020)

Take work and play to a whole new level with this device.

Thanks to 120 Hz, even the most dynamic moments are particularly smooth. The absence of a frame allows you to enjoy the depth of immersion. The processor is a real breakthrough in performance. The battery can withstand intensive work throughout the day.


  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ 3100MHz;
  • built-in memory: 128 GB;
  • diagonal: 11″, 2560×1600;
  • pixel-inch value: 274;
  • battery capacity: 8000 mAh;
  • linear dimensions: 253. 8×165.3×6.3 mm;
  • weight: 498 g


  • metal housing increases reliability;
  • pleasant sound from 4 speakers;
  • battery withstands continuous operation;
  • convenient OS features;
  • high screen refresh rate.


  • slippery case – it is problematic to wear without a case;
  • does not come with fast charging;
  • few original covers.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 12.4 SM-T975 128Gb (2020)

An updated and completely perfect edition of the tablet for work and entertainment.

Battery lasts all day without needing to be recharged. Clear picture and surround sound from 4 speakers create a cinematic experience. The screen without frames makes you completely immerse yourself in what is happening. The mobile processor built into the device is the pinnacle of performance.


  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ 3100MHz;
  • built-in memory: 128 GB;
  • diagonal: 12. 4″, 2800×1752;
  • pixel-inch value: 266;
  • battery capacity: 10090 mAh;
  • linear dimensions: 285x185x5.7 mm;
  • weight: 575 g


  • excellent image quality;
  • a large number of programs for the stylus;
  • impressive smoothness;
  • good quality sound;
  • Robust housing design.


  • some colors are not accurate;
  • battery lasts up to 7 hours;
  • ill-conceived screen dimensions.
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) 128Gb Wi-Fi

This model is more powerful than most modern laptops.

Advanced mobile display takes up all the space – no more bezels. The modern processor handles heavy games and all work tasks first-class. There is a magnetic stylus mount.


  • Processor: Apple A12Z Bionic;
  • built-in memory: 128 GB;
  • diagonal: 12. 9″, 2732×2048;
  • pixel-inch value: 265;
  • battery capacity: 36.7 Wh;
  • linear dimensions: 280.6×214.9×5.9 mm;
  • weight: 641 g


  • convenient magnetic stylus holder;
  • intuitive OS;
  • high image quality;
  • are pretty good speakers;
  • impressive performance.


  • quite heavy compared to competitors;
  • discharges quickly;
  • not compatible with 1st generation iPencil.


If you have used one of the items in the rating, please leave a review in this form.

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Greg N.

from Vandalia, MI asked:

May 4, 2022

Can you burn wood inside of a coal-burning stove? if not what is the reason?

1 Answer

It depends on the coal stove. Some are designed to burn wood or coal and will have a lever to divert the intake air. The biggest difference is from where the intake air feeds the fire. for optimal combustion. Feeding wood into a coal-only stove can cause incomplete burns that can rapidly make creosote in the chimney and cause a chimney fire.

Submitted by:
Cody S.
on May 4, 2022


Ann N

from Lancaster, OH asked:

February 11, 2022

Can I convert a wood burning wood stove into an electric heat out put wood stove?

1 Answer

There are currently no means of converting a freestanding stove into an electric heater.

Submitted by:
Devon P.
on February 11, 2022


Sandy D

from Lodi asked:

November 25, 2021

Where can I find wood stove guidelines?

1 Answer

Our Stove Guides and articles can be found here. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions as well.

Submitted by:
Jason W.
on November 26, 2021



from Alvin, TX asked:

January 21, 2021

Will a blower for a wood-burning stove (brand x) work for another brand of stove (brand y)? Are they somewhat interchangeable or will I need a specific blower (same brand as the stove)?

1 Answer

Blowers, because of how they mount and their positioning for maximum heat circulation, are not interchangeable but are model specific.

Submitted by:
Brennan W.
on January 21, 2021


Frank S

from Louisville, KY asked:

July 7, 2020

Do you sell a wood stove glass cleaner?

1 Answer

Yes. Please follow this link.

Submitted by:
Will M.
on July 7, 2020



from 18504 asked:

March 16, 2020

Can regular 2×4 be used to build a frame for a wood-burning fireplace, or is certain treatment advised/required? Also what kind of insulation is the best for sides of the firebox?

1 Answer

These questions are model-specific as some models allow 2×4 framing members, others require steel studs. For each model on our site, we have the installation instructions available for download on the item page.

Submitted by:
Tyler M. – NFI Master Hearth Professional
on March 17, 2020


Norman W

from Hamilton, NY asked:

February 16, 2020

What is the highest efficiency LP gas direct vent cast iron stove?

1 Answer

Our Empire Heritage series direct vent gas stove is our highest-efficiency option for a cast iron model.

Submitted by:
Tyler M. – NFI Master Hearth Professional
on February 17, 2020



from Holladay, TN asked:

November 29, 2019

Do all coal-burning stoves (Ashley, Wonderwood, etc.) only have the door on the right side as you’re facing the stove or do they make them with the door on the left also? 

1 Answer

Various models have doors in different positions.

Submitted by:
Tyler M. – NFI Master Hearth Professional
on November 29, 2019



from North Carolina asked:

October 19, 2019

What are the pros/cons of front loading versus side loading stoves?

1 Answer

Most modern stoves, including the models we carry, are front-loading, as most customers today prefer the viewable firebox and the loading convenience.

Submitted by:
Cortney O.
on October 21, 2019



from Jackson, MO asked:

October 17, 2019

My existing wood-burning stove has a large cover that opens to allow top-loading, but lately smoke has been escaping from the lid edges. How can I seal the lid?

1 Answer

Normally, the lid of top-loading wood stoves will have a gasket rope to provide a tight seal when the lid is closed. The size and shape of the gasket rope will differ depending on the model number of the stove, so we recommend contacting the stove manufacturer with the model number of your stove for clarity. 

Submitted by:
Will M.
on October 17, 2019



from Oglethroupe, GA asked:

September 23, 2019

Do you sell wood burning stoves with rear flue?

1 Answer

Due to the newer EPA regulations, wood stoves today usually do not have rear venting.

Submitted by:
Owen O.
on September 24, 2019



from Oxford, NC asked:

September 15, 2019

Can a wood stove be converted to use propane?

1 Answer

No wood stove may be converted for use with gas.

Submitted by:
Will M.
on September 17, 2019


Frank L.

from Midlothian, TX asked:

August 29, 2019

Can I burn bamboo in a wood stove?

1 Answer

Bambooburns hot, but very quickly, so you need more of it to produce thesame heat as hardwoods. It’s not recommended to burn bamboo in afireplace inside a home because there can be a lot of trapped air inbamboo. You will want to check with your local building inspector tomake sure that burning bamboo is allowed in your area.

Submitted by:
Kathy O.
on August 30, 2019


Alan H

from Linden, CA asked:

August 7, 2019

Do you offer a wood stove with both front and side loading doors?

1 Answer

I am sorry, but we do not offer a stove like that.

Submitted by:
Tyler M. – NFI Master Hearth Professional
on August 7, 2019



from washington DC asked:

January 16, 2018

im looking for a wood stove that has the flue discharging from the rear, I’m dealing with and existing masonry chimney/flue with the top of the 6″
flue is 26″ off the hearth. Do you have any products that will work for this? What about the barrel stove, could the flue be installed out the rear?

1 Answer

We do not have a true rear vent wood burning stove, and the barrel stoves are also top vented to draw properly. The Buck Stove Model 18 is pretty close on that height when you include the 9″ pedestal, it would be 26 3/4″ so a little bit beyond what you need.

Submitted by:
on January 16, 2018



from Seattle,WA asked:

October 19, 2017

I bought a cord of Madrone wood for a family in need after researching firewood showed it to be one of the best. Their reaction was saying a relative had the glass in their stove “blown out” from burning Madrone. Their wood stove has an Lopi Endeavor label. I can’t find any cautions online about burning Madrone wood. Do you know of any cautions about burning Madrone wood for home heating (maybe, specific to Endeavor)? Thank you for any reply.

1 Answer

I have not heard of any issues with burning Madrone, in fact, I’ve always heard the opposite. While we are not a Lopi dealer, I pulled a manual on the stove and was unable to find any warning regarding the burning of Madrone wood. It could very well be that the stove was overloaded, as Madrone burns quite hot.

Submitted by:
Brennan W.
on October 20, 2017



from Verona, KY asked:

July 13, 2017

Can you explain the freight shipment process?

1 Answer

Both the weight and physical dimensions of prefabricated fireplaces and stoves necessitate shipment via a freight carrier. This will usually be a regional carrier that utilizes 48 or 53 foot tractor trailers, often equipped with electric or hydraulic lift gates. The process between a freight carrier and small parcel carrier is different and it is up to the end user to ensure the freight is received properly. Once an order is processed by our warehouse, the shipment will be palletized and picked up by the appropriate freight carrier. It will then be trucked to the local hub and directed to the distribution hub for your area. While we try to avoid freight hand offs from one carrier to another, long distance shipments sometimes necessitate this. Once the shipment has arrived at your local destination terminal, a representative from the scheduling department with the carrier will contact you via phone to set up a delivery day and time that works best for you. Someone will need to be available to meet the carrier and receive the freight at that time. At the time of delivery, it is important to inspect your shipment for any damage and make note of the damage on the freight bill of lading before signing off. While we regret that damage does sometimes occur, our warranty representatives will be happy to correct the problem promptly.

Submitted by:
on July 13, 2017


Hal Mapes

from Rock Island, Texas asked:

November 19, 2016

I am looking for a gas assisted wood burning stove/fire place. I want to load the wood, flip a switch to light the gas assist, and once the wood is burning, turn the gas assist off – or use auto shutoff (if available). Is there anything out there that will achieve this?

1 Answer

The closest thing we offer to meet your request is a prefabricated wood burning fireplace fitted with a gas log lighter. The lighter is essentially a length of pipe with perforations that must be lit manually with a lighter or match after the gas valve is opened. We have received several requests for an automatic style of log lighter with its own ignition system, but I have not come across a company that has gotten past the development stages. The issue is that the amount of wood ash generated would either foul or suffocate the ignitor, necessitating frequent service or replacement.

Submitted by:
on November 21, 2016



from Cedar Rapids, IA asked:

January 26, 2015

Can I vent a wood burning stove through my wall or do I have to go through the roof?

1 Answer

A wood stove can indeed be vented through a wall, but a tee must be utilized on the outside of that wall and the chimney must run vertically from there above the roof line a minimum of three feet. More height may be needed depending on the location of the pipe in relation to your roof peak and the pitch of the roof. For a full quote, please fill out our Chimney Pipe Design & Quote Form.

Submitted by:
Tyler M.
on January 26, 2015



from Cartersville, GA asked:

October 7, 2014

Can a wood stove be vented out of an existing fireplace?

1 Answer

It can indeed. Single wall stovepipe can be vented into the fireplace opening and then converted to a liner adapter and a flexible liner the rest of the way up the chimney. The liner adapter can be hidden from view behind the lintel of the fireplace opening.

Submitted by:
on October 7, 2014



from Erie,PA asked:

September 19, 2014

How do I know if my chimney is lined or ready to take on a wood stove?

1 Answer

It is best to contact a local chimney sweep or NFI certified technician to perform an evaluation of the chimney. They will be able to determine the condition of the clay liner or if the chimney has been relined. They will also be able to advise on any further work that may need to be performed prior to installing a stove.

Submitted by:
on September 19, 2014



from Gloversville, NY asked:

July 30, 2014

How do wood stoves heat compared to gas stoves? Is the heat from a gas stove comparable?

1 Answer

Wood stoves generate comparable output to a gas stove while on a low to mid burn setting, depending on the size of the stove. However, on a high burn setting, wood stoves can produce 60k to 100k BTUs, far surpassing the capability of a gas stove. The clean burn technology used in modern wood stoves generates a very intense fire, outpacing the gas stoves in heat output. Some of our larger wood stoves are capable of heating 3,000 square feet, when centrally located and used with an air circulation system of some kind.

Submitted by:
on July 30, 2014



from ME asked:

March 31, 2014

When passing through a floor into a loft in a log cabin how many inches below the ceiling should be the insulated pipe?

1 Answer

The insulated Class A chimney should start inside the ceiling support box that will be needed to go through the ceiling. If you are using single wall stovepipe on the ground floor, 18 inches of clearance should be maintained between the pipe wall to the ceiling. The clearance can be reduced to 6 inches for double walled stovepipe.

Submitted by:
Collin C. – NFI Master Hearth Professional
on April 1, 2014



from Las Cruces, NM asked:

March 24, 2013

How can I identify my Heritage wood stove?

1 Answer

Most stoves will have a build plate affixed to the rear of the unit, which should contain a model number and serial number for reference.

Submitted by:
Collin C. – NFI Master Hearth Professional
on March 25, 2013


Charlene Brieden

from Carbondale, PA asked:

December 16, 2012

I need something to put in front of my wood burner that will protect my carpet.

1 Answer

We have plenty of options for you. Please see our full selection here: Hearth Boards and Stove Boards

Submitted by:
Tyler M. – Fireplace Specialist
on December 17, 2012


Fireplaces and stoves in – these are low prices and a bargain! Installation with a guarantee and professional selection of all equipment!


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heat the house

Admire the fire

Take a steam bath or sauna

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Cook on live fire

Heat the house

Admire the fire

heat the house

Watch the fire

Take a steam bath or sauna

Admire the fire

Take a steam bath or sauna

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Take a steam bath or sauna

Pick up locally

Cook on live fire

Pick up by place

Cook on live fire

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Accuracy, punctuality, early delivery, intelligence, everything is in place. Good luck in business.


Everything is fine! fast delivery. The staff of the company is very attentive and friendly. I will advise my friends! We are already ordering a second oven and are very satisfied!

Yurkova Anna

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the firebox and quick help in unloading and loading. Thanks to manager Alexander.


Prompt delivery of goods, quality work of the manager and courier. We were satisfied with the work of the store. We will recommend to friends.

Zhuk Evgeniy Yurievich

The work of the manager Yulia Chernouz is always in touch, she warns about everything in time. Excellent delivery, everything is on time and clear.

Maxim Alyoshin

Good advice, a lot of useful information on the site, attentive service


Efficiency in delivery, accuracy in work, friendly attitude of the driver-Nikolay.


That they warned in advance about the arrival, arrived on time, helped with unloading. Everything is fine.


Commitment, strict adherence to deadlines, friendliness of the staff. Good luck in job!

Pirozhkova T.D.

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Stoves, boilers, fireplaces – TEPLODAR

Advantages: Deep furnace. Looks good. Russian production. With heat resistant glass. With ash tray. Cast iron.

Weaknesses: There were some difficulties with their installation. If not removed, shipping may be damaged.

Comment: We have a heating boiler from this company, we took it a long time ago. It has now been discontinued and is no longer being produced. It still works well, so we ordered an Italian-style Verona interior stove from the same manufacturer. I liked it very much! Graceful due to the legs and doors with glass. It is especially great to look at it in the evening, when it is already dark, and the room is lit only by flames. Such pleasant sensations, as if I am somewhere in nature by the fire. And the firewood crackles so pleasantly)) All this looks very fabulous and looks beautiful in our interior. We bought it in a private house, its heating is declared for 200 cubic meters, and we have more than enough. It is made entirely of cast iron and weighs 140 kg according to the description. Wildly heavy, her husband didn’t even bother with her alone, a friend was invited to the installation to help. And we took it by self-delivery from the store with the same composition, and paid upon receipt and after a full inspection. We were advised to remove the legs before transportation. When buying, the legs of the stove were removed so as not to damage them, otherwise anything can happen on the road … And then you need to screw them on the spot. This, of course, is a little heavy: the oven is not a fluff, and while the husband was screwing it on, he was sweating all over. But then they guessed to check the YouTube channel and it turned out that there is a video instruction there, very detailed and understandable, according to these tips, they understood how to assemble the legs easily without lifting the stove. But it was worth it – the stove arrived safe and sound, plus while it was being dragged into the living room, I would have worried about these legs a hundred times)) otherwise everything is fine, they brought it, screwed it on, now it’s beautiful. It looks monolithic, much more interesting than metal stoves, for example. Straight solid. The paint on the stove is heat-resistant, of high quality and does not crack. And we fired it up well) The stove also has a special stand so that the ash does not wake up on the floor, or, as the manufacturer calls it, “lip”, it is right under the door. It is comfortable and fulfills its function completely, we have already appreciated it) and its firebox is deep, 54 cm. Often we do not throw up, the stove heats up and keeps heat for a long time, enough for a cold night without constant monitoring. We are from Novosibirsk, so we have cool nights even now, in July) There is a hob on top of the stove. At first I did not pay attention to it, they say, well, there is, I didn’t think that I would use it for its intended purpose. But how cool it is: in the evening, heat up the stove, make a kettle and drink fragrant tea. Well, beauty! You can cook food like that too, but I don’t do it like that: the stove is in the living room, and the smells of food are not welcome there.

Philips hues light: Smart lighting | Philips Hue US

Опубликовано: April 24, 2021 в 4:36 pm


Категории: Miscellaneous

Philips Hue Smart lighting | Philips Hue UK

Philips Hue is a collection of smart lighting products

Discover a whole range of lights, sensors and switches that help you light your home smarter. Replace your existing light bulbs with smart bulbs or explore many form-factor lamps and fixtures. Philips Hue offers light for every room in your home.

Explore all products

Control with the Philips Hue app

Configure your system with the app and discover the fun of creating your own scenes and automations. Or go wild with any of the other 700+ Hue apps.

Explore Philips Hue App

Control your way

Use smart accessories like switches and wireless motion sensors to control your lights in many different ways.

Explore all accessories

Control lights with your voice

Philips Hue is the only smart lighting brand that works with all the major voice assistants on the market.

Explore all voice partners


Create the right atmosphere to match your mood

With light you can easily change the atmosphere of any room. Whether you want to add colour to your interior, set the right light for functional tasks, throw an outdoor party or create a cosy mood for dinner, you can easily personalise your light and ambiance with Philips Hue. Choose from all shades of white and 16 million colours and find the one that matches your mood.

Explore scenes

Home automation

Feel more secure at home 

The Mimic presence automation turns your lights on and off automatically according to the activities that you’d expect to see in those rooms, making it look like you’re still there. And with a Coming automation, your lights greet you at the door when you arrive back home, lighting your way safely. Add an outdoor motion sensor to have your lights turn on as someone – guests or unexpected visitors – walks by. With Philips Hue, someone’s always home.

Daily activities

Light that gets you through the day

Daily tasks and activities get a lot easier with the right light. Philips Hue is there to help, whether it’s to wake you up, get you energised during breakfast, help your kids concentrate when doing their homework or provide the right light setting for reading or relaxing at the end of a busy day.


Sync your lights with films, music and games

Watch, listen or play in new and exciting ways as your favourite video, audio and gaming effects fill the room with Philips Hue Entertainment lighting, bringing spatial awareness and immersivess to a whole new level.

Explore Hue entertainment

Wake up and go to sleep

Light that wakes you up gently

Waking up can be tough, especially on dark winter mornings. With Philips Hue, you can mimic the sunrise to help you wake up more naturally, no matter how dark it is outside. In the Philips Hue app, you can easily set up your wake-up and go-to-sleep routines to help you get up more energised and go to bed more relaxed.

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Philips Hue lights: A guide to what each bulb does (and costs)

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(Image credit: Future)

Philips Hue is a name synonymous with smart lighting and for good reason. The brand has one of the most extensive ranges of smart lights from bulbs to lightstirps with consistent performance to boot. Philips Hue offers everything from starter kits for those building a smart home for the first time, to extension kits for outdoors if you want your network of smart lights to extend into your backyard or even your patio. With all that in mind, we can safely say Philips Hue offers some of the best smart light bulbs available today.

Not only do they work surprisingly well but Philips Hue bulbs can also function as some of the best Alexa compatible devices as well as the best Google Home compatible devices. One of their most useful features is how easy they are to add to your existing smart home setup.

Philips Hue constantly adds more smart lights to its line up each year and while having more options to choose from is great, it can get a little overwhelming for first-time buyers. That’s why we’ve put together this Philips Hue lights guide to help. Here, we talk you through the most popular options from the brand, as well as the latest releases while exploring the strengths of each.

Before you get started though, you will need a Philips Hue Bridge ($56) if you plan to control all of the smart lights in your home through the company’s app. While newer Philips Hue lights only require Bluetooth, a bridge ensures both old and newer lights work well together without any problems.

Philips Hue lights: Starter kits

Philips Hue starter kits include both bulbs and the bridge that’s required to connect the lights to your home Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have any Philips Hue lights yet, a starter kit is probably the best way to begin. After testing hundreds of smart home products, we believe that the Philips Hue Starter Kits are among the best smart home devices.

The original Philips Hue Starter Pack (White and Color Ambiance) is designed to replace traditional A19 bulbs and can change to more than 16 million colors. The starter pack includes three lights plus a Hue bridge. Philips also sells a version of this kit with four lights.

Philips Hue White Ambiance Kit
The White Ambiance kit lets you adjust the color temperature of the bulbs, so you can go from intense blue-white to a soft yellow-white. There’s also a newer version of the White Ambiance kit that includes two bulbs, a Hue bridge and a smart switch to control them.

Today’s best Philips Hue White Ambiance Kit deals

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Philips Hue Smart Bridge
If you don’t buy a starter kit, which includes the smart bridge, you’ll need to purchase one separately. It plugs into your Wi-Fi router and connects with the Hue lights in your home.

Today’s best Philips Hue Smart Bridge deals

6 Amazon customer reviews




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MORE: How to Connect Philips Hue Lights to Amazon Echo

Philips Hue light bulbs and light strips

(Image credit: Future)

You can expand your lighting options through a number of different Philips Hue bulbs. These include everything from plain white bulbs to multicolored light strips and other bulbs that fit smaller sockets.

In a recent announcement, all Philips Hue smart bulbs which are available in White, White ambiance, and White and colour ambiance, will now also be available in 1100 and 1600 lumen options. 

Philips Hue White A21, 1600 Lumens
This is one of Phillips Hue’s newest and brightest bulbs. It works without a hub, meaning you can control it via Bluetooth in your home.

Today’s best Philips Hue A21 deals

9 Amazon customer reviews


$19. 99

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Philips Hue White Ambiance A19
This single Philips Hue White Ambiance bulb requires a hub, but it once it’s connected you can control its brightness.

Today’s best Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 deals

8 Amazon customer reviews



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Philips Hue Filament Bulb
These dimmable Edison-style bulbs have recently become available in White ambience, which means they can produce any tone of white, from cool to warm. They can self-adjust throughout the day and look great when switched off too. 


View Deal at Lowe’s

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Philips Hue Ambiance BR30 Floodlight
These LED bulbs, which can produce thousands of shades of white — from warm to cool — and color, and are designed for recessed ceiling fixtures.

Today’s best Philips Hue Ambiance BR30 Floodlight deals

971 Amazon customer reviews


$47. 98

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Philips Hue E12 Candle
The Philips Hue E12 Candle is a smaller bulb, designed for chandeliers and light fixtures where a full-size A19 bulb won’t fit. Each candle light bulb is a 40W equivalent. It comes in a White Ambiance and Color Ambiance, too.

Today’s best Philips Hue White E12 Candle deals

1 Amazon customer review



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Philips Hue Ambiance Gradient Light Strip
This 6-foot color LED strip has an adhesive backing, which lets you affix it underneath kitchen counters or shelving — or anywhere you’d like — to provide some nice accent lighting. 

Today’s best Philips Hue Light Strip deals


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Philips Hue entertainment lights

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Another category of Philips Hue lights is entertainment enhancers, like the play light below. The Hue Play HDMI Sync Box is the next evolution the light bar. It syncs your smart lights to your on-screen TV content, including games and movies.

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box
Surround sound makes watching movies and video games in your home a more immersive experience, but what about surround lighting? The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box sits between your TV and your cable box and gaming console, and analyzes the content going to your TV. The Play Sync Box cues your Hue lights, changing their color to match what’s playing on screen. Philips has now also released a Hue Sync TV app that does the same thing without the need for an extra box in your entertainment center. However, it’s almost just as expensive at $129 and is only compatible with Samsung’s 2022 or newer QLED tvs.

Today’s best Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box deals


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Philips Hue Play Light Bar
The Philips Hue Play light bar is a 9-inch color-changing light bar that can sit horizontally or vertically next to your TV or computer monitor, or be mounted as a backlight.

Today’s best Philips Hue Play Light Bar deals

6 Amazon customer reviews



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Philips Hue standalone lamps

Standalone lights can be placed anywhere in your room, and are generally used to help create accent lighting, rather than as a primary light source. None of these come with a bridge, so you’ll need that to sync, too. 

Philips Hue Bloom
This accent light measures about 5 inches in diameter, and can change to millions of colors. It’s best used to bounce light off a wall behind fixtures like a TV or plant to help set the mood.

Today’s best Philips Hue Bloom deals

1 Amazon customer review



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No price information

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Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness
Inside this lamp is a single Philips Hue white ambiance bulbs, which can be changed from cool white to warm white. You can also replace the bulb with a color bulb if you like.

Today’s best Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness deals

134 Amazon customer reviews


No price information

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(Image credit: Philips)

Philips Hue Go Light
The Hue Go is a splendid accent-lighting piece, and glows from both its circular 4.7-inch base and its flat top. The 300-lumen Go has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 hours while unplugged.

Today’s best Philips Hue Go Light deals

920 Amazon customer reviews



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(Image credit: Philips)

Philips Hue Go portable table lamp

Philips has also now released a successor to the original Hue Go that resembles a table lamp. The Hue Go portable table lamp is available in either black or white and has a brightness of 370 lumens. It costs $159 and can be recharged using the included charger base.

Philips Hue light fixtures

While limited to a few options, Philips light fixtures have the bulbs built directly into them. That means that when the LEDs burn out—which should be at least 10 years, if not more—you’ll have to replace the entire fixture. These also require a bridge (sold separately) to control them via Philips’ app.

Philips Hue White Ambiance Fair
This ceiling light can either be flush-mounted, or purchased with a small or large extension to drop it down a few inches. It has a brushed aluminum finish, and the LEDs can be tuned to a cool or warm white light.

Today’s best Philips Hue White Ambiance Fair deals

48 Amazon customer reviews


No price information

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Philips Hue White Ambiance Being
The Being is similar to the Fair, but has a clear panel running around its midsection. It also can only be flush-mounted with the ceiling.

Today’s best Philips Hue White Ambiance Being deals

120 Amazon customer reviews


No price information

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Philips Hue outdoor lights

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Philips has several large, weather-resistant outdoor lights for illuminating your garden, lawn, patio, and driveway.  

Philips Hue Single PAR38 Outdoor
These aren’t just for Philips Hue products; you can screw them into any outdoor fixture that fits a PAR38 bulb and make it a “smart light.” You’ can control and schedule the bulb remotely.

Today’s best Philips Hue Single PAR38 Outdoor deals



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No price information

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Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway
Place this LED-integrated bollard along your driveway or front walk to light your guests’ way. The base pack includes one bollard and a power supply, and extension kits are $129.

Today’s best Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway deals

1 Amazon customer review



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Philips Hue Inara White Outdoor Lantern
The Philips Hue Inara is a traditional wall lantern for lighting your porch or the area outside your door. It uses a white bulb, meaning you can’t change its color, but you can control it remotely.

Today’s best Philips Hue Inara White Outdoor Lantern deals

423 Amazon customer reviews



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Philips Hue Lucca Outdoor Wall Lantern
The Lucca wall lantern is very similar to the Inara, but it has a smaller, more modern design, and is $10 more expensive.

Today’s best Philips Hue Lucca Outdoor Wall Lantern deals

665 Amazon customer reviews


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Philips Hue Ludere Outdoor Security Light
This floodlight contains two bulbs and is perfect for lighting your driveway or the area outside your garage. Like the Lucca and Inara, it doesn’t change color, but it does deliver 1,350 lumens.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor

This outdoor lightstrip is available in either 80 or 197 inches and delivers 1,650 lumens. It also has an IP67 rating to help it withstand weather conditions throughout the year.

Today’s best Philips Hue Ludere Outdoor Security Light deals



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Philips Hue smart lights accessories

Philips also sells accessories which allow you to control your Hue lights without using the app. 

The Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote is one such accessory and is one of the best smart light switches for Philips Hue owners. Having said that, if you want routines and timers, everything will still need connecting through the Philips Hue Bridge. 

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote
This product looks like a typical wall switch, but it connects directly to the Hue lights, meaning you don’t need to rewire. The switch can even be removed so it doubles up as a remote.  

Today’s best Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote deals

No price information

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Philips Hue Smart Tap Switch
This device can be preprogrammed to remember three different light settings. You can then activate each at the touch of a button, which is great for movie nights or entertaining guests.   

Today’s best Philips Hue Smart Tap Switch deals

574 Amazon customer reviews


No price information

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Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor
This turns the lights on in a room when it senses movement. It detects varying levels of sensitivity, keeps lights on for a period after a person exits, and alters brightness based on the time of day.

Today’s best Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor deals

No price information

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Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor
The Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor is a wireless, battery-operated motion sensor light. It also keeps track of the light outside, and makes sure your inside lights don’t switch on until nighttime.

Today’s best philips hue Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor deals


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Philips Hue Sync app

Finally, Philips has an app, Philips Hue Sync, which allows users to synchronize their smart bulbs with multimedia content on their Mac or Windows PC. For example, you can set your lights to flash and change color in time with music, video, and movies being played on your computer. Hue Sync, which runs on your notebook or desktop, connects with the Hue app on your smartphone. Users can also modify the color schemes, brightness, and themes to suit their tastes.

Today’s best Philips Hue A19 deals

2 Amazon customer reviews



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Smart Home

How to set up your monitor correctly | GeekBrains

What you lose by not setting up your monitor and how to get rid of it.

3 minutes


Author of the article

Natalia Ignatova

Author of the article

Natalya Ignatova 9b7d0be990e1d1a30812a0d9311c0f4b

image source

A good and correct display setting is far from the last task in order to work comfortably and efficiently not only with images, but simply at the computer. The factory settings of monitors are always too high in terms of brightness and contrast, manufacturers do not make adjustments at all, and users themselves often simply do not know about it.

I note that we are talking about the simplest setting of screens, professional calibration is much more complicated.

You can configure both software (if your display is connected to a PC with an operating system that has the means to configure it) and hardware. Adjusting using the menu buttons is not much different from adjusting the picture on a modern TV.

Hardware setup

Start by examining the buttons on the monitor. If nothing is clear, then you will have to read the instructions, , or use the “unscientific poke method” (not recommended) . After you figured out the control buttons of the device, you can go directly to the settings.

Important note: ensure proper lighting! If the monitor directly hits the sun or a 200 W light bulb, no settings will save. In a good way, this is a separate big topic, but now a few basic recommendations:

  • Bright light source must not directly illuminate the monitor;
  • Light should not hit the eyes;
  • It is better to use a uniform diffused illumination, for example, in the form of an LED strip.

Adjusting and assessing image quality

When working with a monitor with a low quality matrix, errors often occur when choosing colors when processing images, photographs and on layouts for printing, when creating sites and resources.

The picture below will give you an idea of ​​how well your monitor is set up. On each half of the picture there are numbers 1 2 3 4 5

If you see all the numbers on both strips, then the monitor is set up well. The middle level will show you the numbers 3. With a very bad setting, only 1 and 2 are visible.

Remember how many numbers you can see. With this, after setting up, you can evaluate the quality of the improvements made.

But, for starters, a small offtopic “with a beard”:
“… I downloaded the program“ Cleaning the Monitor from Dust ”, laughed, installed it, launched it. The monitor was filled with an even dirty gray color, the keyboard turned off, clicking the mouse did not help.
I took a napkin, wiped the monitor from dust, saw a barely noticeable button “Thank you, you can exit the program.” I went out and thought, looking at a clean monitor … ”

Therefore, first we put the surface in order, after which we go directly to the settings.


Brightness should be adjusted so that the black colors of the suit and shirt do not merge into a single whole in the picture and the cross in the background becomes visible. The brightness parameter is precisely responsible for the difference in details and dark colors.


Responsible for light colors and their details.

Set the image quality to adjust the contrast so that the folds and buttons are clearly visible on a white shirt. Set the contrast to zero and gradually increase it. As soon as these details begin to disappear, it is worth going back a little.


The next important parameter is gamma. Its exact ideal setting can not be performed on all monitors, but it’s still worth getting closer to the ideal. A good gamma setting will be indicated by missing patches of light and dark tones in the center of the test image.

Gray Adjustment

Removes unwanted tints that distort colors on the display. Either software or hardware, this is done by adjusting the 3 primary colors (red, green, blue). Ideally, a picture with gray stripes should not be interrupted by extraneous shades. Only shades of gray.

Ideal gray settings.

Program setting

Launch calibration tools programmatically (described for Windows).

In Windows 7, click the “Start” button and write the word “calibration” in the search bar. Run. You will be presented with a series of image adjustment tests. There are very few of them. Pass them.

In Windows 10, in the search bar, you need to enter the command cttune , ClearType will start, turn it on and select the most convenient display for your eyes. Then enter the dccw command. Calibration of screen colors, gamma, brightness and contrast will start. Everything is described in the tests, read and follow the advice.

Checking the result

Now go back to the beginning of the article and look at the first image with numbers. At the very beginning, I asked them to remember. If you have improved the settings, you will see at least one digit more.

Set it up right and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what your monitor can do!

Have you set up your monitor? For business: profession “Web developer”.

web , programming , monitor setup , adjust brightness contrast gamma , how to properly adjust monitor

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Philips i928 smartphone review: thin flagship with a huge Full HD screen

Smartphones with large screens are increasingly attracting the attention of users. At the same time, as people’s priorities change, so do gadgets. Users are increasingly using the services of a navigator or mobile Internet, watching videos, surfing social networks, paying less attention to telephone conversations. Accordingly, the diagonal of the screen, its resolution and image quality play a very important role for such purposes.

A new model has appeared in the range of Philips smartphones. Today it is the most functional device in the line of the company. He received a huge 6-inch display, which makes the device stand out from the competition. Still, for most devices of this format, the diagonal is not so impressive. And it offers Full HD-resolution, as well as a modern eight-core Mediatek processor. There is also 2 GB of RAM, there is a slot for a memory card, dual SIM support, a 13 MP Sony camera and a large battery.

It is worth noting that the model does not belong to the Xenium line, so you should not count on any special indicators in terms of battery life. But the model boasts other features. So, it has a very thin body, a pleasant coating, reminiscent of the texture of the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy Note III. In addition, there are very small bezels around the screen. For B-brands, such features are unusual; among the analogues, only Alcatel One Touch Hero can be noted, which even earlier was able to offer a similar concept of a smartphone with very attractive characteristics at a reasonable price.


  • OS: Android 4.4.2
  • Processor MediaTek 6592, 8 cores, 1.7 GHz
  • Graphics: Mali-450
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD slot up to 32 GB
  • Screen: 6 inch, Full HD (1080×1920), OGS, Gorilla Glass, oleophobic coating
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, FM radio, Wi-Fi 802.11, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Network: 2 SIM cards, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G 900/2100 MHz
  • Camera: 13 MP Sony Exmor RS, autofocus, flash, front 5 MP
  • Power: removable battery 3000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 160. 1 x 81.8 x 8.2 mm, weight 168 g.
  • Price: 15990 rubles

Design, ergonomics

The 6-inch Philips smartphone is large, but the space is used very wisely, so that almost the entire plane is devoted to the screen. There is practically no empty space here. At the top, according to tradition, there is a set of light and proximity sensors, a speaker, a front camera and a light indicator.

A block of three backlit touch buttons with clear markings is placed down. There are very narrow frames on the sides, so the model looks modern and attractive. Against the background of more expensive smartphones from Samsung, Nokia or Sony of a similar format, the model looks no worse, it feels like they have worked on the appearance. Pleasantly pleased with the thickness of the device, there is only 8.2 mm, which is a little by the standards of this class. Although the Sony T3, for example, does offer 7 mm. However, the Japanese model has a noticeably smaller screen size: 5. 3 inches versus 6. For comparison, here are pictures of two smartphones side by side.

Body entirely made of plastic, rear panel removable. It is made of a pleasant coating, which is somewhat reminiscent of the sensations of the skin. Something similar was offered by Samsung Galaxy Note III last fall, now similar material can be felt in another device. The texture is wear-resistant, it does not get dirty, scratches will not appear either.


This is Philips’ largest smartphone, the company has never produced such a large device before. The model should be praised for its minimal frame, which includes a 6-inch display with a resolution of 1080×1920 points. Everything looks very proportionate, nice, and with all this, the thickness of the case is quite small.

Operating such large devices can be inconvenient, but this is a matter of habit and personal preference. If it is still possible to simply hold a smartphone in one hand, then it is no longer possible to control it in this way, the help of the fingers of the second hand is required to carry out all functions.

The smartphone received an IPS-matrix, OGS screen without an air gap. If you look closely, you can see that the screen has a curved glass, such a solution is rare, here we can recall devices from Nokia. The surface is covered with Gorilla Glass with an oleophobic coating. A film is included for additional protection.

Detailed screen testing by our expert Mikhail Kuznetsov:

The Philips i928 screen uses IPS LCD technology and has an impressive 6-inch diagonal. But thin bezels help hide the dimensions. Full HD resolution (1920×1080) looks appropriate here and provides a pixel density of 367 ppi . As you can guess from these specifications, there are no complaints about the clarity of the image: small fonts and other details please the eye with the absence of friability.

The maximum brightness was 387 cd/m 2 , its reserve is enough. The contrast ratio reaches 1070:1 , which is a high figure for an IPS. Anti-glare coating pleased with its effectiveness: the screen looks confident in direct light, the image is not blurred and remains legible. The viewing angles are quite wide, but the bluish or yellowish distortion appears a little earlier than we are used to seeing on IPS.

The average gamma is 2.16 , but the dependence has distortions at the edges of the range. Details in the shadows are slightly pinched, while highlights are accentuated. In this case, there was no need to artificially “stretch” the dynamic range. However, the brightness distortion is not large enough to seriously affect the operation of the smartphone.

The average color temperature is over 8500 K , the image has a distinct cold tone.

The color balance is expectedly dominated by the blue component, which “tints” the image. The average Delta E error is 13.41 units, deviations are too high to be imperceptible. Excess blue is visible to the naked eye.

The color gamut is close to the sRGB standard, although the green color is slightly shifted in hue. However, this is not yet the complete picture.

The intermediate gradations are noticeably shifted due to the blue tint. Color accuracy drops here.

The final score on 24 ColorChecker templates gives an average Delta E of 6.59 . This already exceeds the desired deviation threshold, so the tuning cannot be called successful.

Overall, the Philips i928 screen deserves good marks for its brightness performance, which is backed up by good anti-glare properties. But the color reproduction could be better: the situation with an excessive blue tint is familiar from dozens and hundreds of other devices. However, it is also true that this is unlikely to be a decisive factor in the choice. Most users will pay attention to a large diagonal and a clear image – these are the advantages of Philips i928 is hard to miss.

Inside and performance

The smartphone uses the most efficient chip from MediaTek. This is a modern eight-core MTK6592 processor with a frequency of 1.7 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, the Mali-450 accelerator is responsible for the graphics. The device itself has 16 GB of internal memory, of which about 13 GB remains for the needs of the user. The compartment for a microSD card is also not forgotten, in which, according to official data, there can be a 32 GB card. The smartphone did not detect a test card for 64 GB.

According to the tests, the model demonstrates high performance, the same can be said about the operation of the smartphone. The filling is perfectly optimized, the interface works smoothly, but sometimes there can still be small twitches. The performance is enough to run games at maximum settings.

Wireless modules support 2G/3G networks, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0. There is everything you need, except for LTE. Philips i928 received a mini-jack connector for connecting standard headphones; it, along with a microUSB port, is placed on the top end.

The SIM card slots are blocked by the battery, so it will be necessary to remove the back panel, remove the battery, and then replace the power supply. By the way, here one compartment is designed for microSIM, and the second for a larger SIM card.

There is only one radio module in the smartphone, it is impossible to talk on two cards at once. You can set default actions for each of them: calls, sending SMS, Internet access. The control is simple, everything is familiar from other models of the same kind, for example, Alcatel, Explay or Fly.


Unlike other large smartphones, there is no stylus that Alcatel and Samsung counterparts can offer, multi-window mode, which will be an interesting addition to the large display, is also not provided. Android 4.4.2 is offered in an almost unchanged form, which will appeal to all lovers of “pure Android”, and the rest can customize the menu at will using launchers that are flexible in settings. Additional options include a function that allows you to control the viewing of images in the gallery, scrolling through the pictures using the front camera.


As in a number of analogues, the model uses a 13 MP Sony Exmor RS module with backlight. There is autofocus, flash, video is written 1080p @ 30. When using the device as a camera, there was a problem with very small screen bezels. So, holding the smartphone with both hands, there were accidental touches on the edges, in turn, the device switched from the viewfinder mode to the demonstration of pictures. Therefore, you need to press more carefully so that there are no accidental actions. As for the quality of shooting, one would expect better results. There is a lot of noise, sharpness at the edges drops, but the colors are natural, the automation works correctly and there are no problems with the white balance. Now for the same money you can buy HTC Desire 816 dual sim, here you can look at shooting examples. If the quality of the camera is important, then the Taiwanese smartphone will be much more interesting than its Chinese competitor.


The smartphone supports high quality uncompressed music formats. You can listen to music not only in common MP3 or AAC, but also in higher quality APE or FLAC formats. In terms of sound quality, the model with a separate Wolfson WM8918 chip makes an extremely pleasant impression. Good quality in-ear headphones included. They have a remote control that will help you pause the song, change the volume, move to the next song. It is strange, but he will not help to go back, he can only scroll forward.

There is also an FM radio. Philips i928 reproduces video in Full HD without problems by hardware, there may only be problems with sound, as usual, but this is easily solved by third-party software. The smartphone does not support GLONASS satellites, there are no problems with GPS, starting on the street takes a few seconds, navigation works quickly and accurately. The model copes with the role of a navigator perfectly.


The smartphone has a 3000 mAh battery, the power supply is replaceable, which can be written as a plus. According to tests, the indicators are modest, so, in the continuous video playback mode at maximum brightness, only about 4 hours of work are obtained. For example, Alcatel One Touch Hero, which has Full HD with the same diagonal, but less performance, gets 6.5 hours of work, the same figures for HTC Desire 816 with 5.5 inches and HD resolution, but with a chip from Qualcomm . In i9 games28 also does not work for long, an hour and a half of work. As for the normal use of the device, the charge lasts for daylight hours, most often it has to be charged twice a day.


Philips i928 is sold at a price of 15,990 rubles. Let’s look at alternatives with large screens and two SIM cards. 5.5 inches Huawei Honor 3X with HD screen and 8-core MediaTek processor, like Philips, it costs 15 thousand. HTC Desire 816 Dual sim is sold for 16 thousand. It has a 5.5 inch HD screen. Of the 6-inch options, there is Prestigio MultiPhone 7600 DUo, which costs about 14 thousand rubles. It has HD resolution and an old 4-core MediaTek processor. ASUS Fonepad Note 6 with an Intel processor and Full HD resolution at 6 inches costs 11,000 rubles. But the Intel processor does not have high performance, power will have to be sacrificed. Alcatel Hero 8020D can be bought at retail for 13 thousand, although some operators it costs about 10 thousand rubles. It is very close in its characteristics to the model from Philips, but loses in performance, but it works longer. Also 6 inches with HD resolution can offer Nokia Lumia 1320, which costs about 12 thousand rubles, but it does not have a slot for a second SIM card.

Opinion Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru

Philips i928 will like its appearance, it is well assembled, free space is used wisely. Here and high resolution, and a large diagonal of the screen, which received small frames. The display itself is not calibrated in the best way, but it has no problems with brightness, the data on the display is perfectly visible on the street. Pleasantly pleased with the case, the finish “under the skin” adds solidity to the device, the smartphone is pleasant to take in hand. As for the filling, everything is fine, it copes with games normally, allowing them to run at maximum settings. It is also worth highlighting the sound quality, the model turned out to be an interesting proposal for this parameter.

At the same time, it lacks 4G support, which would allow you to surf the Internet at higher speeds. The camera showed itself to be very average, for the same money you can buy a smartphone with a better photo part. It should also be noted that in games or when watching videos, the smartphone does not last long, an 8-core processor and a high-resolution screen affect autonomy.

The alternatives of this model are listed above, there are quite a lot of them. Many have loved Philips smartphones during their work, the Xenium line is not going anywhere, it remains, but the company is expanding its lineup.

Samsung keyboard tab a: Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Book Cover Keyboard Mobile Accessories – GP-JCT515SAABW

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Buy Keyboard Case for Samsung Tab

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Samsung’s ridiculous tablet keyboard cover prices are hurting DeX

As much as I enjoy using numerous Samsung hardware and software products, one of the areas I very much dislike about the company’s mobile business is how it markets keyboard cover accessories for Galaxy tablets.

In short, I think Samsung’s tablet keyboard cover accessories are ridiculously pricey. I’ve complained about this before, but now that I’m using Samsung DeX exclusively almost every day, this problem has become even more apparent.

Samsung DeX has great potential, and it’s become my go-to environment for everyday tasks. One of the best ways of using DeX is on a tablet connected to an official keyboard cover. It’s as close to a laptop replacement as you can get, all the while benefitting from the touch-based One UI interface whenever you’re not using the tablet as a laptop.

The problem is that most Galaxy Tab users either can’t afford a keyboard cover or don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on these accessories. Which, in turn, only hinders the usability and popularity of DeX. Samsung DeX could be one of the greatest assets the company has to promote its Android tablets. But the abysmal keyboard cover prices are holding back all that potential in terms of both marketing appeal and real-world usability for customers.

Samsung’s Galaxy tablet keyboard covers are nothing special. The Tab S8 Ultra model has full-size backlit keys, while the other variants do not. Slim models don’t have trackpads, either. Prices start at $138 for the least capable, smallest model designed for the base Tab S7 and Tab S8 but can go as high as $350 for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra keyboard cover.

These are essentially simple tablet covers with slim keyboards attached to them, and they sometimes have a touchpad. They have no special features, and they can’t even hold the tablets upright without using a traditional kickstand. Yet Samsung believes it is reasonable to charge upwards of $350 for one of these accessories. And it seems like the only reason it does this is that Apple does it too.

Samsung is keeping the DeX environment away from the hands of more Galaxy tablet customers and it is essentially limiting the reach of this software feature that has great potential, only to earn some cash from an overpriced accessory that few people buy.

So, what should the company do to salvage this operation? Well, asking for a free keyboard attachment to be bundled with the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (assuming there will be one) might be too hopeful. But if Samsung wants DeX to become a selling point for tablets, as it should, then it must at least cut keyboard cover prices once and for all.

But assuming you still want to buy a keyboard cover for your tablet, despite the ridiculous prices, you can buy the Tab S7 / S8 Book Cover Keyboard Slim for $139.99, the Tab S7 / S8 Book Cover Keyboard for $199. 99, the Tab S7 FE / S7+ / S8+ Book Cover Keyboard Slim for $159.99, or the Tab S7+ / Tab S8+ Book Cover Keyboard for $229.99. If you need the one and only keyboard accessory for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, you’ll need to pay $349.99. And if you use one of these links, we may earn a commission, and maybe I will eventually be able to buy a Cover Keyboard for my own Galaxy tablet.

5 Samsung keyboard features you should know about

Before we got used to the physical buttons on a computer keyboard, smartphones came into our lives. I am sure that most of all users print on the phone, and use the computer either for work or in some very rare cases. Today I propose to understand the main chips of the Samsung keyboard, which will help you type even faster and with more comfort. I am sure that these functions will definitely be useful to many users.

Samsung’s native keyboard isn’t that bad. We tell you about cool features.

Despite the many third-party keyboards, many of us still use the one that is installed by default. I totally understand these guys. Immediately after buying a smartphone, few people think about customization, and then you get so used to native applications that you don’t want to go anywhere.

Plus, the native keyboard was designed specifically for a specific smartphone and, in theory, should work faster. But if you want a little variety, I suggest you pay attention to GBoard from Google. She’s really cool, see for yourself.

What VPN to download on Android. Here are the top 5 services for you.

contents 19 5 How to add emoticons to Samsung


How to change the keyboard size on Samsung

Personally, I don’t really like the standard keyboard size. I think he is too big. Now, if it was a little smaller – another story. It’s cool that Samsung took care of its users and added such a feature.

To change the keyboard size on Samsung you need:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, go to General Settings, Samsung Keyboard Settings.
  • After that go to Style and Layout.
  • Then select Size and Layout.
  • Use the sliders to set the size you need and click Done.

Change the size of your keyboard the way you want.

Play around with the size and find the right one. It seems to me that you should not make a large keyboard, because the keyboard will stretch to the floor of the display, but to make it smaller will be the very thing!

Keyboard settings can also be accessed from any application. Just open the application where you can enter text and click on the gear icon. It is located either at the bottom of the display next to the spacebar or directly above the keyboard.

How to change the keyboard layout on Samsung

Another interesting item in the Keyboard Settings is the layout. By it, I mean the numbers and special characters that are located in the top bar. Many simply do not need them, because they only load the interface and interfere with typing comfortably. They can be disabled in Settings as follows:

  • Open Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next go to General settings, Samsung keyboard settings.
  • Then go to the Layout tab at the end of the list.
  • Activate the toggle switch opposite Number Keys and Other Symbols.

Customize the display of numbers in the top bar as you like.

How to enable continuous input on Samsung

The main feature of any keyboard is speed typing using swipes. I think that many of you have already heard about this chip. Instead of pressing individual keys, you type text using swipes, algorithms think out words and phrases for you. With such a set, the chance to miss is minimal, it is definitely worth a try for everyone.

To enable continuous input on Samsung you will need:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, go to General Settings, Samsung Keyboard Settings.
  • Then select Smart Dialing or Swipe Control.
  • Activate the toggle switch opposite the item Continuous input or Smart dialing.

This is how you can quickly enable swipe on the Samsung keyboard.

Settings on different smartphones may differ, so you can search for items Continuous input and Smart dial via Search in Settings. That will be much more convenient.

Almost everyone uses the chip, it is very convenient. For several years I was not able to find those who deliberately refused it. Either they didn’t know about it at all, or a person uses an iPhone. Yabloko still does not have such a feature, it is available only in the English layout.

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How to change the theme of the Samsung keyboard

Another setting for which many people install a third-party keyboard is the theme. You should not immediately run to Google Play, the native keyboard on Samsung can also do this.

To change keyboard theme on Samsung you will need:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, go to General Settings, Samsung Keyboard.
  • After that, select the Theme tab and install any of the suggested ones.

This is what the dark theme looks like on a Samsung keyboard.

Initially, Samsung offers 4 themes. By tapping on each you can activate the preview menu. I like the dark theme the most. During the day, it looks bright due to the contrast of black, and in the evening it does not blind your eyes. Try!

How to add emoticons to the Samsung keyboard

Another feature that came to us not so long ago and is firmly rooted is emoticons. With their help, you can decorate any message and add bright colors to it. In most devices, emoticons are placed on the top panel, but if you didn’t find them there, I suggest the following.

To send smiley on Samsung , you need:

  • Go to messenger or any other application.
  • Call up the keyboard by clicking on the text entry field.
  • Press and hold the gear icon.
  • Click on the section with emoticons and select the one you need.

Samsung emoticons are very strange. Don’t find?

There is also another interesting feature. It’s called Sticker suggestion when you type . After activating it, the smartphone will offer you emoticons for specific words and sentences. There are times when the emoticon strongly asks for text, but you don’t want to open a separate settings menu at all.

To enable Suggest stickers when you type , follow the instructions:

  • Open any application with text input.
  • Go to Keyboard settings by clicking on the gear.
  • Next, go to the Smart Dial section.
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite Offer stickers when you enter .

This is what emoticon offers look like on Samsung.

Emoticons on Samsung are different from the usual Emoji for many. If you are tired of them, and you don’t know how to make emoticons like on iPhone, I recommend you article by author Ivan Kuznetsov . There you will find detailed instructions.

When Google Play will be disabled in Russia and what will happen next.

Of course, these are not all the features of the native keyboard on the Samsung . Remember that you can always go to Settings and customize it the way you want. If you have your own chips that you would like to talk about, feel free to write in the comments below or in our Telegram chat, it will be interesting to read.

Language, Letters, Font, Layout, Pictures, Background, Theme, Keys and Color

Manufacturer strives to make each smartphone unique. To achieve this goal, an exclusive keyboard is installed in the phones. However, the application does not always respond to user requests. Android allows you to change the keys, but how to do it?


  • 1 15 Samsung Keyboard Replacement Apps Android
  • 2 How to Change Default Color and Font of Samsung Keyboard?
  • 3 How to Change Keyboard on Phone – Language, Color and Theme
    • 3.1 Change Virtual Keyboard Keys on Samsung
    • 3.2 Enable Quick Change Keyboard Keys on Samsung
  • 900 19 4 How to Remove Keyboard Vibration on Samsung – Disable Setting

  • 5 Missing Keyboard on Samsung Android What to do?
  • 6 How to Restore Stock Keyboard on Samsung – Original State
  • 7 What Else Can I Change in Keyboard on Samsung Android? Smart Keyboard Trial, Multiling Keyboard (new beta) and GO keyboard. Each program has distinctive features, but not every one of them is suitable for an old phone.

    IMPORTANT! On older models, the Russian Keyboard and Gboard programs are usually installed.

    The new keyboard is available after installing the following apps:

    • Gboard by Google . On Android it usually works by default. Allows you to type quickly thanks to the responsive interface. To enter text, you can keep your finger on the screen, the user only needs to connect the letters with lines, and the program will convert them into words. The application has many themes, emoticons, voice input, gifs, auto-correction and much more. Google is constantly adding updates.
    • Smart Keyboard Trial . Ideal for tablets. Typing with this program is easy and convenient. It provides the ability to easily change the interface, layout (portrait and landscape), you can control the set with gestures, there is also a backup.
    • Russian Keyboard . A simple layout familiar to anyone with older Android models. Allows you to change the dialing language and keyboard shortcuts.
    • SwiftKey Keyboard Free . The variety of possibilities in this application is amazing. Here the user can create his own dictionary using correspondence in social networks, connect a hardware keyboard and use it to type text, synchronize, use backup.
    • Multiling Keyboard . Multifunctional and original. In addition to an unusual transparent interface, it has a calculator, original emoticons, etc. It is able to check spelling and correct errors.
    • SwiftKey. The best spec keyboard on Google Play. Microsoft has already evaluated the work of this team and bought the manufacturer. The program interface is simple and convenient. Word suggestion, correction of errors and typos, support for gestures and themes, simple resizing of the field with keys – this and much more the user will receive by downloading SwiftKey. The program has access to the calendar and prompts the owner of information about upcoming events. She evaluates the style of printing and keeps statistics on the speed and efficiency of this process.
    • Fleksy. Equipped with auto error correction, gesture control is also available. In order to delete a word, we swipe across the screen from right to left, and in the opposite direction – if we want to put a punctuation mark. The collection of themes is very rich – about 50. There are also extensions available that can be installed on the panel above the keys. With this help, you can manage the clipboard, change the cursor position, insert templates, and even quickly launch applications. The app is free to download, but some themes require payment.
    • ai.type. Very rich layout with lots of features. There is error correction, word suggestion when typing, creating layouts, emoticons, pictures, etc. Automatic suggestion of templates from correspondence when typing sometimes produces funny combinations. ai.type has a lot of themes and a built-in store, the program has so many possibilities that it will take time to figure everything out. The free version has a lot of ads.
    • GO Keyboard. Similar to the previous one, judging by the abundance of opportunities. Over 300 fonts, emoticons, emojis, gifs and more. Suitable for both smartphones and tablets. To work on the latter, you will need to install a special program. T9 is available in the application, backup, emoji set, etc. The application is equipped with continuous input, clipboard management and auto-correction. The program has a premium version with additional themes, animations, avatars that can be created using the front camera, and no ads. In the free version, an offer to purchase a paid version constantly pops up.
    • Simple Keyboard . Minimalistic keyboard with Android style design. There are 4 themes in total, in each of which you can change the color. The application does not check spelling, does not contain a dictionary, only enters text. The source code of this keyboard is open source, so it can be used to enter passwords and credit card details. It takes up a minimum of space on a smartphone, so it is available to work on far from new phones with low power.
    • Multiling O Keyboard . Although it is lighter in weight than Simple Keyboard, it is rich in content. Here the user can type text with two hands, adjust the layout, use continuous input, use a calculator, translator, control the system with a cursor, and much more. Among the shortcomings of the application is the lack of giveaways and stickers, but someone does not need them. Third-party extensions, dictionaries and themes are available for installation.
    • Chrooma Keyboard . Similar to standard Gboard, but differs from it in that the key theme reads the application used by the client and becomes part of it. Rare programs can adapt in this way, so it attracts. Available in the free version: continuous typing, emoji, gifs, gestures, word prediction and auto-correct. Also, using Chrooma Keyboard, users can communicate in Incognito mode. For those who have purchased the premium version, key layout settings, one-handed typing mode and a built-in translator become available.
    • TouchPal. The application has been operating for almost 10 years, constantly releasing updates. The number of topics in the application is amazing – 5000. In addition to them, the program offers 300 emoticons, a lot of stickers and pictures. TouchPal has a built-in search engine, a tool that helps you manage your clipboard and precise cursor movement. You can also use T9 here. There are a lot of ads in the free version.
    • Yandex.Keyboard . A fairly minimalistic application, not overloaded with extraneous elements. The program provides several themes, Yandex search, quick insertion, automatic spaces, punctuation and continuous input. Using Yandex.Keyboard, you can place geotags, gifs, and emojis.

    How to Change Default Color and Font of Keyboard on Samsung?

    To install a new keyboard on Android, you need to download an alternative version from the Google Play Market. Installation will take place automatically, the user only needs to activate the application.

    To activate, choose one of the methods:

    • Go to “Settings” -> “Language and input”. We find the section “Keyboard and input method” and select the desired configuration.
    • In some smartphones, you can change the keys in a different way: hold down the settings icon until a menu appears. Then we follow the plan described above.

    IMPORTANT! When searching for a suitable keyboard in the Play Market, you must enter the name of the phone, since each model has its own options with unique settings.

    Before starting the installation of a new application, the phone’s operating system will send a request to get permission to start downloading data. The user needs to click “Accept”.

    IMPORTANT! If there is no change of keys, hold down the space bar until the menu appears. In the pop-up window, select the name of the downloaded program and mark it with a checkmark.

    How to Change the Keyboard on the Phone – Language, Color and Theme

    Unlike the standard keyboard, the virtual keyboard repeats the functionality of the computer one. Thanks to it, you can:

    • print in different languages;
    • use your native language when using foreign keys abroad;
    • type with the mouse;
    • quickly change from dialing to alphabetical.

    Replacement Virtual Keyboard Keys for Samsung

    To select a new virtual keyboard on an Android smartphone, follow the following algorithm:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Language and input”.
    • Go to the current keyboard. It is located in the subsection or tab “Keyboard and input methods”.
    • Mark with a dot “Russian” and select the layout.
    • We get to “Language and input”. Select the desired type of virtual keys and activate it. Voice input can also be found in this section.
    • For the English layout, repeat the same.

    In new generation Android smartphones, the procedure will be slightly different:

    • “Settings” -> “Language and Input”. If there is no such item in the menu, you should go to “Advanced settings” or find the item through the search.
    • After going to “Language and input”, select the item “Manage keyboards” and turn on the required one.
    • Go back to “Language and Input” and click on “Current Keyboard”. Select the required keys here.

    IMPORTANT! After setting the desired layout, it will be possible to change it at any convenient time. It will be possible to call up the options through any messenger by long pressing the “Select layout” icon. After that, select the desired item and you’re done.

    Enable Quick Change Keyboard Keys on Samsung

    To start using this feature, go to “Text Entry Methods” and follow the instructions. You can change the layout to a virtual one using a special icon located on the keyboard.

    To activate the virtual keyboard shortcut icon:

    • Launch virtual keys.
    • Go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear (located at the bottom of the window).
    • Go to “Advanced Settings” -> “Data Input Protection”.
    • The screen will display the parameters with which you can make settings:
    • Here you can put a checkmark to launch the virtual keyboard using the key combination CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+P. To do this, put a label in the corresponding line.
    • The icon for calling virtual keys can be placed in input fields in any messenger. To do this, check the box “Show shortcut icon in input fields”.
    • Also, the appearance of the icon can be ensured only on certain sites where it is useful to the user. To do this, follow the steps: “On-Screen Keyboard” -> “Change Categories” -> “Data Input Protection Settings”. Here you will find sites where it is possible to display the change of keys in the input fields. After the actions taken, the icon will appear after entering the specified sites.

    IMPORTANT! The virtual editor allows you to type text with the mouse or with the help of buttons.

    How to Remove Keyboard Vibration on Samsung – Disable Settings

    Vibration while touching buttons is not always user friendly. How to disable it?

    If your phone has a standard Android system, follow these instructions:

    • Click on “Settings”.
    • Go to “General settings”.
    • Select “Language and input”.
    • Find the type of layout currently in use (marked with a circle) and click on it.
    • A list with options will appear, among which you need to find “Vibrate when you type”.
    • Move the slider to the left, turning off the function.

    IMPORTANT! For owners of Samsung smartphones, there are rules for disabling vibration: “Language and input” -> “On-screen keyboard” -> “Samsung keyboard” -> “Feedback” -> “Vibration”. Move the slider to off mode and the phone will stop vibrating when typing.

    The keyboard on Samsung Android disappeared. What should I do?

    Missing input buttons usually disappear from the smartphone screen for two reasons:

    • the application has stopped working properly;
    • error in settings.

    To troubleshoot, follow the instructions below (there are several ways to solve this problem).

    You can return the keys through the “Settings” of your smartphone by adjusting the input methods. We are looking for “Input Methods” in the menu and activate the keyboard by checking the box next to it.

    If this does not help, perform the following steps:

    • Open the virtual keyboard.
    • Cleaning up the data and clearing the cache.
    • Stop the program.
    • Restarting the phone.

    The character set panel should then be activated.

    IMPORTANT! The return of the keys can be done by installing an application that can replace the missing panel.

    How to Return the Standard Keyboard on Samsung – Original State

    To return the standard keys:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Choose among the available items “Language and Input”.
    • Tick your choice of standard layout.
    • After that, a warning window may appear on the screen. Click OK.
    • Standard buttons will be returned, it remains only to test them in operation.

    Android, in addition to the standard ones, offers to use additional types of layouts. Thanks to them, you can use functions that make life easier for the smartphone owner: T9, backup and more.

    What else can be changed in the Keyboard on Samsung Android?

    In addition to the standard layout and design of the keys, the Android keyboard allows you to change themes and desktop. The user can download additional language layouts, change the appearance of the menu, the size of the character set panel.

    Available keyboard changes on Android:

    • Language. We go through “Settings” to “Language and input”, click “Current keyboard” and select the available input method. If the desired language is not available, the add-on can be downloaded from the Play Market. At the moment, more than 100 options are available to users, including Arabic languages.

Buy electric bicycle near me: Electric Bikes Shop Near Me

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Electric Bikes Shop Near Me

No dealers near you?

Shop online and have your bike delivered to your home or workplace.


Why Choose an Aventon Elite Dealer?

Aventon’s network of elite dealers offers customers a more personalized experience when shopping for Aventon electric bikes. Shopping through a dealer provides customers with the benefit of seeing and test riding multiple Aventon ebikes in one place and ultimately finding the right fit with the guidance of an experienced ebike professional.


Our elite Dealers are trained experts who can help by understanding your needs and guide you towards the perfect ebike along with answering any questions you may have.

Excellence in Care

Be confident riding your Aventon ebike knowing that it has been expertly assembled and tuned by professionals. If you ever need further maintenance or should a problem arise, you can always count on your local Aventon Elite Dealer to help.



A cyclist herself, Kathleen saw that there was a need for a quality bike shop in the Apple Valley area. With this idea in mind, she opened Apple Valley Bicycles in 2004 and has been offering the community a huge variety of bikes and expert knowledge along the way. From road bikes to ebikes, our selection has something for every pedaling need which is why our showroom boasts over 100 different bikes. Our mission is to offer you the best cycle experience possible, so you can always count on us to offer warranted lifetime adjustments and top-notch service.



Robert has been an avid cyclist through most of life’s journey. To this day, he still remembers his first bike and the shop where his Father bought it. The bicycle was bright yellow. The shop was small, smelled of rubber tires, and was filled with the most wonderful machines. His Dad could have gone to a department store, but he believed in buying the best for the money. He taught Robert to appreciate things that are well-made and dependable. His grandfather showed him how to fix problems and maintain his bike. That yellow bike was his trusted companion for years, and the beginning of a life-long passion.



A cyclist herself, Kathleen saw that there was a need for a quality bike shop in the Apple Valley area. With this idea in mind, she opened Apple Valley Bicycles in 2004 and has been offering the community a huge variety of bikes and expert knowledge along the way. From road bikes to ebikes, our selection has something for every pedaling need which is why our showroom boasts over 100 different bikes. Our mission is to offer you the best cycle experience possible, so you can always count on us to offer warranted lifetime adjustments and top-notch service.

Mike Romanco,

Naperville, ILMike’s Ebikes

Mike, a longtime professional in the energy technology sector, started Mike’s Ebikes out of his garage in 2015. Mike’s Ebikes actually began life as an ebike rental company because, whilst Mike believed that ebikes could and would change people’s lives for the better, he was tentative about the current level of demand for ebikes in his local area. Fast forward to December 2019 and we find Mike moving into his current location in Naperville, IL. By this point the business had outgrown two different locations in the area, Mike is selling an impressive 500 bikes per year, and he has staked his claim as the foremost expert on ebikes in the greater Chicago area.

Finding an ebike dealer near you

E-Bikes in Cerritos
– 562 Ebikes Electric Bicycle

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Velotric Thunder 1 ST 700c E-Bike


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Velotric Thunder 1 700c E-Bike


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BESV CF1 – Premium Quality Electric Bike

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The Vintage Cheetah by Revi E Bikes ( Gray with Black Tank )


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Aventure Abound – Cargo Passenger E-bike


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PASELEC GS9 Plus Electric Mountain Bike

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Velotric Discover 1 Bike Step-Thru

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Velotric Discover 1 Bike High Step

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NEW Eunorau UHVO 48 Volts version – Full Suspension Mountain Bike


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Velotric Nomad 1 Bike Fat Tire

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Velotric Nomad 1 Bike Step-Thru

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HOVSCO™ HovScout 26″ Full Suspension Fat Tire Ebike


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HOVSCO™ HovCart 20“ Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike


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VTUVIA Giraffe Commuter Electric Bike

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VTUVIA Kangaroo 20 Inch Fat Tire E-Bike

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VTUVIA SF20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

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VTUVIA SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Electric Fat Tire E-Bike

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VTUVIA SX20 Antelope Step-Thru Folding E-Bike

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VTUVIA SN100 26 Inch Fat Tire E-Bike

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from $1,299.00

Save $200

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VTUVIA Reindeer 26 Inch Step-Thru Fat Tire E-Bike

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E-Bikes in Cerritos

Electric scooters in Germany – Rules for the use of scooters

Small electric vehicles are allowed to be used on German roads. Laws, requirements and restrictions.

From June 2019, the use of electric scooters, the E-Scooter, is allowed on the road in Germany. Before that, riding a scooter on German roads ended with a fine of about 100€.


The problem was the lack of a legal framework. Under pressure from the public, the German government adopted the Verordnung für Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge electric scooter operation standard – small electric vehicles.

Important requirements:

  • The scooter must be certified and licensed.
  • The driver is obliged to insure himself.
  • German driver’s license and helmet optional.
  • The design of the vehicle must not allow a speed exceeding 20 kilometers per hour.
  • The minimum age allowed for a driver is 14 years.

The law applies to vehicles with electric drive and steering. Electric skateboards, hoverboards and unicycles are therefore excluded and still not allowed on German streets.

German laws for small electric vehicles came into force in 2019.


Authorization to participate in road traffic and certification on the conscience of the manufacturer. Approved models are marked with a unique identification number.

In addition to the design speed limit,

is required

  • brakes,
  • beep or bell,
  • lamp and light reflector front and rear.

The electric scooter is insured by an analogue of the automobile OSAGO to cover accidental damage to third parties. Without insurance, it is impossible to obtain a mandatory license plate. The cost of insurance is 20-60€ per year.

The sign is sent by insurance in the form of a sticker. A scooter without a sticker is considered unregistered.

An insurance number plate is affixed to the back of the scooter in Germany.

In the event of an accident due to the fault of the scooter driver, third party damage is covered by insurance. To compensate for damage to your own vehicle, you must purchase a full casco.

Rules for Riding Scooters

Drivers in Germany are required to use the cycle path, even in winter. Driving on the road is allowed only if there is no lane for bicycles.

It is forbidden to drive on sidewalks, in pedestrian zones and on the road against the direction of traffic.

If the cycle path and sidewalk are combined, pedestrians have priority .

Scooters are designed to carry one person regardless of the maximum allowable load. It is forbidden to take passengers on board the scooter.

E-Scooter frei has been introduced specifically for scooters for prohibition sign exemptions similar to those for German cyclists. By the way, bicycle signs for electric scooters do not work. But there is a bicycle traffic light.

Public transport

The German rail carrier Deutsche Bahn allows folded scooters to be carried free of charge as hand luggage. If it is impossible to fold the electric scooter, you will have to pay for a place, as for a bicycle.

Regional transport companies have different rules. For example, in Munich, free transportation of a folded scooter is allowed on buses, trams, trains and subways. But it is forbidden to transport the scooter unfolded.

The authorities of German cities hope that the electric scooter will become an alternative to the car, especially on the main streets. This will help solve the age-old problems of large cities: traffic jams, air pollution, lack of parking. Therefore, along with the rental of city bikes, a scooter rental service is provided.


The adoption of the law on permitting trips on an electric scooter also means the introduction of fines for traffic violations.

Fines for traffic violations on an electric scooter
Misconduct Fine of €
Passing a red traffic light 60-180
Sidewalk driving 15-30
Autobahn exit 20
No insurance number 40
Use of non-certified scooter 70
Riding two scooters side by side, not one after the other 15-30


In the first months after the legalization of electric scooters, the police detained dozens of Germans who decided that after drinking they could ride with the breeze and without fear. But driving a scooter while intoxicated is penalized on a par with automotive regulations .

If during the test the driver’s blood is found to be 0.5-1.09 ppm, the fine for a misdemeanor will be 500 € plus 2 points in the register of offenses and a ban on driving all types of transport for a month.

Driving with more than 1.1 ppm is a crime, with punishment in the form of deprivation of rights, including future ones. Aggravated circumstances lead to large monetary fines and imprisonment.

It also qualifies as a crime to drive with obvious symptoms of intoxication, for example, a fall, a traffic violation or a collision with a road barrier, regardless of the amount drunk.

Drivers under the age of 21 or on probation who have recently obtained a German driving licence, are subject to a total ban on driving while drinking alcohol. Violation will cost 250 € fine, 1 point, mandatory attendance at a non-free seminar and an extension of the probationary period to 4 years.

Model selection

Scooters are characterized by five main features:

  • Foldable
  • Load capacity
  • Wheel diameter and thickness
  • Battery capacity
  • Full charge speed

The maximum permissible load determines how much the rider can carry the scooter. Consider your own body weight and additional load, such as a backpack with purchases, when choosing. A stock of a couple of tens of kilograms just in case does not hurt.

Wide, large wheel with air chamber for maximum smoothness.

The type, width and diameter of the wheels affect the ride feel and shaking. The smaller the rollers, the more it shakes. Airbags cushion better than rubber tires.

A battery that can withstand more hours without recharging is not always optimal in terms of weight. If you want to carry a scooter with you, size and weight become critical.


German cities will have to modernize the streets for the needs of small electric transport.

80 inch media console: – Online Home Store for Furniture, Decor, Outdoors & More

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What luck! Stumbling on an a non-existent page and ending up face to face with our elusive Purple Cow. Guess that means our secret is out: that one-in-a-million Purple Cow you see before you—that’s our inspiration. At Living Spaces, we like to stand out…be just the right amount of remarkable.

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American Woodcrafters Aurora Whitewashed 80-Inch TV Console 2810-240

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Aurora Weathered Grey 50-InchWriting Desk

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Aurora Weathered Gray 68-Inch TV Console

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Aurora Whitewashed 68-Inch TV Console

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Aurora Whitewash 60-Inch Storage Desk

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Aurora Weathered Grey 60-Inch Storage Desk

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Aurora Weathered Gray 80-Inch TV Console

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Wi fi set-top box for TV

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  • Shenzhen Hlc Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. (14)

  • Shenzhen Topleo Technology Limited (69)

  • Guangzhou Divine Technology Co., Ltd. (79)

  • Shenzhen Topleo Technology Limited (71)

  • Shenzhen Sihang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. (71)

  • Shenzhen Qingpure Technology Co., Ltd. (63)

  • Shenzhen Gaodashang Electronics Co., Ltd. (59)

  • Shenzhen Hao Hong Heng Technology Co. , Ltd. (18)

  • Shenzhen Yaika Electronic Co., Ltd. (53)

  • Shenzhen Dali Technology Co., Ltd. (18)

  • Xiamen Tuiwan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (52)

  • Shenzhen Belt Road Technology Co., Ltd. (66)

  • Shenzhen Lensi Technology Co., Ltd. (75)

  • Shenzhen City Caite Gift Co., Ltd. (23)

  • Hangzhou Agreat Import & Export Co. , Ltd. (47)

  • Shenzhen Binli Technology Co., Ltd. (78)

  • Dongguan Hecheng Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. (84)

  • Shenzhen Velec Technology Co., Ltd. (47)

  • Shenzhen Intex Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (83)

  • Shenzhen Yiyun Technology Ltd. (27)

  • Shenzhen JoeYears Technology Co.,Ltd (53)

  • Shenzhen Powerteam Technology Co. , Ltd. (57)

  • Zhuhai Gecen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (9)

  • Shenzhen Greedycat Electronic Co., Ltd. (46)

  • Shenzhen Hengfulong Technology Co., Ltd. (85)

  • Shenzhen Cools Industrial Co., Ltd. (12)

  • Shenzhen Top One Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. (36)


  • Shenzhen Superphone Technology Co. , Ltd. (79)

  • Guangzhou Zhenguo Technology Co., Ltd. (24)

  • Shenzhen Thtb Technology Co., Ltd. (56)

  • Dongguan Jin Yi Ge Industry Co., Ltd. (85)

  • Shenzhen Trueland Trading Co., Ltd. (63)

  • Yiwu Lucky Imp&Exp. Co.,Ltd. (36)

  • Shenzhen Shizhou Technology Co., Ltd. (65)

  • Shenzhen Zone Huanyu Industrial Co. , Ltd. (35)

  • Guangzhou Sundi Electronics Co., Ltd. (50)

  • Shenzhen Golden Pepper Technology Co., Ltd. (45)

  • Yiwu Jiaohao E-Commerce Firm (64)

  • Guangzhou Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd. (18)

  • Zhongshan Titus Trading Company (51)

  • Henan Kaidi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (20)

  • Guangzhou Ruyi Industry Co. , Limited (87)

  • Shenzhen Kaisheng Trading Co.,ltd. (14)

  • Yiwu Jiexuan Import And Export Co., Ltd. (61)

  • Shenzhen Buke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (27)

  • Dongguan Langming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (35)

  • Ningbo Hijia Import & Export Co., Ltd. (71)

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Macaron Mini Game Console 500 in 1 Retro Classic Game Vintage Console 500 Video Game Games Portable Color LCD Display
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Hlc Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.

In stock

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Topleo classic game players 4k HC 1000 handheld retro mini game console handheld game players
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Topleo Technology Limited

In stock

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Best Gift Retro 800 Games 4k Hd X Pro Tv Retro Game Console for Family
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Guangzhou Divine Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Topleo Mini Handheld Game Player Classic Retro Handheld Game Console 500 handheld game players
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Topleo Technology Limited

In stock

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RG35XX Retro Handheld Game Console, Pocket Game Console for Linux System
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Sihang Electronic Commerce Co. , Ltd.

In stock

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M3 Portable Rechargeable Mini Game Controller Handheld TV Game Console with 900+ Classic Games
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Qingpure Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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G5 retro style 3 inch handheld game console Built-in 500 classic FC GAME support for connecting TV and two players
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Gaodashang Electronics Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Family retro game console with built-in 620 classic video games, handheld game console with 2 buttons
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Hao Hong Heng Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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G7 Mini Handheld Video Game Consoles 3.5″ Screen 666 in 1 Dual Game TV Retro Game Console
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Yaika Electronic Co., Ltd.

In stock

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64bit 8G Dual Rocker 5.1 inch Retro Video Game Console Handheld X7 Plus psp handheld game console for PSP GBA/FC/NES
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Dali Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Retro video game console upgrade for gameboy color GBC
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Xiamen Tuiwan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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400V 1 Gaming 8 Bit Portable Retro TV Game Console Game Mini Arcade Smart Video Game Machine Gamepad
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Belt Road Technology Co. , Ltd.

In stock

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8 Bit Retro SUP Mini Handheld Console 400 in 1 Boys 9 Handheld Game Console0009
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Lensi Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Pawky Box Pro Game Console for DC/PS1/N64/SNES/PSP 50000+ Games 8K Android 9.0 TV Box 4G+32G RAM HD Retro Video Player
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen City Caite Gift Co., Ltd .

In stock

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2022 Agreat Classic Game Console New Factory Retro Video Game Console 100% tested before shipping
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Hangzhou Agreat Import & Export Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Anbernic Rg503 Opendingux Handheld Game Console 4.

95 inch Oled Screen Support P.sp N64 Dc P.s1 20 Simulators 5g Wifi

  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Binli Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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New, dropshipping support for God of war mini game consoles, PS retro game consoles
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Dongguan Hecheng Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Topleo Handheld Game Console, Classic Retro Mini Console, Handheld Game Consoles
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Velec Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Anbernic RG353M handheld game console 64Bit open source system H-D TV output 3.5 inch touch screen mini Classic game console
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Intex Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.

In stock

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Mini Retro Sup TV Box Game Console Classic Dual Game Console for Gameboy Handheld SUP 400 in 1 Handheld Video Game Console
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Yiyun Technology Ltd.

In stock

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New Anbernic Win600 Handheld Game Player WIFI BT Retro Game Console 5.94 Inch OCA IPS Display Screen 9000mAh Black Gamepad
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen JoeYears Technology Co.,Ltd

In stock

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Retro X7 handheld game console, 5.1″ screen handheld game consoles, game player, real video camera
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Powerteam Technology Co. , Ltd.

In stock

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4K HD android tv box game video game console 64GB classic retro 15000+ game console display tv projector monitors
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Zhuhai Gecen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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New Portable Retro Pocket Video Joystick Handheld Game Console M9 Game Player Fighting Rocker Built-in 900 Classic Game Machine
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Greedycat Electronic Co., Ltd.

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620 built-in games Mini TV game console 8 bit Retro Classic Handheld game player AV output video game console toy
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Hengfulong Technology Co. , Ltd.

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Mini TV family portable video game console with AV port Retro built-in 620 classic games dual gamepad game player
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Cools Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Latest Design M8 Plus Game Station 10000 Games TV Video Game Console with 3D Key Controller
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Top One Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Popular 4k HD Quad Core TV Video Game Console Built-in 10000+ Retro Games M8 Plus Game Console with Controller
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): SHENZHEN HOMEON FREIGHT LIMITED

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Open Source Handheld Retro Console HD N64 15000 in 1
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Superfone Technology Co. , Ltd.

In stock

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Anbernic RG552 Handheld Game Console 64GB 5.36 inch Touch Screen Android Open Source Dual System Retro Game Player GamingConsola
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Guangzhou Zhenguo Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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G7D G7 3.5 Inch Rechargeable Game Console Handheld Retro Game Console Handheld Game Player TV Classic Gamepad
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Thtb Technology Co., Ltd.

In stock

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Retro X7 Handheld Rechargeable Game Console, Handheld Game Console, Retro Game Console, Game Console
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Dongguan Jin Yi Ge Industry Co. , Ltd.

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Portable Mini Gopro Camcorder Handheld Single Dual Player Game Console Plus 500 in 1 Plus Retro Classic Game Box for Gamer
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Trueland Trading Co., Ltd.

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Soucing Agent for G5C Macaron 8 Bit Classic Game Player 500 in 1 Sup Handheld TV Game Console Retro Arcade Mini
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Yiwu Lucky Imp&Exp. Co.,Ltd.

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Shizhou Tech smart T95 Max H618 Android tv box BT 4.0 android 12 tv box 6k 1GB 2GB 4GB RAM 8GB 16GB 32GB ROM
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Shizhou Technology Co . , Ltd.

In stock

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game console M8 Y3 lite TV game console 2.4G wireless PS1 game console HD 4K
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Zone Huanyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Wholesale X7 game console with built-in 1500 classic retro 4.3 inch color screen portable game player
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Guangzhou Sundi Electronics Co., Ltd.

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3.0 inch Christmas gift for children, ultra thin portable TV game console game box 400 500 800 games in 1 classic games console yellow
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Golden Pepper Technology Co., Ltd.

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Anbernic RG552 game console 5.36 inch OCA screen 3500mAh battery Android7.1 and Linux System RK3399 retro video player
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Yiwu Jiaohao E-Commerce Firm

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Hot Selling X7 Plus 5.5″ LCD Monitor HD Big Screen Handheld Retro Video TV Game Console Support 8GB 5.1bit Dual Joystick
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Guangzhou Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd.

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X6 4.3″ 8GB Multifunctional Handheld Game Player 10000 Games Game Console Support TV Out
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Zhongshan Titus Trading Company

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Factory price 400 in 1 portable TV Video game console accessories controller for two players
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Henan Kaidi Network Technology Co. , Ltd.

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Retro Game Console Family TV Game Console Super Console X Cube 50000+Retro Game Consoles for PS1/PSP/N64
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Guangzhou Ruyi Industry Co., Limited

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8g Double-Rocker Game Console Portable Retro Game Console Mini Portable TV Game Console for Psp
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Kaisheng Trading Co.,ltd.

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Kingsring 2019 Hot Sale Mini Portable TV Video Game Console Dropshipping with 400 retro games
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Yiwu Jiexuan Import And Export Co., Ltd.

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A6 Retro Game Console with 2 Joysticks Built-in 360 Games Support TV Out Classic Mini FC Video Game Arcade
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Shenzhen Buke Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.

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Hot selling retro game console with built-in 2000 classic games, support game download expansion function, gifts for children/adults

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New arrival 6.5 inch portable retro game console nostalgic classic game player
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): Ningbo Hijia Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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Costway 2PCS Foldable Cucumber Trellis A-Frame Plant Supports w/Twist Ties Green NP10274GN-2

908 15

9081 0

9081 7 $80.99

908 15

9081 0

9081 0

9123 9

9 0817 08/5/2022

90 817 $135.99

908 17 09/4/2022 9081 7 09/09/2022 9 0817 09/30/2022 9081 7 5/10/2022

9081 5

9 0817 $99.99

9081 7 12/14/2022

9081 7 $89.99

908 15

9081 7 18/01/2023

908 15

9 0817 $89.99

9081 5

9 0817 $89.99

908 10

Date Price
04/1/2022 $80.99
04/2/2022 $80. 99
04/3/2022 $80.99
04/4/2022 $80.99
04/5/2022 $80.99
04/6/2022 $80.99
04/7/2022 $80.99
04/8/2022 $80.99
9/04/2022 $80.99
10/04/2022 $80.99
11/04/2022 $80.99
12/04/2022 $80.99
13/04/2022 $80.99
14/04/2022 $80.99
15/04/2022 $80.99
16/04/2022 $80.99
04/17/2022 $80.99
04/18/2022 $80.99
04/19/2022 $80.99
04/20/2022 $80.99
04 /21/2022 $80.99
04/22/2022 $80. 99
04/23/2022 $80.99
04/24/2022 $80.99
04/25/2022 $80.99
04/26/ 2022 $80.99
04/27/2022 $80.99
04/29/2022 $80.99
04/30/2022 $80.99
05/1/2022 $80.99
05/2/2022 $80.99
05/3/2022 $80.99
05/4/2022 $80.99
5/05/2022 $80.99
6/05/2022 $80.99
7/05/2022 9 0818

05/8/2022 $80.99
05/9/2022 $80.99
05/10/2022 $80.99
11/05/2022 $80.99
12/05/2022 $80. 9 9
05/13/2022 $80.99
14/05/2022 $80.99
15/05/2022 $80.99
16/05/202 2 $80.99
05/17/2022 $80.99
05/18/2022 $80.99
05/19/2022 $80.99
05/20/2022 $80.99
05/21/2022 $80.99
05/22/2022 $80.99
05/23/2022 $80.99
05/24/2022 $80.99
05/25/2022 $80.99
05 /26/2022 $80.99
05/27/2022 $80.99
05/28/2022 $80.99
05/29/2022 $80.99
05/30/2022 $80.99
05/31/ 2022 $80.99
06/1/2022 $80. 99
06/2/2022 $ 135.99
3/6/2022 $135.99
06/4/2022 $135.99
06/5/2022 $135.99
06/6/2022 $135.99
06/7/2022 $135.99 908 18
8/6/2022 $135.99
06/9/2022 $135.99
06/11/2022 $135, 99
12/06/2022 $135.99
13/06/2022 $135.99
14/06/2022 $135.99
06/15/2022 $135.99
06/16/2022 $13 5.99
06/17/2022 $135.99
07/8/2022 9 0815

07/24/2022 9081 5

08/16/202 2
08/24/2022 $135. 99
08/25/2022 $135.99
08/26/2022 $135.99
08/27/2022 $135.99
08/28/2022 $135.99
08/29/2022 $135.99
08/30/2022 $135.99
1/9/2022 $139.99
2/9/2022 $139.99
3/9/2022 $139.99
09/5/2022 $139.99
6/09/2022 $139.99
09/7/2022 $139.99
09/8/2022 $139.99
10/09/2022 $139.99
11/09/2022 $139.99
12/09/2022 $1 39.99
13/09/2022 $139. 99
14/09/2022 $139.99
15/09/2022 $139.99
16/09/2022 $139.99
17/09/2022 $139.99 9 0818
09/18/2022 $139.99
09/19/2022 $139.99
09/20/2022 $139.99
09/21/2022 90 818

09/22/2022 $109 .99
09/23/2022 $109.99
09/24/2022 $109.99
09/25/2022 $109.99
09/26/20 22
09/27/2022 $109.99
09/28/2022 $109.99
09/29/2022 $109.99
10/1/2022 $109.99
10/2/2022 $109.99
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10/4/2022 $109.99
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10/17/2022 9081 8

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30/10/2022 $99.99
31/10/2022 $99.99
1/11/2022 $99.99
2/11/2022 $99.99
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4/11/2022 $99.99
11 /5/2022 $99.99
11/6/2022 $99.99
7/11/2022 $99.99
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23/11/2022 $99.99
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11/25/2022 $99.99
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11/27/2022 $99.99
28/11/2022 $99.99
29/11/2022 $99.99
30/11/202 2 $99.99
1/12/2022 $99.99
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4/12/2022 $99.99
5/12/2022 90 818

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21/12/2022 $89.99
22/12/2022 $89.99 9081 8
12/23/2022 $89. 99
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12/25/2022 $89.99
12/26/2022 9081 8

12/27/2022 $89 .99
28/12/2022 $89.99
12/29/2022 $89.99
12/30/2022 $89.99
1/01/2023 $89.99
01/2/2023 $89.99
01/3/2023 $89.99
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01/22/2023 $89.99
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01/29/2023 $89.99
01/30/2023 9081 8

31/01/2023 $89 .99
02/1/2023 $89.99
02/2/2023 9 $89. 99
5/2/2023 $89.99
02/6/2023 $89.99
02/7/2023 $89.99
02/8/2023 9 0818

02/9/2023 $89.99
10/02/2023 $89.99
11/02/2023 $89.99
12/02/2023 $89.99
13/02/2023 $89.9 9
02/14/2023 $89.99
15/02/2023 $89.99
16/02/2023 $89.99
17/02/202 3 $89.99
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1/5/2023 $89.99
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05/16/2023 $89.99
05/17/ 2023 $89. 99
05/18/2023 $89.99
05/23/2023 $89.99

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Product name Costway 2PCS Foldable Cucumber Trellis A-Frame Plant Supports w/Twist Ties Green NP10274GN-2
Category Furniture
Subcategory Outdoor furniture
Pack quantity
Original price US $89.

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Upper Darby High School
Robotics & Engineering Team

601 N. Lansdowne Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026