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Best furniture deals: Best Furniture Deals | Top Home Furniture Sales

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Best Furniture Deals | Top Home Furniture Sales

Amazon · 7 hrs ago

Winsome Daniel Night Stand

$49 $120

free shipping


That’s by far the best we’ve seen and a low by at least $20 today. Buy Now at Amazon


  • three drawers
  • measures 15.75″ x 16.1″ x 22″
  • contemporary metal hardware

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Amazon · 1 hr ago

76” Velvet Mid-Century Sofa

$329 $470

$100 shipping



  • supports up to 700-lbs.
  • measures 76.4″ x 31.8″ x 29.5 “

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eBay · 3 days ago

2-Drawer LED Nightstand Set

2 for $144

free shipping


That’s the best price we could find for this quantity by $36. Buy Now at eBay


  • 28″ L x 14″ w x 15″ H
  • Built in LED lighting

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Wayfair · 1 hr ago

Wayfair Surplus Sale

Up to 67% off

free shipping w/ $35


Shop over 300 items, including mattresses, rugs, furniture, lighting, and more. Shop Now at Wayfair

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Home Depot · 1 wk ago

Home Decorators Hampton Harbor 53″ Cabinet

$99 $360

pickup at Home Depot


Save $261 on this cabinet, which is now at the best price we’ve seen. Buy Now at Home Depot

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Amazon · 4 days ago

Yitahome Rolling Kitchen Island Storage Cart

$87 $138

free shipping


Save $13 off the next best price we could find for this handy movable kitchen island. Buy Now at Amazon


  • 3 shelves
  • 3 drawers
  • measures 14.96″ x 26.7″W x 33.07″H
  • 300-lb. weight capacity
  • 360° industrial swivel wheels
  • Model: FTLFKT-1010

↑ less

Wayfair · 5 days ago

Loon Peak 42″ 12-Pair Shoe Cabinet

$102 $214

free shipping

↑ less

Amazon · 6 days ago

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon

$284 $410

free shipping

↑ less

Amazon · 6 days ago

Zinus Becky Farmhouse Dining Table w/ 2 Benches

$132 $171

free shipping


That’s the best price we could find for this space-saving table set by $21. Buy Now at Amazon


  • made of two-toned painted pine wood
  • benches measure 36.2″ x 14″ x 18″
  • table measures 45″ x 28″ x 29″
  • Model: OLB-DTS-F29

↑ less


Povison · 3 wks ago

Povison Memorial Day Sales

Save up to $600 & flash deals

free shipping


Povision offers savings of up to $600 on modern dining table sets, coffee tables, TV stands, cabinets, and more at the Povision store. Or save 10% via coupon code “DN10”. Pick up furniture pieces for any style and budget. Free shipping and fast dispatch available. Shop Now at Povison

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Home Depot · 1 wk ago

RST Brands Holbrook Shoe Storage Cabinet

$106 $211

free shipping



  • 6 shoe cubbies, 1 horizontal cabinet with 2 doors

↑ less

Wayfair · 1 wk ago

Wade Logan Albanese LED Nightstand

$109 $188

free shipping

↑ less

Amazon · 1 wk ago

Design Toscano Sixteenth-Century Extended Bar Cart


free shipping



  • 18″x 27. 5″x 34.5″
  • replica 16th century nautical map
  • bottle and glassware storage
  • turned hardwood legs
  • Model: SJ33035

↑ less

Amazon · 3 days ago

Linsy Home Reversible Sectional Couch

$297 $660

$80 shipping


Apply coupon code “55LINSYSOFA” for a savings of $363. Buy Now at Amazon


  • 19” seat depth
  • two removable headrests

↑ less


Amazon · 4 days ago

Upholstered Bed Frames with Headboards

From $40 $120

$50 shipping


Check for clippable coupons on the individual product pages then use coupon code “501HQYRG” to get these deals. That’s a savings of up to $70 off. Even with the shipping costs for large items, these prices are very competitive for similar beds across Amazon. Buy Now at Amazon


  • Headboard
  • Bed platform (no box spring required)

↑ less


Amazon · 2 wks ago

Whitmor Steel Mesh 3-Tier Shoe Rack

$31 $70

free shipping



  • it measures 12″ (l) x 29.4″ (w) x 24.6″ (h)

↑ less

Walmart · 3 days ago

Hillsdale Bezza Panel Queen Platform Bed

$108 $250

free shipping


It’s $142 under list, the best price we could find, and a very good deal on a bed with these specs. Buy Now at Walmart


  • Includes hardware, headboard, footboard, side rails and slats; mattress required, not included, box spring not required

↑ less

Amazon · 2 wks ago

Sofa Sack 3-Foot Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

$68 $80

free shipping



  • microsuede cover
  • memory foam fill
  • Model: EU-AMZBB-3SK-CS01

↑ less

Amazon · 2 wks ago

Scotch Felt Pads 32-Count Package

$2. 99 $7

free shipping w/ Prime



  • designed to protect floor from furniture
  • adhesive backing
  • 1″ each
  • Model: SP802-NA

↑ less

Amazon · 2 wks ago

Simplihome Avalon 48″ Lift Top Storage Ottoman

$159 $390

free shipping



  • Lift top
  • “Child safety hinge”
  • Model: AXCF18

↑ less

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How to Shop and Save on Home Furniture Deals

Americans spend most of their money on housing , which includes the cost of furnishing these homes. It’s a significant expense and one that can be complex in terms of what to buy and how much to spend, especially considering these items may spend years in your home. It’s a purchase often made in a store where items can be seen, touched, and tested.

Increasingly, however, furniture purchases are being made online. It’s projected to be the fastest growing e-commerce segment through 2022 and some estimates say 19% of furniture and bedding sales will be made online by then, up from 14% in 2017.

Whether you buy online or in-store, you may have questions about purchasing or how to find the best deals on furniture. We’ve covered many common questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I shop for furniture online or in-store?

Customers are starting to buy furniture online more frequently than before. The advantages are convenience, a wide selection of options at your fingertips, and the ability to quickly price check and compare to get the best price. You don’t have to deal with traffic or pushy salespeople, who may convince you to spend more than you intended.

The advantage of shopping in-store is the ability to physically inspect the item, view the actual color (which can look different online), and sit on the furniture to ensure it’s comfortable and sturdy. Although we mentioned pushy salespeople, many are genuinely helpful and provide personalized assistance you won’t get online.

Whether you shop online or in-store also depends on what you are buying. A purchase of a table largely involves shopping for the desired materials and dimensions if you like the look. Comfort isn’t a factor, so it’s generally a straightforward purchase to make online.

If it’s a pricey sofa and you aren’t at ease about buying it without seeing it and testing it for comfort, you may want to head out to the stores. You can also take a hybrid approach, where you try out some models in the store and later search online to compare prices.

Regardless of whether you shop local or on the web, you’ll want to check online reviews for the store to get an idea of the level of customer service offered or any significant issues to watch for. Then you can search or inquire about the store’s return policy in case your items are damaged in transit or don’t work once they are in your house.

What about getting the furniture home? Unless you know of a local store that keeps inventory on-hand (this is certainly an important question to ask while shopping), most larger pieces of furniture will have to be ordered regardless of whether you purchase online or in a store. It’s not unusual for it to take weeks to be delivered either way.

How much does furniture delivery cost?

This will vary a lot depending on the store and the size of the items purchased. The most vital thing to know is what your shipping options include. There are various online stores that offer free shipping on furniture, but don’t assume this means actually getting the piece into your house. It may be curbside delivery, where it’s lowered off the truck and placed at the end of the driveway — or it might be set on the porch or in the garage. You’ll need to be prepared with people to help move it inside.

If you need more assistance, you can shell out for White Glove, premium, or full service delivery. These options typically start around $100, but can go much higher. It involves bringing the furniture inside the house, assembling it, and removing packaging. Be sure to check with the retailer to determine the exact services included in the price and whether assembly is required.

You may balk at the cost initially, but upgraded delivery can be worth paying for in some cases. If you’ve opted for a large power reclining sofa with lumbar support and adjustable headrests, the electric parts make the item extremely heavy. It may not easily fit through the door, and assembling and hooking it up may prove to be quite difficult.

How can I ensure the furniture will work for me and fit in my space?

Before buying furniture, it’s important to evaluate your space and measure everything. It’s not only about the length, or whether something will fit across a certain wall in a room, for instance. It’s also about depth, or how far it will extend out into the room, particularly in relation to other pieces.

Unless you are working with a very large space, furniture will often look much larger in your home than in the store. Big, overstuffed living room furniture may be appealing, but it can be difficult to fit to the scale of a smaller room. Likewise, a large room may engulf smaller pieces.  Your furniture shouldn’t completely overwhelm or underwhelm the space.

If you’ve found an option you are strongly considering, get the measurements and compare it to the measurements of your room. You can even use masking tape to lay it all out, or just mark off the end points for length and depth. This helps you to get a better idea of the proportions.

Additionally, you will need to measure your door and, if applicable, any stairs or hallways to make sure the furniture will fit. Standard doorways are around 36 inches wide, but can be less. If the furniture is a bit wider than that, there may be wiggle room if the furniture is soft, can be angled, or partially disassembled. Removing the door from the frame also gives some extra space to work with.

Besides the technicalities of measurements, it’s important to think about what you want and need out of the furniture. Make a list of must-haves and consider the things that will eliminate nagging issues. Are you tired of random things collecting in the space under the sofa or constantly pushing in cushions that come out? You might choose an option that sits low to the ground and has semi-attached cushions to solve these issues.

Looks are important, but don’t choose based on aesthetics alone. If you are in the store shopping for a couch or chair, take a seat for as long as you need to — make sure you are comfortable and it doesn’t sit too high or low. If you like to sleep on the couch occasionally, consider whether it’s long enough, wide enough, and cushioned correctly to take a cozy nap.

When it comes to tables or cabinets, pull out the drawers and open the doors. If they aren’t smooth or functioning particularly well in the store, that will likely be magnified once it’s in your home.

Don’t settle on something thinking you’ll fix it later or buy something else sooner than you think.  Sometimes several years will pass and circumstances haven’t dictated replacing anything, plus the cost of things like reupholstering or replacing cushions can be high. So, be picky and take your time to find something you love.

What should I consider in terms of color and materials, especially with kids and pets?

Choosing new furniture is strongly driven by lifestyle, with kids and pets often being heavy influencers of what’s selected. (Yes, your cat will likely dictate your choice of couch.)

When it comes to materials, one big choice customers face is whether to buy leather or fabric. Genuine leather ages well and is luxe, durable, and resistant to odors. It’s easy to wipe off pet fur from the surface. That said, it’s also a larger investment compared to its fabric counterparts, and blemishes or tears aren’t so easy to fix.

It’s often said that cats don’t like scratching on real leather or that it’s strong enough to resist damage; however, there are mixed reports on this topic and it depends on the type of leather selected (and the cat).

Leather can also be susceptible to dye transfer or staining from things like dark blue jeans or wine spills. This is especially prominent on lighter colors, so that’s something to consider even if you don’t have pets or kids. If you spring for it, just be sure to have products for treating dye transfer or stains on hand. In a pinch, a few common household items, like baking soda, can be used to clean stains on leather.

If you are shopping for leather, keep in mind that something that appears to be leather may be bonded or faux leather instead. There are different levels of quality with these materials, but they are more likely to crack or peel over time — and cats can more easily sink their claws into this type of surface. Although cheaper than genuine leather, this type of irreparable damage can still hit your pocketbook hard.

Some furniture only has genuine leather in areas the body touches, so the sides and the back of the piece are a faux leather match. These are the areas most susceptible to cat scratches, so it’s something a pet owner would need to be aware of before making a purchase. A full leather coach will be higher in price, but it may be worth paying extra if you have faux leather concerns.

You might come to the conclusion that the investment in leather isn’t a good idea for your circumstances. When it comes to fabric, avoiding very light colors and choosing subtle prints in a mix of shades can go a long way to camouflage stains from kids or pets. Pet fur really stands out on dark fabric and it may be difficult to remove, particularly if the fabric is velvet or highly textured. The cat will love to scratch these textures as well. If this concerns you, look for stain-resistant fabrics with a smoother texture in medium shades.

Regardless of the material you choose, you’ll want to inquire about purchasing a warranty and whether it will cover stains and damage, particularly whether pet damage is included.

Outside of lifestyle factors, the color you choose will depend on your preferences. If you love that beautiful bright teal couch, go for it! We only advise giving it some thought. Will you still love that color for years down the road? Unless you have a large home decorating budget, you may have to live with this choice for a long period of time and your tastes may change. If you go neutral and classic with your larger furniture pieces, you can alway add bold color and style through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, curtains, and other decor. Then it becomes easier and less expensive to change things up on a more frequent basis.

Furniture is expensive, so how can I afford it?

In an ideal situation, one could pay outright for their new furniture; however, it can be a large expenditure and this isn’t feasible for many people. Furniture stores often entice customers with special interest-free bank financing, and the agreements can go anywhere from a couple months to several years. Or, the store may offer a credit card with similar terms.

If you decide to finance your furniture, know ahead of time what payment you can afford. You should always plan to pay it off completely within the special financing period with no interest. Otherwise, once this period is over, retroactive interest will be added starting from the beginning of the loan, and you may end up paying hundreds of extra dollars.

You’ll need to do your own calculations. The store may quote you a minimum payment amount that will not pay the furniture off completely during the interest-free period — and they may not mention this fact, either. You can take your total and figure out how much you actually need to pay per month to avoid interest fees. Don’t forget to factor in your complete total, including extra costs like taxes and an extended warranty if you purchase one.

If the payment amount is anxiety-inducing, take a step back and give it some thought. Nothing is worth buying if it doesn’t fit your budget, and will cause you stress. You can reduce your purchase amount or forgo the purchase completely, opting to save money for a while or buy used for much less.

The key here is patience. You don’t have to replace everything in your home at once. Prioritize the things that make the most impact in the commonly used areas in your home. Even if you can only afford one great high-quality piece, do that and mix it with your existing furniture or lower-priced items. Some of the most interesting rooms are a conglomerate of colors, patterns, and textures with mix and match styles. Once you have the means, find another great piece and keep going.

To save money, you can also consider negotiating. First, don’t apply for financing until everything is negotiated and finalized. Otherwise, the salesperson will know how much you can actually spend, even if it’s not in your plans to use the full amount you got approved for. Then, just ask if any discounts are available. If you are turned down, be persistent. Furniture is notorious for high markups, so in most cases there is a price margin to work with. It’s common to be denied at first, which puts many people off from asking again.

If you spend a few more minutes with the salesperson, you might find a different angle; for instance, if you are interested in a couch with a matching recliner, see if you can get a discount on the bundle.

Knowledge is important here, such as whether the retailer is offering discount codes or a lower sale price online or what competitors are offering for the same or similar items. It’s more likely to be approved if it’s a price match of the store’s own online prices or what’s offered elsewhere by the competition.

If you are online, call or chat to request a discount. It isn’t guaranteed, but it never hurts to ask.  Again, if you have information on a matching competitor price, the store may have a policy already in place for price matching and it’s more likely to be approved.

Is it better to spend more or spend less on furniture?

It’s generally a good idea to go high or low, but avoid the midrange. The cost of frequently replacing low-end furniture can exceed the cost of shelling out for longer-lasting, high-end pieces. Go high if you can with large scale items and stick with timeless silhouettes and colors, rather than the latest fad or trend.

That said, price does not always equate to quality. Low-priced furniture can be very durable and comfortable. You don’t necessarily have to pay a lot, especially for young adults getting their first place, or anyone on a tight budget. Or, you might just have a preference for spending less or expect to replace your furniture in a relatively short period of time. These are all good reasons to go low.

Finally, be sure to check here at DealNews for all the best furniture deals we could find that will help you save on your next purchase.

By: Sarah Jones, Coupon Content Manager

Sarah Jones is the resident coupon expert at DealNews and oversees a team that covers deals, coupons, and Black Friday content. Her articles or quotes have been featured on sites such as Christian Science Monitor,, Fox Business, Kiplinger, and Lifehacker.

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Best deals on furniture for the New Year

February 22, 2023

New Year is a time of renewal, when it’s time to get rid of old things and get new ones. No wonder the Italians on the eve of this holiday throw furniture into the street. By the way, buying it on New Year’s Eve is especially profitable – thanks to discounts on the New Year’s sale. But where to do it with maximum benefit and so that there are no quality problems? One of the best places is the Lazurit store. It offers high-quality furniture of its own production, and by the New Year it holds sales and gives good discounts.

Information about Lazurit

Lazurit is the largest network selling cabinet and upholstered furniture in Russia. The company was founded in 1992 in Kaliningrad. Initially, it did not sell anything and existed as a furniture production. Four years later, in 1996, the first company store was opened for residents of the Kaliningrad region. And in 2004, salons began to appear in other cities of Russia. In 2013, they began to sell furniture on the official website.

Today Lazurit owns modern production facilities that meet the highest standards. The company offers high quality products. The buyer has several different model lines available, in which you can find furniture for any interior solutions.

Products from the Lazurit catalog are delivered to all cities of the Russian Federation. This is possible due to the work of the manufacturer’s warehouses in large regional centers. Delivery is carried out carefully so that the furniture being transported is not damaged.

Lazurit has its own assembly service. If a piece of furniture is delivered disassembled, the client does not need to assemble it on his own – this will be done by the company’s specialists.

You can place an order in the online shop of the manufacturer. Also, purchases are available in branded applications for Android and iOS. This allows you to make them from anywhere where there is an Internet connection, the main thing is to have a smartphone at hand.

The company has responsive support that will answer any customer questions. You can contact her via the toll-free hotline, email or online chat on the Lazurit store website.

Cabinet furniture

Most of Lazurit’s products are cabinet furniture. There is no independent section on the company’s website for it, but there are separate pages for each product subcategory:

  • Bedroom . Here you can find beds, dressing tables, bedside tables, chests of drawers – everything that the arrangement of a room for sleeping requires.

  • Living room . On this page you can order chairs, cabinets, walls, coffee tables, racks.

  • Cabinet . The section presents office furniture: cabinets, computer and desks, work chairs, shelves and chests of drawers for books and documents.

  • Hallway . There are lockers for shoes and clothes, floor hangers, shoe racks, mirrors, cabinets.

  • Kitchen . On this page you can find kitchen sets, dining tables, chairs.

Available in premium and affordable materials. The first are made of solid wood, the second are made of chipboard and MDF. For most models, several colors are available (usually 3-4).

Cabinet furniture on the site can be sorted by many parameters, including type, dimensions, price. There is a search for an item by name. Filtering by collections is also available, of which there are several dozen in total. They are different and designed for different interior solutions. For example, the walls of Enzo are simple and strict modern minimalism, Plato gravitate more to neoclassicism, and Trentino to high-tech style. Thanks to such a variety, each client can easily choose the right model.

The manufacturer’s online store regularly offers discounts on cabinet furniture, which help save money on the purchase of cabinet furniture. Its price can be made even lower if you combine the company’s discount offers and promotional codes from this page:

Upholstered furniture

An independent section is dedicated to upholstered furniture on the company’s website. It contains:

  • sofas;

  • chairs;

  • ottomans and stools.

Related products and accessories are also available in the section: mattresses for sofas, blankets, bedspreads, decorative pillows. There are several stylistic solutions for all categories. Each catalog item is available in several colors.

The materials for the manufacture of most Lazurit upholstered furniture models are solid wood, chipboard and MDF. There are metal items. The upholstery is most often made of textiles, but if you wish, you can find armchairs and sofas with leather tops on the seller’s website. The user can sort catalog items by several parameters, including price, discount, product type. This allows you to quickly find the desired item. If you can’t search using filters, you can try to search by name – this option is also available in the store.

Upholstered furniture can be filtered by collection, just like cabinet furniture. Each has a unique design. For example, Bliss is emphatically minimalist furniture of strict forms, and Bonn is classic armchairs and sofas with retro touches, which are designed to create maximum comfort in an apartment or house. There are only a few dozen collections, and more than 350 models in total.

Upholstered furniture from the company’s catalog regularly has discounts. They usually apply to individual product categories or collections. But you can save money even when there are no promotions at all. Lazurit promo codes, which can be found on this page, will help with this:


Lazurit is a Russian manufacturer of upholstered and cabinet furniture headquartered in Kaliningrad. It manufactures sofas, beds, wardrobes, living room wall units and more. The company offers several hundred product models. They are combined into collections, each of which has its own design. This allows you to choose furniture for any interior solution. Lazurit constantly pleases customers with generous gifts – it holds promotions and sales that significantly reduce the price of its products. You can make it even lower using the company’s promotional codes.

The best promo codes and promotions from Lazurit


Assembly discount up to 100%

Expires 6/24/2023

Use Discount


60% discount coupon for top upholstered furniture

Expires 6/24/2023

Use Discount


Mattresses 60% off

Expires 6/24/2023

Use Discount

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Popular stores

The best gift for March 8 is beautiful furniture! Beneficial offer of March “Beloved – Beloved”

Coming soon on March 8 is a great occasion to please your beloved ladies

Coming soon on March 8 and many men will say to their dear and loved ones, maybe such words: “Darling! I love you, the best, interesting, delightful and kind in my life is connected with you. You are a mystery to me, and my whole world. Today I want to give you the gift you’ve been dreaming of for so long.” What kind of gift will it be? Don’t be banal. Give her something that will delight her for years to come.

One of the best gifts is new bedroom furniture! After all, women love to equip their home, their cozy nest, in which the bedroom is one of their favorite places and a special space where you can relax, take a break from a busy day, everyday worries. For a dream bedroom, special furniture is needed – luxurious, individual and at the same time high-quality, ergonomic and environmentally friendly. A designer bed made of natural materials can be a chic gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. Take care of her comfort and relaxation.

If you don’t want to buy a bed, please your beloved with an elegant dressing table, where it is convenient to clean up and apply makeup. We can easily find the option that suits your interior.

A small armchair, coffee table or ottoman is an equally original, practical and desirable gift that can be used to update the interior. And you can also give a stylish accessory or decor item for the bedroom. It can be a mirror, a lamp for a bedside table, a panel or a picture decorating the bedroom, and even a Japanese screen – a necessary, practical and at the same time beautiful thing.

How can you surprise your beloved woman, mother, sister, daughter or friend from our assortment?

We have many different exclusive items: for example, these are author’s panels and paintings in a single copy, interior items in limited quantities, since tables, bedside tables, etc. are created from natural materials and the exact repetition of the subject is impossible.

What are these objects? Beds, bedside tables, chests of drawers, dressing and universal tables, side tables, hanging leather and fabric pillows for the head of the beds, deck chairs, which are also sometimes placed in bedrooms, table lamps, armchairs, pouffes, coffee tables, trays, planters, hangers and others accessories.

Conditions of our March EP “Beloved – Beloved”:

When buying gifts, we give a discount on the following items that can be used in furnishing a bedroom:

  1. Australian designer beds, bedside tables, dressers, dressing tables and universal tables, side tables, consoles, cabinets, sideboards, TV cabinets, floor lamps, ottomans, stools, deck chairs, which are also sometimes placed in bedrooms, table lamps, armchairs and chairs, pouffes, coffee tables, trays, planters, hangers, picture and photo frames with and without posters, other accessories “Pacific Green” – 25%
  2. Russian designer beds, bedside tables, chests of drawers, dressing and universal tables, racks and consoles, armchairs, chairs and coffee tables, poufs, stools “Luca Grande” – 20%
  3. decorative sculptures, wall panels and paintings by Vladimir and Maria Meshcheryakov, paintings by Maria Lebedeva, interior items and accessories by the Italian company Capanni, traditional Japanese Kikuchi screens – 15%
  4. leather and fabric pillows on the head of the bed – 30%

How else can you save money when buying gifts in March?

1) A number of new items have been added to our OUTLET, for some items the previous discounts remain, and for some items the discounts even increase. We would like to note that these items are of excellent quality, as in the usual, for example, Italian outlet, where many of us actively bought in the old days.

2) The following discounts and bonuses continue to apply to the rest of the furniture of our main brands and collections Pacific Green and Luca Grande, depending on the number of items purchased:

    – when buying from 1 to 4 items – up to 5%;
    – for 5-7 pcs. – to 10 %;
    – for 8 pcs. and more – up to 15%.

    Subject to the notes and restrictions set out in our publication of 09/14/2022 “Discounts and bonuses in PACIFIC GREEN stores taking into account modern realities”.

    February-March is the time of gifts, and March 8 is one of the favorite holidays in Russia. And spring is a holiday in itself. And although sometimes it seems that all the ideas for gifts have been exhausted, but it is worth looking into our PACIFIC GREEN furniture stores, and you will find many interesting options there.

Auto car starters near me: PREMIER AUDIO REMOTE CAR STARTERS

Опубликовано: November 29, 2022 в 3:36 pm


Категории: Miscellaneous


Viper is security and convenience for your modern lifestyle.

Viper SmartStart

Start your car from anywhere with your smart phone
$679.95*  includes two 1/4 mile 1-way remotes
Add to Viper/Astro remote start for $199.99*
*Annual subscription for service required, plans start at $69.99 

Viper D9756V/4706V

One 5 Button Two Way LCD Remote
One 5 Button One Way Remote
SmartStart Compatible
​1-2 Mile Range
Manual Transmission remote start capable
$649.95 Installed – Includes Security Module

Viper D9857V/4806V

  One 5 Button Two way LED  Remote
  One 5 Button One way Remote

  •   Extreme 1-2 mile 2-Way range
  •   Fully USB charge remote in less than an hour
  •   Manual Transmission remote start capable

  $599.95 Installed – Includes Security Module

Viper D9146V/4105V

Two 4 Button One Way Remotes       
Up to 1/4 mile Range
Optional Trunk Trigger
Lifetime Labor Warranty
SmartStart Compatible
$479. 95 Installed- Includes Security Module


  •      RFD5325
  • One 5 Button Two Way LCD Remote
  • One 5 Button One Way Remote
  • SmartStart Compatible
  • ​1-2 Mile Range
  • Manual Transmission remote start capable                                                           $649.95 Installed – Includes Security Module

​        RFD2625

  •  One 5 Button Two way LED  Remote
  •  One 5 Button One way Remote
  •  Extreme 1 -2 mile 2-Way range
  •  Manual Transmission remote start capable

  $599.95 Installed – Includes Security Module

  • RFD514
  • Two 4 Button One Way Remotes       
  • Up to 1/4 mile Range
  • Optional Trunk Trigger
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • SmartStart Compatible
  • $479. 95 Installed- Includes Security Module

Additional Accessories

Replacement Remotes

Add Security

Plugin T Harness

Click for a price sheet that you can print.


Download File

All Remote Starters sold at Premier Audio are installed and have a
lifetime warranty on workmanship and on main starter module. 
Remotes and bypass integration modules have a one year warranty. All warranties are to the 
original owner.  Features included for listed price: Interface module, Park lights confirmation/ Valet run mode/ 
Keyless entry/ Engine start and stop/ Adjustable run time/ Gas or Diesel. 

​Additional Interface Modules and/or labor may be necessary due to
push-to-start or security options on your vehicle,
Distance listed is based on line of sight, unobstructed testing in ideal conditions, actual range will vary due to local conditions included but not limited to: Environment, Terrain, Physical Obstructions, Vehicle Location, Orientation, Interference, and other possible impediments.

Remote Car Starters – Audio Ace – St. Louis MO

Have you ever had to grip a frigid steering wheel first thing in the morning after your truck has been sitting through a cold winter night? Have you ever had to climb into a sweltering car that’s been baking in the hot summer sun for hours? If you have, then you’ve probably wished on more than one occasion that your car had the ability to cool down or warm up before you get in.

Luckily for you, Audio Ace offers a full line of remote starters so you’ll be able to start your vehicle several minutes before you even open the door. Your car’s interior will be the perfect temperature by the time you sit down, making it highly useful for all four seasons. In addition to securing a comfortable interior, a remote starter also enhances the performance of your engine. By turning on your engine just a few minutes before driving it, you’ll make certain that the engine is all warmed up. In doing so, you’ll save your vehicle’s engine from harsh abuse and extend its life span significantly. A large number of remote starters also come with keyless entry options for added convenience, so you’ll be able to reach your vehicle from up to 1,000 feet away.

To learn more about the advantages of an automatic car starter, contact Audio Ace in St. Louis today.

Add Convenience With Remote Starter Installation

Offering many convenient and time-saving advantages, a remote car starter is a great option for just about anyone. With this many benefits, it’s no surprise that remote starters are quickly rising to the top of the mobile electronics market. An excellent accessory for any vehicle, a remote starter from Audio Ace is practical and easy to operate. Once your remote car starter is installed effectively, you’ll have the power to start your engine without coming anywhere near the vehicle. Suitable for year-round use, remote starters offer you convenience and control. Check out the remote starter options at Audio Ace and give your hectic lifestyle a boost.

Reliable Workmanship on All Automatic Car Starters

No matter what type of remote starter you purchase—whether a stand-alone device or a component of a comprehensive car alarm system—you’ll need the expert hands of Audio Ace at the helm for the installation. In order to work effectively, a remote starter requires proper installation. To ensure you get the most out of your automatic car starter, the team of expert installers at Audio Ace will help you select the right match for your vehicle and preferences.

Considering that the vehicle will be running without anyone inside, it’s important to understand the special safety issues inherent in the operation of a car starter. That’s where we come in. You’ll need our trained professionals to work with these safety features in order for your remote starter to keep your vehicle secure.

The car electronics installers at Audio Ace want to bring you efficient, functional, and precise remote car starter installation to protect you and your vehicle. Visit us today!

Setting up the autostart of the Starline alarm A93