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2008 FRC Philadelphia Regional (Day 2)

Coming from a very competitive day from the day before, Team 357 entered the Daskalakis Athletic Center on Drexel University???s campus with high hopes and most of all, high spirit. Day two of this year???s FRC Philadelphia Regional came out to be the most competitive, most spirited, and the most fun day of the regional.

Royal Assault sat in their seats preparing for scouting and also waiting for Jester ???08 to come onto the field. Luckily for them the drive team was queuing, waiting for permission to enter onto the field. Team 357 competed many times during the day, having them flop from 7th to 10th then back to 7th seeded. There was a little confusion on how right before elimination, 357 dropped down one seed to 8th. But it was alright, they were still in the top 8. At the elimination ceremony, Royal Assault picked teams 1727(Rex) and 709(Femme Tech Fatale) to become apart of their alliance. Both teams graciously accepted. They competed in quarter final elimination rounds against teams 365(Moe), 84(Chuck), and 341(Ms. Daisy). They were very exciting matches, the first of which ended in a tie score. But unfortunately, Team 357 and its alliance lost the two remaining matches and were eliminated from the finals. But that didn???t stop them.

Not even a minute after their loss, teams 357, 1727, and 709 were cheering and shouting with a spirit that could be heard from possibly outside of the doors of the stadium. Amazingly these cheers were for all of the teams at the regional, including the teams that beat them. All of the teams were on their feet anticipating the outcome for the finals. When finals arrived you would have expected 357 to be out of juice. No, that???s just not what the Jesters do. The voices from Royal Assault could still most defiantly be heard. At the conclusion of finals, teams 365, 84, and 341 pulled out to be the winners of the regional. Even through the awards ceremony, Team 357 could be seen showing love to all the regional winners and other teams that received awards.

In the end, Royal Assault left the Daskalakis Athletic Center without any of the awards given today, but that didn???t get 357 down. Their wasn???t a hung head in sight as the team packed, socialized, and played frizbee and hacky sack as they waited for their bus. Despite the loss in Philly, Team 357 will fly down to the south and compete in 2008???s FRC Nationals in Atlanta, Ga. in the middle of April. Their expecting it to be even more fun than Pittsburgh and Philly combined.

Personally, I had a great time being with my 'Royal??? family. From the matches to the dances, it was fun to me. I learned that whether we win or lose; I still have the time of my life. These regionals have stressed how I feel about FIRST. I LOVE FIRST!
See you in Atlanta!

Article by Justin Johnson
Posted on 2008-03-29