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FIRST Local Kick-Off 2008

The Upper Darby High School Robotics team, Royal Assault, is proud to be hosting the FIRST Robotics Competition Local Kick-Off meeting for the Philadelphia Alliance. The meeting will take place Saturday, January 5, 2008 in the Upper Darby High School Performing Arts Center. The Performing Arts Center has ample parking and can accommodate up to 1,500 participants in comfortable, stadium style seating. The Performing Arts Center is handicap accessible and includes a limited number of reserved wheel chair locations. The 2008 FIRST Competition Kick-Off meeting from Manchester, NH will be projected onto a large screen to provide a theatre like experience. We are also expecting to have the unique field components for the 2008 competition (goals, ramps, etc.) available for inspection after the meeting.


 Posted: November 1, 2007:
 This will be our 6th year as a sponsor of the FRC Local Kick-Off event in eastern PA.

 Posted: December 1, 2007:
 We are pleased to announce that Mr. John J. Calvert from the US Patent and Trademark Office
 will be the keynote speaker for our local event. Mr. Calvert's presentation is entitled,
 Young Inventors and Their Influence on Our Lives. Mr. Calvert serves as the Administrator
 for the Inventor Assistance Program at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

 Posted: January 2, 2008:
 Doors open at 8:00am on Saturday, January 5.
 A light breakfast of coffee, tea, donuts and bagels will be provided compliments of Team 357.
 Teams must sign in at the registration desk before 9:00am.
 The event program will begin at 9:00am.

Team "Main Contacts" are encouraged to register with FIRST, using the Team Information Management System , for this event and indicate how many team members will be attending. The FIRST Team Management system will allow teams to register up to 50 participants and to have their kits shipped to the site. We will reserve front row, center seating for 2 members of each registered team to provide equal access to our premium seating section. If you have any special needs please contact Mr. Joe Troy.

Teams are welcome to bring their banners, mascots, and team spirit, however, we would ask that teams not bring horns, whistles, or other noisemakers; also we do not allow food or drink in the Performing Arts Center.

Teams picking up their kits will have loading dock and ground level access to facilitate kit distribution.

We are thrilled to be hosting this event and we look forward to seeing all of you!

Royal Assault, Team 357

The FIRST logo is a trademark of FIRST and is used here with special permission.