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FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

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Media Center

In the media center, we display images and videos related to events that our team participates in and sponsors.

The media system is organized in a parent-child style. This means that with the exception of root categories, every category has a parent. When a category is displayed, it will show all of the categories that are it’s 'children'.

In order to save space on the filesystem, thumbnails are generated using a PHP library known as 'GDlib.'  While this consumes resources on the server, this system has proven to be most efficient.

A number of team members, known as ‘Media Managers,’ have the ability to manipulate the media center. By using the Media Management System, media managers can organize categories and upload images and videos.

The Photo Browser viewing the Kick off '06 cateogry which is nested in Pictures / FRC.
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