OGINSTA Plus APK Download – Latest V11. For Android Device

INSTAGRAM is a social networking site used for sharing of moments and pictures via clicked images. The platform of transforming photos and videos into great pieces of artwork. A platform used for sharing the moments with your friends and families. Instagram is one of the best social networking sites present nowadays.

Now the question arises what is OGINSTA? OGINSTA is an app which is helpful in running the multiple INSTAGRAM accounts on the same Android device. There are many similar applications available over the internet which is used to clone the INSTAGRAM but OGINSTA stands out from the crowd and is probably the best option for using the multiple accounts on your single devices.

OGINSTA Plus APK Download V11. For Android Device:


OGINSTA Plus is an unofficial application which is used to access the users INSTAGRAM accounts, post images and to follow other Instagram users.  The main difference between the OGINSTA and INSTAGRAM is that the former allows its user to even download photos and videos from INSTAGRAM. The OGINSTA Apk is similar to that of INSTAGRAM only the difference is in its name. The positive point of using the OGINSTA app is that it not only allows its users to share the images and videos but also allowing them to download it.

OGINSTA Apk Download

Steps to Download & Install OGInsta Plus Apk on Android Device:

The installation process regarding the OGINSTA Plus apk is simple and easy. The installation process is similar to the other app and is very user-friendly. The following are the steps related to the installation of the apk:

  • There are plenty of websites which provide the apk for this app. Choose a trusted website to download the apk for OGINSTA Plus. Download from the trusted websites as it’s reliable and doesn’t have any bugs.
  • After downloading the apk, click for the installation this application. The user will see a notification of installation block as the install is done from the third party sources.
  • To correct the settings and for allowing the installation from unknown sources on your device. Go to the settings and search for the security settings. Then browse to the option of device administration and choose the option of unknown sources. Click to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Now, click on the install button of the apk. The installation process will start.
  • After the successful installation of the OGINSTA Plus Apk user can find an icon of OGINSTA Plus on the home screen of their device.
  • Now user can run dual INSTAGRAM on their devices.

If the user is using the android marshmallow 6.0 then there is the possibility of getting an error of images and videos not getting the download on the device. In this case, the user has to simply allow the storage permission to the application. The steps for allowing the storage permission for the application is as follows:

  • Click on the settings of your Android device.
  • Click on the list of given apps present on your device.
  • Search the OGINSTA Plus app on your device.
  • Their user can find the column of permissions for the app.
  • Allow all the permissions the app is asking for.
  • Now, users can download the images and videos on their android devices.

OGINSTA Plus Apk – Run Multiple Accounts & Other Features:

The original INSTAGRAM applications don’t allow its user to download or save the images and videos available for them to browse through whereas the OGINSTA Plus apk allows its users to download the images and videos available on their news feed. This application even provides its users with the in and out zooming view of the picture. With the installation of this OGINSTA Plus apk users even gets the benefit of using the multiples INSTAGRAM accounts on the same Android device. The best part of using this application is that you don’t have to root your devices.

OGINSTA Plus APK for Android


The OGINSTA Plus provides its user plenty of unique features. This features of this application have made quite a lot of fan of it. There are multiple of features available for its user to be unlocked. The following are some of the main features of this application:

  • Different package name: The interface of the OGINSTA Plus application is as similar as that of INSTAGRAM. But this app comes with a different package name so there is a whole lot of difference.
  • No ban issues: OGINSTA Plus apk is though unofficial platform for the INSTAGRAM but never the less it is an open social app and this app is not banned in any of the countries across the world.
  • No root required: the best part of using the OGINSTA Plus apk is that there is no need to unlock your device or to root it. the user can directly download the OGINSTA Plus apk and can use it.
  • Downloads: another positive side of this app which keep it among the favorites for its users is the possibility of downloading and saving the videos and images available on the Instagram news feed.
  • Zooming: the feature of zooming in and out of the every images and video enhances the beauty of this powerful app.
  • Latest version: the user automatically gets the notification about the updated version of the app. the user can thus directly update the app to the latest version of a single click.


There are many applications available over the internet which is used as an alternate for the Instagram app. But according to my own experience, the OGINSTA Plus apk is the best alternative for using the Instagram. With the use of the OGINSTA Plus

app users can easily use multiple INSTAGRAM accounts on their devices. And the feature of downloading the images and videos add to the pros of this wonderful app. With this article user also came to know about the zoom in and zoom out feature of this application. Currently, the latest version of this OGINSTA Plus app is available over the internet for the users to download and use it. Probably users will not face any difficulties in downloading and using this app. so why waiting browses the internet and downloads the best social networking app of recent times.

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