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8BitDo USB Wireless Adapter | 8BitDo

8BitDo USB Wireless Adapter | 8BitDo

Connect nearly all wireless controllers to your Switch, Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi and more.

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Note: Xbox Bluetooth controllers on the latest firmware released in Sep, 2021 are NOT
supported any longer, due to their bluetooth change from Classic to BLE.

*Other products
which are affected by this change also include: USB Adapter for PS classic, NES Receiver, SNES / SFC
Receiver, Classic Receiver & MD Receiver.

Compatible with all 8BitDo Controllers, PS5, PS4, PS3, Switch Pro, Switch Joy-con, Xbox One S/X
Bluetooth® controller, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro
and more.¹

Ultimate software is now compatible with 8BitDo Wireless
USB Adapter. Ultimate Software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller:
customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and create macros
with any button combination. Create controller profiles and switch between them at any time.²

* Ultimate Software is not supported on Mac mode.

Video >


Assign the buttons with the functionality to your liking


Customize each stick for a higher precision control


Adjust the ranges of your triggers to act faster


Modify the vibration intensity for a better comfort during


Assign a long sequence and action to one single button

System Compatibility

  • Switch 3.0.0 and above
  • SteamOS Holo 3.4 and above
  • Windows 10 and above
  • macOS
  • Raspberry Pi, Android TV Box, Retrofreak
  • Controller Compatibility

  • 8BitDo controllers and arcade sticks
  • PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3
  • Switch Pro, Switch Joy-Con, Wii U Pro, Wiimote
  • Special Features

  • Vibration support on X-input mode ³
  • 6-axis motion on Switch
  • X-input, D-input, Mac mode, Switch mode
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Lag – free
  • Dimensions and Weight

  • 56*24*8mm
  • 10g
  • Connectivity

  • Bluetooth® 2. 1, Class 2
  • Includes

  • USB wireless adapter

  • 1. Bluetooth controllers supported only. 2.4g controllers are not supported.
  • 2. Ultimate software is compatible with PS5, PS4, Xbox One S/X Bluetooth
    controller and Switch Pro only.
  • 3. Vibration support on X-input mode is for PS5/PS4 controllers only
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    Press: pr at

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    AirFly Duo Bluetooth adapter: Connect wireless headphones to your plane” data-editable=”text” data-component-name=”paragraph”>
    Very seldom does a product come along that completely changes how we travel. There are already such a vast number of products that have elevated how we fly — from ultra-supportive neck pillows to blackout eye masks and even AirTags that help us track our luggage at every step of the journey. The Twelve South AirFly Duo is another game-changer that every frequent — and occasional — traveler should carry with them.

    Simply put, with this Bluetooth wireless transmitter, it becomes possible to watch and listen to films, TV shows and more from an in-flight entertainment system via your own wireless headphones. In other words, you can say goodbye to the often-terrible airline-supplied wired headphones and keep your favorite noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones in your ears.

    Twelve South AirFly Duo Wireless Transmitter

    A travel must-have for watching in-flight entertainment with your own headphones

    Emily McNutt

    We swear by the small but mighty AirFly Duo. The Bluetooth wireless transmitter is a fantastic packing addition for any traveler who’s keen to use their favorite headphones without sacrificing quality sound. It’s small and lightweight, extremely easy to pair with Bluetooth devices — including non-Apple devices! — and carries 20+ hours of use on a single charge. If you travel often, the AirFly Duo is a sound investment.

    $45 at Amazon

    $45 at Twelve South

    Ultimately, the AirFly Duo solves one of the most annoying problems about air travel: the inability to listen to the in-flight entertainment system with your own quality set of headphones or earbuds. AirFly calls itself “the missing link between wireless headphones and wired headphone jacks,” meaning that you can also use AirFly well beyond the airplane, including on treadmills, gaming devices and more. The product works by plugging into the headphone jack of almost any electronic device, connecting to your Bluetooth wireless headphones and, really, that’s it.

    It’s the simplicity of the AirFly Duo that we particularly love. Upon receiving the device, you’ll get the AirFly itself — which measures a compact 4.1 inches — a quick start direction booklet, charging cable and a handy drawstring protective pouch, which can easily fit in a travel backpack or even in your pocket. Really, no more is needed, and we appreciate that Twelve South gives you just the essentials without overdoing it.

    Emily McNutt

    Pairing the AirFly with your favorite set of wireless headphones couldn’t be easier. After fully charging the device with the included charging cable, we were able to pair our set of AirPods Pro within 30 seconds with the push of a couple of buttons — one on the AirFly and one on the AirPods case. During our testing on a nearly completely full airplane, the AirFly had no difficulties producing sound without interfering with other Bluetooth headphones in the small space.

    What we particularly loved about the AirFly Duo is the fact that you can share audio with your travel partner. Because the device can be connected to two wireless Bluetooth devices at the same time, you and your travel partner can simultaneously watch the same movie in flight. Say goodbye to starting and pausing a film on your individual screens at the exact same time — the AirFly Duo ensures you stay in sync during your film or TV show.” data-editable=”text” data-component-name=”paragraph”>
    When we tested the AirFly Duo on our transatlantic flight from London to New York, the device’s battery lasted throughout the entire journey. According to Twelve South, the AirFly Duo can last 20 hours on a single charge. And even if you do need to charge it, we love that you can do so while simultaneously using it via the external plug. So long as there’s a power source nearby — including from a TSA-approved battery pack — you can keep your AirFly going.

    Even if you’re not an Apple user, the AirFly is compatible with devices beyond AirPods as well. And, if the Duo doesn’t suit your needs, there are other AirFly options out there. There’s also the AirFly Pro ($55 at Amazon), which, in addition to being capable of connecting two sets of headphones, also allows you to put the device into Receive Mode to send audio from your phone to a car or speaker.

    There’s plenty to love about the AirFly Duo. From its small and compact size, including the handy drawstring pouch, to the ease in connecting the device to your favorite headphones, it’s a terrific product that travelers should be excited to try out.

    There’s so much to love about the AirFly Duo that it was difficult for us to pinpoint any flaws. However, we found it a bit annoying that when turning the AirFly off and then back on again, there was a slight lag in connecting our Bluetooth-equipped wireless headphones. Though after a few seconds, the two devices paired on their own without an issue. If nothing else, you may just have to be patient and not attempt to “over-pair” your AirFly. Let it do its thing — because it really does it well.

    If we’re going to be very picky, the AirFly Duo isn’t exactly cheap. At just under $50 per device, it is an investment. That being said, it’s an investment that we believe is worth it — especially if you travel frequently.

    Will we be flying without the AirFly Duo again? Probably not. Overall, the ease of the device makes it worth carrying along on every trip. It’s compact enough to store in any travel bag, easy enough to connect with a number of devices and perhaps best of all, you can say goodbye to airline-supplied headphones forever. If you travel frequently — or seldom but have other places to use the transmitter — the AirFly devices are an absolute no-brainer.

    Looking for a travel credit card? Find out which cards CNN Underscored chose as our best travel credit cards currently available.

    Bluetooth adapter for computer. How to choose?

    I have been thinking about this article for a long time, then I put it off, but now I decided to write it. I even bought a Bluetooth adapter specifically to check everything and prepare the most useful article. As you might guess from the name, in this article I will tell you about Bluetooth adapters for computers. We will find out what they are for, what they are, how to choose, connect and use.

    What is Bluetooth, I think I know everything. It is enough to know that this is a wireless technology for exchanging data between different devices over short distances. Nowadays, the Bluetooth module is built into a large number of different devices. It is available in almost every phone, tablet, laptop. There are also many devices that support Bluetooth connectivity. These are printers, headphones, joysticks, mice, etc.

    And if in laptops this wireless module is built-in from the factory (with the exception of some models, mostly old ones), and it is quite easy to turn it on (see how to enable Bluetooth on a laptop) and you can use it, then there is no Bluetooth in stationary computers. Again, except when you have a motherboard with an integrated Bluetooth module, or it was installed separately when assembling the system unit.

    It is important to understand that this is not just a driver, or a program that can be downloaded from the Internet and everything will work (as many people think). This is a separate device (module).

    To check if Bluetooth is available on your computer, just go to the device manager and see if there is a corresponding adapter in a separate section, or in the “Network adapters” section.

    Rarely, but there are cases when this adapter is not in the device manager, but it is in the computer. The driver just isn’t installed. In this case, there must be unknown devices. Or “Bluetooth Peripheral Device” under the “Other Devices” tab.

    It seems to me that if your computer had Bluetooth, you would definitely know about it. I don’t think he is. And hence the question: “what to do if the computer does not have Bluetooth, but it is needed?”.

    The solution is very simple – choose and buy an external USB Bluetooth adapter. There are also PCI adapters that are connected inside the system unit, to the PCI slot on the motherboard. But there are not many of them on the market, and they are usually paired with a Wi-Fi module.

    Why do I need Bluetooth adapters for PC and what are they?

    After purchasing and connecting such an adapter to a computer, we will be able to connect a variety of Bluetooth devices to it. These are mice, keyboards, headphones, headsets, joysticks (including DualShock and Xbox Wireless Controller), printers, speakers, cameras, etc. You can also exchange files with other computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. True, transferring files in this way is not very convenient.

    Basically, this is the connection of peripheral devices without cables. So much more convenient. Take the same headphones. If you connect them to your computer via Bluetooth, you can freely move around the room, or even around the apartment and listen to music. And with a cable, this will no longer work. Or by connecting a headset, you can chat via Skype and do not have to sit near the computer itself.

    The most popular, inexpensive and widespread are USB adapters. They look like a regular flash drive. There are very small ones that are great for both PCs and laptops. For my computer, I bought one of these adapters – Grand-X Bluetooth 4.0. It looks like this:

    And there are also these:

    As you can see, there are options with external antennas. The presence of an antenna provides signal amplification and a more stable connection.

    There are a lot of these adapters on the market. A particularly large number of them can be found in Chinese online stores. But I still advise you to buy those adapters that are on our market. From more or less well-known manufacturers. We will talk about how to choose the right Bluetooth adapter for a PC later in this article.

    Choosing a Bluetooth adapter for computer

    You can open a new tab in your browser right now and look at a selection of Bluetooth adapters in some popular online store. I think you will immediately see that the price for them is very different. There are both very cheap models and expensive ones. And it’s not just that. The price in this case depends not only on the brand, but also on the characteristics and capabilities of the adapter itself.

    When choosing a Bluetooth adapter, I advise you to focus on the following parameters:

    • Hardware version, or simply Bluetooth version. This is the most important parameter. At the moment, the newest version is 5.0. But on sale now all adapters are mainly from version 2.0 to 4.1. The version is often indicated in the name of the adapter itself. For example: Grand-X Bluetooth 4.0 . Or in the specifications. What is the point? The newer the version, the better. Higher transfer speed, compatibility between devices, connection stability, lower power consumption (not very relevant in the case of a PC, but still). So I recommend taking adapters of version 4.0 and higher. For the price, they will be more expensive than the same version 2.0. If you read the reviews for some version 2.0 adapter, you can see that when connecting devices that support version 4.0, 4.1, there are many problems. Various delays, short range, bad sound, cuts, etc.
    • Connection interface. This is what I already wrote about. Basically, all adapters are connected via USB 2.0. I think you will buy this one. For a computer, you can also find an adapter with a PCI interface. But I have not seen them for sale, and installation there is more difficult. You need to disassemble the system unit. It’s easier to buy USB and not invent.
    • Class. Everything is simple here. Depending on the Bluetooth class, the range (distance between devices) is determined. 3rd class – 1 meter, 2nd class – 10 meters, 1st class – 100 meters. I have a first class adapter, but the range is 50 meters. And in real conditions it will be 10-20 meters. Depending on obstacles, interference and other factors. Models with an external antenna may have a longer range.
    • Profile support. This is a set of different functions and features. In order for two Bluetooth devices to connect and work, they must support a specific profile. There are a lot of these profiles. Take, for example, the most popular Headset Profile (HSP). It serves to transmit sound (mono, mainly to headsets). That is, if your Bluetooth adapter does not support this profile, then you will not connect the headset. Another popular profile is A2DP. He is responsible for the transmission of stereo sound (the quality is much better than HSP). The Dial-up profile, for example, allows you to connect your computer to the Internet via Bluetooth. And if you want to distribute the Internet, you will need LAN Access Profile support. It is not always possible to find a list of supported profiles in the characteristics for a specific adapter. But you shouldn’t worry. Almost all adapters support the most popular and necessary profiles that you may need to connect a wide variety of devices.

    Here is a photo of my adapter specifications:

    Focus on the parameters that I wrote about above. I think that this information will be enough for you to choose a normal and suitable Bluetooth adapter for your computer.

    Some more selection tips and specific models

    The main thing is not to rush. Read reviews. Check out the specifications. I also advise you not to buy the cheapest adapters. Especially if you need an adapter for connecting good Bluetooth headphones, for transferring files, connecting a joystick, etc. Not only are they of poor quality, they are also an outdated version. Yes, they can be much cheaper. But it is possible that you then just throw it away, or go to take it to the store.

    Here is an example of the STlab B-122 adapter. It costs only a little over two dollars (and this is in our stores). But there is Bluetooth version 2.0 with support for voice mode and a bunch of different problems when connecting with other devices. Yes, it will work, but it is not suitable for all tasks. You may also have to tinker with the search for suitable drivers. I do not recommend buying such cheap adapters at all. And version 2.0 is better not to take.

    The one I chose – Grand-X Bluetooth 4.0 (BT40G), costs almost 9dollars. But there is already a Bluetooth 4.0 version, first class and good reviews. There are even more expensive models. For example, Trust 4. 0 Bluetooth adapter. And cheaper ones – F&D BD-10 and STlab 4.0 (B-421). If you are used to trusting more popular companies, you can check out ASUS USB-BT400.

    How to use the adapter?

    Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port.

    And if you are lucky (like me), then Windows will automatically recognize the Bluetooth adapter and you will be able to connect devices right away. In my case, Windows 10 was installed. The adapter from Grand-X was identified immediately and appeared in the device manager.

    And the “Bluetooth” icon appeared on the notification bar. By clicking on which you can add new devices, send / receive a file, open settings, etc.

    It is clear that depending on the adapter and the operating system installed on the computer, it may not be detected automatically. And you have to install the driver manually. But the adapter usually comes with a disk included. If the drivers from the disk do not fit, then you need to look for them on the Internet. It is advisable to download from the official website of the manufacturer. True, this is not always possible.

    If you already have an adapter, you have connected it and everything works, then you may find the article on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a computer or laptop on Windows 10 useful. Using its example, you can see how to connect Bluetooth devices to a computer with Windows 10 installed.

    I’m waiting for your feedback in the comments. Write if my article was useful or not. Maybe I missed something and need to add it. Best wishes!

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    TOP 10: Best bluetooth adapters (2023)

    This TOP 10 best Bluetooth adapters includes worthy bluetooth adapters for a computer (PC), headphones, player, gamepad, keyboard and so on. Musical and universal. Most of the USB Bluetooth adapters (receivers and / or transmitters) in the rating are extremely inexpensive devices, which, however, can significantly simplify or diversify everyday life.

    Since the wireless bluetooth adapters (receivers) below are Chinese and cheap, they often have no intelligible names. Many are called only by the brand of the issuing company. 😉 We “searched” Aliexpress and made a rating of bluetooth adapters: 10 most interesting and, most importantly, working models.

    🏆 Related Ratings:

    📶 Which bluetooth adapter is better to choose?

    Which bluetooth adapter is better to choose?

    Bluetooth adapters can be divided into several conditional groups and categories according to their purpose , functionality and size. To begin with, it is important to decide what, in fact, you need a bluetooth adapter for. And the rest will help brief descriptions below.

    By appointment
    • Musical . These are basically receivers (receivers) that receive a signal from a source via Bluetooth and output it to wired headphones or speakers. Often these bluetooth adapters have support for high-definition codecs. There are among them not only receivers, but also transmitters. They are useful when your new headphones support aptX HD, but the old phone is only SBC, only hardcore 😉 . Much cheaper to buy an adapter than a new phone. This also includes Bluetooth transmitters for PC, TV. If you plan to connect only headphones.
    • Universal . These Bluetooth adapters are not only for sound transmission. They can be used to connect a variety of Bluetooth peripherals (gamepad, mouse, keyboard) to a computer, laptop or TV. Or to wirelessly transfer files from phone to PC. But they usually also transmit sound.
    By functionality
    • Receiver or transmitter . That is, a receiver or transmitter. This bluetooth adapter can only work in one direction. On the other side there should be a wire. Pure receivers are often musical devices for connecting high-quality headphones to the phone.
    • 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 Bluetooth adapters . Most of them are. They can alternately play the role of both a receiver and a transmitter. Some may be the middle link for wired switching, for example, a TV and speakers. Such adapters usually have wide functionality: they can be connected to a TV, computer, or used in a car. Often they support the connection of 2 sources (sometimes only via “different wires”, sometimes via Bluetooth) and / or 2 pairs of headphones or speakers.
    Fit to size
    • Small USB whistles . They can be the size of a USB flash drive or hardly protrude from the USB connector at all. Most often used to connect wireless headphones to a PC. Although there are options that work with a TV.
    • Portable clips . Musical models in which the headphones are connected by 3.5 mm, and they themselves are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. They can also be used in the car when connecting the phone to the radio without wires. There are also reverse options.
    • Fixed or stand-alone “boxes” . The size of a pack of matches / cigarettes or a little more. They have a wide range of functions, many connection options. Most often require USB power, but some are equipped with an internal battery, making them portable devices.

    What about prices? How much does a bluetooth adapter cost?

    Bluetooth adapters are mostly inexpensive devices. Prices range from $2-4 (for miniature USB adapters) to $30-40 for versatile and multifunctional models. In some inexpensive bluetooth adapters from $20 you can find support for aptX codecs (including HD and LL). There are also more expensive models – these are already musical Bluetooth adapters with high-quality filling (including their own DAC and so on).

    Do I need to download drivers for the bluetooth adapter?

    Download driver for bluetooth adapter – is it necessary? For many, there is no need. This is usually indicated on the product page. After all, they are all from Aliexpress. 😉 If this is a bluetooth adapter for a PC, then it can work without drivers (especially on Windows 10), but in order for the connection to be stable and to happen at all, you need to install drivers.

    If you have a CD with the software, but you do not have a CD drive on your PC – there is always a download link on the product/manufacturer page. A driver for a bluetooth adapter that connects to headphones, a TV or a gamepad is not needed. The same can be said about adapters that connect to a source other than USB.

    TOP 10: Best Bluetooth adapters – for computer and headphones

    Model Description
    1. FiiO BTR3K 75$ Best bluetooth headphone adapter with good sound with LDAC and aptX;
    2. Ugreen CM279 20$ Best 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter/receiver under $20;
    3. PX BTX-1110 20$ Bluetooth adapter for PC and laptop with aptX HD/aptX LL;
    4. 1Mii B10 30$ Good bluetooth headphone adapter with support for Xbox and PS4;
    5. Ugreen 25$ Bluetooth audio receiver with 3.5mm, Aptx LL and multipoint;
    6. Opansten LCD 2$ Best Bluetooth transmitter for TV under $5;
    7. Ugreen CM107 $25 Best Bluetooth transmitter under $20: 3.5mm + AAC and Aptx LL codecs;
    8. Orico BTA-508 5$ Mini bluetooth adapter for PC (Windows) with Bluetooth 5. 0;
    9. Reiyin WT-HD06 25$ USB Bluetooth adapter for PC: BT 5.0, aptX HD and Low Latency;
    10. Ugreen CM591 7$ Bluetooth adapter for PC (Windows): Suitable for gamepad.

    10 Ugreen CM591

    Bluetooth adapter for computer (Windows) – suitable for gamepad

    Ugreen CM591 – bluetooth adapter for a computer on Windows 8.1, 10, 11 (does not work under other systems). Easy to use, plugged in and running, no drivers required. Can work with different types of devices. Bluetooth adapter for gamepad? Yes, this one will fit.

    This bluetooth adapter for Windows is available in two versions. Newer – with Bluetooth 5.3, younger version – with 5.0. It is suitable for Windows 7.

    • Ugreen CM591 – Aliexpress

    9 Reiyin WT-HD06

    USB Bluetooth adapter for PC – BT 5. 0, aptX HD and Low Latency

    Reiyin WT-HD06 – USB Bluetooth adapter for PC in USB flash drive format with support for Bluetooth 5.0, aptX LL and HD. Small, compact and well stocked. The chip from Qualcomm provides real (and not advertising, as happens on Aliexpress) support for aptX codecs and the current version of BT 5.0. Excellent USB bluetooth adapter (“whistle”) for a laptop.

    • Reiyin WT-HD06 – USB bluetooth adapter on Aliexpress

    This USB bluetooth adapter is the smallest such device with aptX HD.

    8 Orico BTA-508

    Mini bluetooth adapter for PC – Bluetooth 5.0, for Windows

    Orico BTA-508 is a mini Bluetooth adapter for PC with Bluetooth 5.0 support. Very compact, available in two colors. The connection is good within a radius of 5-10 meters, the file transfer speed is good. Works with different devices. But you can only connect one at a time.

    • Orico BTA-508 – bluetooth adapter on Aliexpress

    This Bluetooth adapter for PC will work with different versions of Windows. On the “top ten” drivers are installed automatically, but a connection is not always established, so it’s definitely worth downloading and installing drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

    7 Ugreen CM107

    Best Bluetooth transmitter under $20 – 3.5mm + AAC and Aptx LL codecs


    UGREEN CM107 is the best Bluetooth transmitter under $20. The main advantage, of course, is the support for AAC and aptX LowLatency codecs. If you connect, for example, headphones via aptX LL, you can even play games, the delays are minimal.

    • Ugreen CM107 is the best bluetooth transmitter on Aliexpress

    If you are looking for a bluetooth adapter for a TV and will take the version with an optical connection, it is worth considering that in this case the sound will not be controlled by the remote control, only on headphones/speakers.

    6 Opansten LCD Display bluetooth 5.0 transmitter receiver

    Best Bluetooth transmitter for TV under $5

    Opansten LCD Display bluetooth 5.0 transmitter receiver is the best Bluetooth transmitter for TV under $5. The model is extremely budget, but there is even a display and control buttons (for playback and pairing). This bluetooth transmitter was designed for sound; you cannot connect a keyboard or gamepad to it.

    • Opansten – the best Bluetooth TV adapter for $2 on Aliexpress

    This bluetooth adapter for TV is both transmit and receive. You can connect it to the same TV, and then wireless headphones to it, or connect it via Bluetooth to your phone, and wired headphones to it.

    5 Ugreen

    Bluetooth audio receiver with 3.5 mm – Aptx LL, multipoint

    Ugreen is a 3.5 mm Bluetooth audio receiver with 2 RCA and 3. 5 mini jack connections and support for AAC, aptX and aptX LL codecs. This is no longer a “whistle”, but quite a “box”. Receives a signal via Bluetooth and transmits it via wire to speakers or headphones. You can connect 2 audio systems: one via RCA, and the other via AUX (3.5 mm).

    • Ugreen – bluetooth receiver on Aliexpress

    If you’re looking for a fixed Bluetooth receiver with aptX for speakers and/or an old music center, this is the model for you.

    4 1Mii B10

    Good bluetooth headphone adapter – compatible with Xbox and PS4

    1Mii B10 is a good Bluetooth headphone adapter with Xbox and PS4 support. aptX LL and even aptX HD codecs are available. The sound quality is good, calls are also supported. This Bluetooth adapter is designed specifically for sound transmission, other devices cannot be connected to it.

    • 1Mii B10 – Bluetooth headphone adapter on Aliexpress

    This Xbox Bluetooth adapter allows you to stream audio from other consoles, even the Nintendo Switch. To do this, there is a configuration option with an adapter from USB-A to USB-C.

    3 PX BTX-1110 🥉

    Bluetooth adapter for PC and laptop – aptX HD/aptX LL

    PX BTX-1110 Bluetooth adapter for PC and laptop with Bluetooth 5.0 support, aptX LL and aptX HD. There are buttons on the case that allow you to select a codec for connection – this is a rarity. This bluetooth module for PC supports audio transmission and wireless calls. Keyboard / mouse will not connect to it.

    • PX BTX-1110 – bluetooth adapter for laptop on Aliexpress.

    This bluetooth module for a computer is large enough – larger than an average flash drive. And yes, there is an antenna. But with it the quality of communication is excellent.

    2 Ugreen CM279 🥈

    Best 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter / receiver under $20 – AptX, multipoint, BT 5.0

    Ugreen CM279 is the best 3.