[Latest] GrowBox APK Download For Android & iPhone

GrowBox is your one-time solution to any problem that you might face when casting online videos on a smart TV from an Android device, using the Showbox app. The app is also a great support for individuals looking for a casting app that might help them to send video URLs and headers that are received from Showbox. GrowBox apk is an app that emulates as the MX player that was initially used by the Showbox.

Since it works just like the MX player, it sends all the video URLs and the headers that it receives from the Showbox to whichever app that is being used. The result is an efficient streaming and casting of videos on ShowBox, besides any other application as well. Now you might also want to know why GrowBox apk Download is important if MX player did the job pretty well. Read on.

Growbox APK Download For Andriod, iPhone and Mac OS:

GrowBox Apk download

Showbox is a popular streaming app for the Android devices that allows the users to watch a number of movies and TV shows online, absolutely free. And with the help of MX player, the users could also send video URLs and headers to the television sets to watch them on a big screen and in a premium quality. Now the need to download GrowBox Apk came up when the MX player decided to put an end to this feature and especially when it was the only player that could send the header file to chrome cast to be cast on the television.

Now very recently, Showbox has added a support in the form of AllCast that lets the users send video URLs and headers to the TV, this means the users would be able to use the latest version of Showbox app without facing any complication related to casting or streaming content. With the help of AllCast, the users can easily send music and photos apart from the video URLs and headers to the TV app. With the help of AllCast, one can easily cast to:

  1. Showbox app
  2. Chrome Cast
  3. Cinema Box HD
  4. Amazon TV
  5. Apple TV
  6. WDTV
  7. Samsung
  8. Sony
  9. Xbox 350
  10. Xbox One
  11. Roku

How to use the GrowBox App for Showbox?

So it’s time to uninstall MX player and enjoy the features of GrowBox app from your Android device. Follow these steps to Download GrowBox apk:

Step 1

The first and the foremost step is to uninstall MX player from your Android device. To do so, go to settings of your mobile, go to apps, select MX player and then click on uninstall.

Step 2

Once the MX Player is uninstalled from your device, you are now ready to download GrowBox on it.

Step 3

Now once again go to the settings of your mobile, this time to the security settings. Enable the option of ‘unknown sources’ from there. This will make sure you do not see any error while downloading the app from a source that is unknown.

growbox apk

Step 4

There are several sites online that provide a free link for the download of GrowBox apk. But remember to be sure that the site is genuine to be free of any risk of virus or malware.

Step 5

Once GrowBox is downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone, you will need to download AllCast as well. You can either choose to download it from your Play Store itself or once again from a genuine site online.

Step 6

Open the Showbox app in your phone and deselect the option of ‘use internal player’ from there. You are now ready to use Showbox with GrowBox app to cast videos, TV shows, and movies.

Step 7

Another option will pop up before you asking you a question to ‘open with’ what? You must choose AllCast there.

Step 8

Now AllCast will search for players on which to stream the content. You can choose Chrome cast from there.

You are now ready to stream and cast all your favorite movies, TV shows and series on a large TV screen.

The Showbox movies app is loaded with features otherwise and is highly popular for the purpose of streaming and casting videos among the app users. Some of its unique features are its high-quality content and high-quality prints; the user can choose to download the content or enjoy it online while buffering; they can bookmark their favorite content; the app is easy to use and navigate because of its user-friendly interface; it is updated every week with the latest movies and shows. And the app is very well organized that makes it easier for the user to find any movie or show based on genre, year etc.

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