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2008 FRC Philadelphia Regional (Day 1)

After the Pittsburgh Regional a couple weeks ago, Team 357 attended this year???s FRC Philadelphia Regional at the Daskalakis Athletic Center on the campus of Philadelphia???s own Drexel University.

Royal Assault left for Philly on the morning of March 28, 2008. They arrived with their gracious professionalism at hand; it was a no-brainer. Jester ???08 entered the field soon after the arrival and everyone was expecting the dominating power of Team 357 as they heard about at Pittsburgh???s regional. Unfortunately, Royal Assault lost their first three matches. But, when the Jester entered the field again things were different. The team won their remaining matches putting them from 24th to 9th then ending up in 10th place.

After the day's rounds all of the teams anticipated the awards ceremony. Royal Assault???s own mentors came up one by one; Joe Troy, Michael Crane, Jules Sconga, and Dina Campagna. As these names were called 357 went wild. The first award, the Outstanding Volunteer Award was given out to a very special person on Royal Assault, Mrs. Chris Troy (Momma Troy). As she received her award, Team 357 could be heard cheering all across the stadium. The next award, the prestigious Woodie Flowers Award was given to another very special person to the team, Mr. Joseph Troy. When Mr. Troy???s name was called, the expression on his face was priceless.

Team 357 left the Daskalakis Athletic Center with two great awards and the spirit to go on the next day. Royal Assault will return to the stadium tomorrow March 29 to compete in the matches that lead up to elimination, and possibly, finals.

Article by Justin Johnson
Posted on 2008-03-28