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Ramp Riot Champions

After a very successful robotics season, the Upper Darby High School Robotics Team, Royal Assault, continued to succeed even into the post season. The team traveled to Wissahickon High School for the 7th annual robotics competition, Ramp Riot, on November 18, 2006. The event featured the 2006 F.I.R.S.T. Robotics game, "Aim High."

During matches, Royal Assault's robot, The Jester, deposited balls into corner goals while displaying its unique mecanum drive train. At the conclusion of the regular matches, the team ranked 9th with a record of 3 wins, 2 loses, and an average score of 15.75 in points scored.

Royal Assault graciously accepted an invitation to join the 6th seeded alliance lead by team 173, RAGE, from East Hartford, CT. They were soon joined by teams 222, the Tigertons and 484, Haverford robotics. Together they competed against other selected alliances during elimination rounds. Good defense, as well as collecting and scoring balls successfully, allowed them to advance onto the finals.

The immense enthusiasm spread throughout the stands as the final matches took place on the field. The first two matches in the finals, Royal Assault's alliance faced off against the alliance of teams 786, 103 and 225. After these matches the alliances were tied with one win each. The last match of the finals featured team 268, subbing in for team 786. After and exciting match, the final score read 69-17, naming Royal Assault's alliance the victors, by a margin of 52 points.

Royal Assault, left Wissahickon High School as the champions of Ramp Riot 2006. Not only did they place first, but they also received the Spirit of Ramp Riot award for spreading their upbeat enthusiasm throughout the stands.

Article by Lauren Campion
Posted on 2006-11-18