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Media Management

The Media Management System allows authorized users to manipulate the pictures and video within the media gallery.

The primary functions of the system are single file uploading, category management and multi-file uploading.  However, only an authorized user has access to all the functions within the media management system.

Image files smaller than 3.5 megabytes can be uploaded. Larger images result in a 'timeout' value while a page is loading.

Since categories and gallery items are essentially folders and files on the server, sometimes it becomes necessary to change the filename. This is because servers cannot process certain characters properly. With this in mind, files and folders are converted to lowercase, spaces are replaced with underscores and all punctuation is removed from the name. For aesthetic reasons, all images and categories retain their name in the gallery before the file on the server is renamed.

The most impressive feature in the media management system is the 'FTP Scanning System'. This feature asks for the category, which is really a folder on the server, and then checks that folder to see if there are any files or folders that were not already objects in the gallery. If an item is not in the database, it is then added. This process works in reverse as well. For example, if the program sees that an entry exists on the database, but the file it is referring to is no longer on the server, it then removes that file from the database to ensure synchronization.      

For security reasons, FTP privileges are given only to website administrators and lead media management students. This ensures the integrity of uploaded files and prevents clutter in the FTP account list.

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