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Article Management

The article system allows all users with can_post flagged in their privileges to write articles that are later posted in the site. This is a good place to add big announcements and anything else the team would like the world to know.

There are many commands that the article management system uses including:

   can_post - User may post articles, but articles are sent to the article queue.

   can_post_override - User may post articles. Articles submitted appear on the site promptly.

   can_edit - User may edit only articles they have authored, but changes are sent for approval.

   can_edit_override User may edit only articles they have authored; changes are instantaneous.

   can_edit_all - User may edit any article, but changes are sent back to the approval queue.

   can_edit_all_override - User may edit any article; changes are instantaneous.

Besides the initial permission check for can_post, the other permissions are checked during the article submission process. The program will take appropriate action depending on the status of their override sub-tags.

Override permissions are not generally given to team members, but the ability for overriding is available for functionality reasons.

An example of the article edit page.
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